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  1. Steam version of Astroneer - Using Mouse and Keyboard. Just got enough materials to make a truck (has been using a buggy before with no issues) and I tried to drive it away from the base but it was going really slow, so once I left it, the truck flipped over. So got in it again and didn't move far, then got out - flipped again. The Truck seems to be magnetically attracted to the base and whenever you get out of it, it just flips away from you. Tried to go back into the buggy, but then THAT flipped away. So quit the game completely and then try again - this time with the buggy first - buggy works fine, so go back to the truck. Same thing happens, magnetic pull to the base and flips. Go back to buggy, and it flips again. So the truck seems to be a little bit broken at the moment, but the buggy does work ok, if you don't get in the truck first!