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    [bugs & more] LISTED AS BULLETS

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    [bugs & more] LISTED AS BULLETS

  3. ROUGH DRAFT XBOX ONE (Game Preview) ROUGH DRAFT These bugs, glitches, and crashes (BGC) that are listed below have probably been mentioned (or not). However, I still decided to make my own list just for the System Era team to check out and hopefully fix, soon. The BGC are listed as followed and are in order while playing the game from start to finished (e.g. 00:00hrs-12:00hrs): Lagging Problems plus System Crash When building a decent size base the game starts to slow down (00:00-00:30). When base is fully complete (research, trade, smelter, etc...) the game becomes a bit more slow (00:30-01:00). When creating more bases and adding teathers the game becomes reaches its most slowest state as possible. Game becomes really choppy (01:00-01:30). It is at this point where the user must frequently save the game because the game spontaneously crashes. I am not a developer and don't know that much about systems, but if i had to guess why the game crashes is because of what is listed on bullet number 3 (01:30-...) Building Problems When decided to construct the planet (not extract) the user may glitch through the surface. The process is simple. Stand on top of the construction circle and start constructing. The user will then fall through the map (00:00-00:05) The user must also build everything on a surface that has not been altered. Why, because when the user dies or decides to save the game, quiet, and go back to the saved game, upon loading... the assets that were built on the altered surface has a chance of glitching. The assets either fall through the map, levitate above the surface, or completely disappear (00:05-00:10) Space Ship Problems to be continued... I have work in a bit, but I will definitely finish this list. There is a lot more to be added _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Things that should be added: Minimap so user can relocate the home base when they decided to wonder the planet with a solar and wind power truck that has a battery. I bring this up because when i first played the game and built the truck, as previously mentioned, I wonder off so far without teathers or any other markers that when it was time to get back home I didn't know where it was! It took me nearly 4hrs to find my way back home. Fuel Gauge for all vehicles. to be continued... I have work in a bit, but I will definitely finish this list. There is a lot more to be added