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  1. Astronium is kind of useless in the current build of the game. It can be researched, sure, but it provides 1k over 25 minutes. Large Organic samples found on pretty much any planet that isn't Sylva or Desolo beat that. The only value it has is to occupy research pods on planets you don't frequent, which with the coming automation update potentially brings an opportunity to set up a research station and a silo to have dozens or hundreds of Astronium queued up to just constantly provide a trickle of bytes. I have a different idea. There's really only one economy that matters in Astroneer,
  2. In an existing save file where I had parked a truck full of resources before saving my game, I can no longer drive that truck. Or my rover. I am testing on a new save now but it appears to be a collision issue with the ground.
  3. My submitted idea for an adjustable terrain tool aperture is largely due to my attempts at making roads between my bases. I love the idea of something you could mount onto a vehicle that could be used to pave away. Maybe have it require compound or resin and lay down an actual road surface?
  4. So I've played and watched quite a bit of Astroneer, and from everything that I've seen I think I have three ideas for relatively simple improvements for general gameplay. I'm only guessing at these being simple as I don't know the code structure of the game. Adjustable Terrain Tool Aperture The Terrain Tool is a core aspect of gameplay, and while it works just fine in its present format I can't help but feel that the ability to adjust the size of your affected area could dramatically improve the game. While eventually being able to adjust the size of the aperture at will would be the goal