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  1. Little Buddy

    Oxygen should not be infinite

    I like my oxygen infinite. Devs should have a switch for people who like to limit themselves
  2. Little Buddy

    I'm confused about the drill bit.

    i was going to use it to clear a path. shame
  3. Little Buddy

    PVE elements

    i would like mobs but apparently some people don't want weapons included to the game
  4. Little Buddy

    I hate the truck

    hopefully it'll look like this, fingers crossed
  5. Little Buddy

    I hate the truck

    if it can climb up mountains, i'm in
  6. Little Buddy

    I hate the truck

    it's what you said. What does it mean?
  7. Little Buddy

    Rework of the Fuel Condenser

    no leave it, i like exploiting people and things
  8. Little Buddy

    I hate the truck

  9. Little Buddy

    looking for co op players

    where's the option to play co-op in the menu?
  10. Little Buddy

    I hate the truck

    i would like to link 6 carts and go harvesting rare loot but slopes and rocks are extremely limiting my fun
  11. Little Buddy

    I hate the truck

    agreed, currently when i run over a rock my truck either comes to a crawl or gets launched. A tall suspension with shock absorbers would do wonders for the truck
  12. Little Buddy

    Map Please!!!

    a Map with markers of base locations
  13. Little Buddy

    I hate the truck

    it gets caught up on all the small rocks and cannot climb angles when towing. Please add a tank with tank treads. That is all