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  1. When playing on my Xbox One X on Astroneer, in Single Player Mode: when driving a Rover straight for a Couple of Miles then the Game Crashes and the Spaceport i Found near my base, I built a Vehicle building on the Spaceport and there is power going to it, but it will not build anything, not even the green light comes on, also when Landing a ship on it, it floats about a foot in the air when landing on it. Also there are some spots were you can see down in a cave from the servive: this is a Bug because when i dig it fixes it, then i have to recover it to fix the hole i dig. In Multiplayer: Playing with my Friends will slow the Host down a lot, I Would like to have Fast Game Play with no laging with my Friends. That's all for now, If y'all can fix this, me and my Friends will be playing this lot more, and build lot more to, Thnak you for this great game.
  2. So your saying in multiplayer> Your Friends, win they us the (Trade Platform) they can't see it win it comes back right? Because i am having that problem to win i join my Friends world to, on Xbox One.
  3. On your save world, How many Building, Tethers, vehicles, Do you have? Just checking on something, because i have an Xbox One to.
  4. I was making up to 20 buildings and it started slowing down the game and it lag real slow, and having more then 50 tethers also slow on the Xbox, multiplayer on Xbox is slow to because the something to. Hop this helps I like playing the game. and I wish we can Build a House and a big green House with food in it. make were we have to eat to survive.
  5. Astroneer Club For All Players Windows 10 and Xbox One: Are Willing to help build the game up and reported Bugs on Both Platforms, I am the Admin, i will re-post bugs pic off the Club , that me and the players who love to play Astroneer, I Think this game can be Awesome if we can work together, and help Build Astroneer together. Come and Join the Club to and help. Thank You To: The Game Makers From The Admin of The Club: XGN KiritoSword