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  2. Marcin7667


    You have a link, everything is explained there.
  3. Marcin7667

    Exo Flight Test Smelting Furnace problems

    As far as I know, the smelter was by recoded, the disadvantage being that it doesn't collect first material and requires the insertion of the first material so that it can melt remaining materials.
  4. tommas


    How to get update earlier like a Z1 Gaming?
  5. Marcin7667

    No menu

    Write an e-mail to the era system, with a full description of the error, platform, and evidence of the type of recording. Maybe they can fix it before the summer upgrade. You have an example in the forum. Mailbox:<> If you are looking for more opportunities to contact the era system, here is a link to the page, and answers to frequently asked questions.
  6. Marcin7667

    Email to System Era Support

    For those who are looking for more opportunities to contact developers, I advise you to go to this page.
  7. Gina

    Astroneer game will no longer save

    I sent an email with several reports of this to the devs Support email address last week, and got a response: They didn't give any time line on the fix, but they say they're working on it. Hopefully we'll see it soon!
  8. Marcin7667

    Automation Idea: Autopilot to Landing pad

    @IgoooorI like this idea very much, maybe they will add cargo rocket to the game. If they add, they will need a new type a landing pad with the possibility of pairing. What will you say if they refresh the Spaceports from update 0.9.0, on the possibility of landing rocket and ato unloading? If you want to see these spaceports in the game, play the tutorial or look for on Desolo.
  9. Click the link in her post...
  10. how do i get to the "roadmap?"
  11. Yesterday
  12. build extra large shredder worked on the first day....then i needed to reconfigure my base so i mocec the shredder and it platform... now anything i try to shred falls throgh the shredder on to the platform... any one have any ideas how this may be fixed other than making a new one and having the old in laying around?
  13. TaeLyn

    Email to System Era Support

    June 6 /19 in the eft and lot of buggy issues have been taken care of in the summer update,,,,,1.2.8... playing on the EFT so i know the dev can get info on any bugginess that happens. same Old computer but i did get a new video card but not the latest founds a nVidia GT 740 4GB 128Bit... at a real decent price.... and it made a world of difference ... and until @. hits and more content and hopefully creative play happens i am happy with this... it you want a space shooter a builders game in ot where you look also leave the gameplay as it is there are alot of others space games out there that will fill the need to kill everything in sight.. leave this game for the nonkilling player ......
  14. TheWhitestOfFangs

    The Summer Update - Coming Soon!

  15. Description: I was playing a multiplayer game with a friend hosting and my tractor with 3 attached trailers was sucked into the ground while I was digging away from it. I couldn't find it in the floor while digging so I lost all of them. It looks like the bug was caused by digging out an object close to the vehicles. Here is a video of that happening: Platform: Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1903 | Build 18362.175 CPU: Intel i7-8700 3.2GHz GPU: NVIDIA GTX 960 4GB RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 2400 MHz Drive: Western Digital HDD 1TB
  16. Plankman2k

    Retro Suit still missing

    Hi there I haven't played for a while, but the last I played it still wasn't resolved. I had it before 1.0 came out, but since then nothing. Was also hoping it would resolve itself, but it looks like they're not worrying about it.
  17. Kreme#0669

    Discord help?

    i was banned around 6 months ago, and would like to work out a deal to get unbanned. it was for a reason i admit to doing, but will not happen again.
  18. Blind Io

    Discord help?

    The patch notes has the EFT info. Why do you need a Discord mod on the forum?! "and quick"? Really? Wyvyrias is the leader of the Discord and mod of the forum.
  19. Kreme#0669

    Astroneer Discord Server

    wyvyrias, I am banned on the server. I am Kreme#0669 and wish to be unbanned. I hope you can contact me on discord so we can have this resolved
  20. Kreme#0669

    Discord help?

    HELP. i need to be sent to a "astroneer discord" mod or owner. and quick. i need to ask and do some other things. please? i also need to know how to get the "flight test" i am on steam
  21. Blind Io

    The Summer Update - Coming Soon!

    This patch isn't on Xbox yet, so maybe save the whinge until it's out and you can pretend to have tested it then.
  22. Kato

    No menu

    I have the same problem. I tought it was a resolution problem because it's in 4K, but even in full hd or window mode it's not working.
  23. TheWhitestOfFangs

    Drill control?

    Hey, I find the drill control too sharp... am I doing this wrong? Maybe there's a good argument to make additional controls for dirction (up/down)?
  24. CrankedRat

    Day/Night Cycle Freeze

    ** CONFIRMED ** I have been playing for hundreds of hours in Astroneer, not sure how many on this one save - but it's a lot. First time experiencing this bug and can confirm changing VSYNC to ON (effectively locking 60FPS) reversed the freeze. Turning VSYNC back off freezes everything again. Thank you Cosmolias for this idea. I signed up to let others know this worked for me and hope others have success with it too. Win10, GTX 1060, i7. 73s.
  25. miki3215

    "User not found" Coop Error

    Ok, problem solved, my friend didn't have the router properly configured. Thank you ❤️
  26. Florian Weber

    How do I...?

    I do not know. I have an oxygen manufacturer that you get in the beginning. But I can not connect
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