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  2. Satalite mapping system

    That would be quite cool. Actually, how about we have various mapping systems but they have differences, like there can be a drone which will capture a small area but in great detail, and a satellite can take low-res looks of a large area. Another fact about satellites - it'll be horrendous for a computer to try to high-quality render the entire surface of a planet. It could, however, be possible, to render and save an image of a low-res map of the surface, a but higher quality than what you see in a space shuttle orbit.
  3. Vehicle Controls

    I would not mind at all if they offered the option to have both for the Halo addicts. However, based on all the discussion about this topic in numerous threads from when the game was first released, the vast majority of gamers prefer a conventional control scheme. And that's not even counting all the people I've seen streaming the game over the last eleven months who complained about the controls. It's not really even a matter of preference, but rather necessity. The nature of this game demands a more precise and predictable form of driving controls. Thankfully the devs have listened and confirmed a complete overhaul of the controls is coming. Yay!
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  5. Satalite mapping system

    For mapping even though whatever is already planned is what's being worked on you could make satalites and launch them into orbit or obital areas and while in those areas you get gps signal on a GPS or something that you create
  6. "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    This happens to me quite a bit and if you detach the first tether coming off of whatever it's running and then replace it, it should go back to normal
  7. Vehicle Controls

    IMO, since they already implemented the camera-dependent controls, I think they should have an option for both. I especially think that some players will greatly prefer the current scheme, especially Halo addicts
  8. "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    I'll delete this tomorrow, ( in about 8 hours). I just want to point out that I'm playing a version ( which appeared yesterday or today, and there's no patch notes post? Or I possibly couldn't find it, but I have some faith in my internet skills. (Also, I swear they said the next patch would fix the link to the patch notes on the start menu and it's still linking to update 215?) Running on Xbox FYI Regardless, I excitedly await the patch notes and the rumored December update!
  9. Broken acid plants

    Not sure if it's known already but I'm playing and I just walked up to and stood by a group of the pink plants that spew acid (not gas)😁 and they did nothing to me
  10. [Merged] Broken Planet

    I have this exact same thing on screen but way closer and the planet is split into fourths sepperated. Might try to go there
  11. How do I...?

    If the canisters are on the same train as the crane itself, yes it will fill those.
  12. How do I...?

    Can a drill on a crane pipe soil into the tank/casing things?
  13. Oxygenate Terran

    Instead of oxygenizing the whole planet have some areas be breathable air. Or maybe some kind of dome you can make that you can fill with clean air
  14. Buff the work light, if it costs copper it should be better than your headlights that you get for free
  15. It would be cool if the very middle dot on your teraform gun would be great because that's the dot that it goes off of level wise
  16. Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    Is it just me who’s really hoping for some sort of floor you can place down, I really don’t like my base being at all different levels, could probably do a cost 4 compound makes a Slab and it stays completely flat and you can place it where ever including under stations, or just an easier mechanic to make levelling floor easier
  17. Moved to: Suggestions and Ideas I'd say your idea is more something for later on, when we (hopefully) get difficulties. Right now, the game requires a proper gameplay for everyone. Being able to get stuck in holes because you have no energy left would be...rather terrible. Yes, I'd also prefer such an unforgiving gameplay myself, but the majority won't feel that way and will be very frustrated. The trade thing makes perfect sense, though.
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  19. [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    (Xbox one) every time I leave and come back on the game 2/3 of my wheels on every vehicle are glitched into the ground, I have to drive over a hole to sort them out, it’s really difficult to move, hope it gets sorted soon very annoying... it might only be when it’s attached to the vehicle bay
  20. With the Excavation update you can now dig for free as long as you're not using a mod. I think this is a bad design choice, because it makes early game energy management almost a complete non-issue. Yes, with mods digging does consume energy, but you don't really need those unless you are doing large scale terraforming anyway and the free slot is often more useful. I did two runs from start and both times I hardly ever used the power generator. Ofcourse with the removal of trickle charge (good!), you now can get stuck in a situation with no energy left. But how about making terrain deformation use energy again, yet allowing the digging tool to still suck up plants for free if you're out of energy (just not deform terrain)? On a sidenote: how about making the trade rocket use one hydrazine charge per flight? it makes sense, trade rocket is still OP, and hydrazine is still very easy to get (especially since you can get the ammonia from sifting the dirt). It's too bad you guys changed the model, the old one could easily have accomodated such a change.
  21. Can't seem to find the oxygen "Tank".

    Just realized the list didn't have the tool "augments" on there so I'm guessing there must be more stuff, but on that list my previous statement still stands.
  22. No Ground

    For reference, that's the issue. A migrated save.
  23. No Ground

    This was a save that was made before a 1 or 2 updates, I went back to it and found this... When I went into it myself, (first picture) I was flung out of the cave and into the air. Is it a glitch between updates?(On PC, steam)
  24. Can't seem to find the oxygen "Tank".

    Thank you for the quick response. Ok, well that's frustrating out of the last 30 or so research attempts all I'm getting is resources. As for the what I have researched, I checked it against the wiki list and the only the I'm missing is the tank and filters. I guess I'll just have to keep hoping I'll find it with the next one. Here is a link to the list I'm using to compare. If there is anything missing I wouldn't know.
  25. This isn't much of a problem but the OCD is killing me. (On PC, Steam)
  26. You need to research the tank. The fact that you can't craft it yet proves that you're missing more than just the filters.
  27. I having trouble finding the "tank" research in the game. While I have fond the tank itself (while exploring) and was able to use it it would be nice to be able to make my own if needed. To the best of my knowledge I have already finished the "Tutorial" section and have found or unlocked every over available research with the exception of filters. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or it's a bug. (BTW, on a side note before I found that thank that I am currently using I had found another, but instead of displaying it's item name it just had "ITEM NAME" with "ITEM DESCRIPTION" under that. I could pick it up and attach it, but I couldn't do anything else with it and it also would not refill when I was tethered.)
  28. As seen in the title. First two screenshots are after getting out, third is the strech. Playing multiplayer on a brand new save, in the latest update.
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