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  1. What's most annoying is getting compound or basic resources you can easily find when researching an item. That shouldn't happen imo. also, it would be cool if you could select what you'd like to research, instead of random chance.
  2. I agree. Whatever they changed, please revert back to the way it was. Or at least meet us in the middle. The lacking content makes this research system even more frustrating.
  3. Will try that next time, also the take off and place back on trick
  4. Nvm I figured it out. The back pack is so small and hard to click on Xbox dude to the thumsticks not being as precise as m/k. If there's anyway to improve on this, would be greatly appreciated!
  5. But how do you click the tool with your backpack open?
  6. I never assembled it to the rover, because it appeared to go on sideways when trying to place it. Wasn't going to ruin a rover
  7. Ran out of power in the rover at night. Solar panel was already on the front, research taking up slots in the back. Sun came up and rover did not recharge. Workaround: remove research and place solar panel in the back till full recharge. Suggestion: add a slot to the top of the rover for solar panels Also related, driving close to base removes solar panel when equipped to front or rear slots. Would be nice if it stayed on and required a manual removal to charge to base if needed.
  8. Found a rover seat at a crash site, brought it back to base. Crafted a rover in the vehicle bay and attempted to attach seat but it only goes on sideways? Makes looting less enjoyable knowing it doesn't fit crafted vehicles workaround: craft a seat
  9. I unlocked the inhibitor but have no clue how to equip it. I know it's supposed to go on the terrain tool but how do you hold it and pull out the tool? On Xbox One
  10. Am I really the only one who wants this feature? seems like it would be an easy/quick fix too
  11. Devs had said it could take 48 hours to hit all consoles (appears Microsoft slowly releases them). One thing I will say... try hard restart it (hold in the power button on your console for 10 seconds or until it shuts off), then turn it back on. That also might be the culprit, especially if you use the "always-on" feature. then you still might have to go into my games and apps and look in updates
  12. It's live now, stop posting these it's flooding the forum. Look in your games and scroll to update. It will be in there. Thank you kind sir
  13. Also side note: when you accidental place Resin in an extension and it builds a blueprint module... you should be able to cancel that. One wrong click and your base could end up looking out of place. A simple "undo" would suffice don't care about the lost Resin, it's cheap
  14. When you have something attached to the front or rear slot on a vehicle, it falls off when in range of your base. Often times, I'll be rolling in with a solar panel attached and it flies off. My request is to disable this feature when something is attached. You could simply remove that item if you need a charge. Seems like a quality of life item but would be cool to implement this at some point. Thanks SystemEra staff for your continued efforts! Keep it up!
  15. This doesn't make sense tho. If the smelter can only smelt 1 item, it shouldn't waste the other 3. The smelter should have a program built in that detects the other 3 and either stops, or place the finished product in their corresponding slot. Obviously this isn't a top priority item, but something the devs should be aware of, if they aren't already