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  3. The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    oh and why is it being touted as a free update? you mean your already planning on dlc before the game is completed or that in the future updates will cost us? Pc gamer and steam news both calling a free update is well disheartening considering micro transactions are rife in the current market
  4. The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    The landing pad will be used for when other players join your game.
  5. Version Steam- Was informed of new update by friend, went to steam to download new updates, hit play Steam will bring up the full screen or windowed selection. hit play and game will say running on steam for a few seconds then stop and nothing happens.
  6. The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    Pros: can move and rearrange platforms. Fabricator can be placed on the Platform you want to build on(you still need to unpack it even though it shows the completed product.....Why) new free small platform just keep calling for your starting package keeps on giving (any other purpose for the landing pad????????) Now both generators auto feed themselves even when they are not needed(remember to turn those off) Cons: Still no goals...(yah yah early access) things that used to auto load themselves like dirt in the sifter thing that now only grab 1 from the platform(not a storage trey) canisters now go into the small fabricator slot(for No reason) only to randomly go flying off. Shift clicking to pickup objects with a full inventory throws the item. the old habitat is still printable and still looks the same but no longer works as the control module for space craft(so why even let me build a second large storage trey if it makes the shuttle not function) To Be Honest. the biggest con was this not going through an experimental faze before you made it part of the stable build. yes you wanted the streamers to show this stuff for sales but you showed people you willing to skip testing of updates in an early access game that we all payed to help test why bother having an experimental branch if your not willing to use it any more???????
  7. Tracker/Beacon Icon Improvement; Perhaps map/compass?

    +1 This is a great idea. I am currently lost in my world and trying to find home. This would help!
  8. The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    Love this update so far! Can't wait for the next one I also really hope my conveyor belt idea gets added soon... (sorry for the cringy post format)
  9. The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    My vehicle bay won't do anything. Plenty of power but it won't let me select to build anything.
  10. Battery bug

    I think I found a bug related to batteries, happens with both small and large while generating power.
  11. Expected: Shift + left click on nugget, it moves to an available socket on the Terrain Tool, if any. If no socket is available, it will move to an available socket on upper backpack (don't remember what they are called, there are 2 on the top of the backpack), if any. If no socket is available, it will move to the top most socket from left to right, if any. if no socket is available, nothing happens. Got: Shift + left click on nugget, it moves to an available socket on the Terrain Tool, if any. If no socket is available, it will move to an available socket on upper backpack (don't remember what they are called, there are 2 on the top of the backpack), if any. If no socket is available, it gives me a "Backpack full" error message.
  12. Game Modes in Future?

    I realize that at this point in development, the main focus is bug squashing and new content. However, in the future it could be cool to add game modes (eg. creative, survival) such as in Minecraft or Subnautica. This would be cool as some people may be interested in creating the greatest base ever, without having to spent hours of resource farming. there could be another gamemode where you must gather resources like normal, but power and oxygen would not be a concern, or difficulty levels, where power/O2 would last shorter or longer accordingly.
  13. - PC - Field problem

    My caves look like that when I load up an old save game.
  14. Can't click on Control Panels Anymore

    That makes sense, but I think it should be made an option that can be toggled in settings along with being able to instantly deploy modules as opposed to having to hold E over them.
  15. This is still happening in
  16. Not sure if this is a bug or not but the graphics seems a little off. Firstly the "post-process quality" seems really grainy on anything but low (and much worse on medium). All the graphic settings are on ultra and I have screenshotted all the options for this setting (low/medium/high/ultra). If you zoom in on the photo it is very apparent but maybe the game is supposed to look like that? I'm not sure. Secondly the text seems really rough even though I have "anti-aliasing" on ultra. Some text seems fine like the "USE" next to the E button icon but the circle and E button icon is really rough. I'm running everything on ultra and I've got a GTX 1070.
  17. Battery Infinite Charge

    same bug, but med battery. demo linked with save file attached.
  18. Battery Infinite Charge

    Oh, my post is exactly the same thing, but not with the battery
  19. Battery Infinite Charge

    Hey! Thanks for posting about this. If you (or anyone else with this problem) could please attach the save file with this happening, that would be extra helpful for the engineers to track down the issue!
  20. This bug may have actually happened before on early builds... but anyways It seems like I'm generating power from my Astroneer, but I don't have any power generators equipped. This means that whenever I stand next to a rover (large, I rarely use small) I start to charge it's battery. And on occasion I drain it without doing anything, then walk away from it and back to it, and it then starts to charge. What results from this is a constant loop of the charging audio. Which is super annoying. See attached Save AUTOSAVE_0_2018.02.23-14.50.39.sav
  21. I placed 4 Ammonium on the platform and it was stating that it would return 2 Lithium. Upon return, it returned 2 Laterite instead. The 2 Laterite then stated that it would return 1 Lithium, sent the trade off and it returned 1 Laterite. It appears that Lithium may be mixed up with Laterite on the backend or something?
  22. Can't click on Control Panels Anymore

    This may actually be intended to avoid clicking something by accident. Or so I was told.
  23. - PC - Field problem

    Those are terrain seems resulting from migrating a save from a prior version...usually. Did you use an old save?
  24. Habitat and Tether graphical error, possible bug.

    Forgot to add Keyboard Steam
  25. Screenshots Megathread

  26. I have a tether that is just outside the airlock of the new habitat. when i enter the habitat, then leave, a 2nd tether line is created to the tether stick, showing 2 tether lines from the habitat to the same tether stick. When i enter again then leave, another is created. The new ones are kinda stacked on each other making the tether line look thick (see screenshot). During a storm, when the lines are fluttering about, you can see multiple. I am waiting for another storm to confirm max replications. Picking up the tether stick and replacing it clears the extra lines.
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