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  1. Habstrakkt" \//\

    Conveyor belts

    It would be great if there was some sort of conveyor belts to transport items or an item elevator to transport materials or items from the caves.. would be a lot easier than just take 16items (backpack + storage module) everytime i go to the cave.
  2. Habstrakkt" \//\

    More settings in options.

    Thank you a lot
  3. While playing co-op i tried to change my audio many times... but i couldn't... everytime i changed audio settings it did nothing.. would be nice if u would repair that.. because i can't hear my friend when the sandstorm is happening ._.
  4. Habstrakkt" \//\

    More settings in options.

    It would be good to have more graphic settings.. like turning off the blur when moving the screen or turning off the effects(like thoes when u dig and the little particles OR when u drive the cars.. ), more resolution options and resolution ratio(like 16:10 or even 4:3).. maybe u later u could add a console to give items etc..