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  1. Daeridanii

    Crashed Spacecraft Base

    Greetings everyone! Recently, I started up a new world and went exploring. I found a crashed spacecraft in the mountains - looked like it would make a perfect base! So, several hours and lots of tethers later, I made this: Right now it's still pretty bare-bones, with just a habitat and smelter, but I can see it becoming something big!
  2. Daeridanii

    Three New Vehicles

    Hello everyone! I had a few ideas about vehicles that I think would add to the game. The Mobile Base I'm imagining this is a very large, slow vehicle capable of mounting quite a few modules, perhaps even base modules such as a vehicle bay or a printer. It's purpose would be namely, long distance exploration of a single planet, capable of bringing back a good deal of the resources and research found there. The "Motorcycle" (For lack of a better term) High speed and medium range, but low carrying capacity. Perhaps it would only have one large attachment point, allowing just a seat. Purpose? To go where other vehicles can't go, to the tops of mountains, down the steepest slopes and fitting through the smallest gaps. My larger idea is that one or two of these might be attachable to the Mobile Base, allowing a multiplayer team to scout out a small area. The Aircraft We have ground vehicles and we have spacecraft, but nothing in between. An aircraft would allow a player or players to traverse large distances quickly. I'm thinking that it would require some sort of fuel, be it Hydrazine or some other resource. However, its fuel consumption would be lower than a shuttle's or spaceship's, making it more efficient with the downside of not being able to reach orbit. Your feedback is much appreciated.