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  1. Played the game for the first time in a while after the update, the whole long-press X and Y buttons to interact thing was both difficult to read (both are small-ish grey prompt sthat don't use the classic blue X and yellow Y convention) and understand (I don't seem to get why some objects want me to long press Y instead of X to interact and vice-versa). Hope this is the right place to post this!
  2. Kick

    "117" - January 9th, 2017

    Thank you for bringing Xbox up to date! I feel like the fps are a bit better but I'm still in the low 10s on my save... Oh well, I'll just wait for the next one and play on PC in the meantime. By the way, is the W10 version locked to 30fps? Keep up the good work! The game is incredibly addictive and well designed.