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  2. Summary: Steam build Aug 12 2019 - Sylvan - Firework Delivery Airbags Continuous Spawning in-game Description: On Sylvan planet. Discovered delivery airbags with fireworks spawning in-game. Usually these are three static objects. Now there are more than 11 and they exhibit active spawning. I can watch them glitch into existence with new fireworks. Game lags at this point but traveling out of the area the game will return to normal performance. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: build Aug 12 2019 Specifications: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362 CPU Vendor: GenuineIntel CPU Brand: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz Driver: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 DirectX Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M RAM: 16269 Mb Drive Model WDC WD10JPVX-75JC3T0 Total Hard Disk Space Available: 1075388 Mb Largest Free Hard Disk Block: 885770 Mb
  3. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    I'm a firework!

    In my quest to fill a medium storage silo with 24 firework of each color, well, I'm coming up short! First, when I find the open resource drop pods, there has only been three, once or twice. Most of the time just two and a couple of times, 1. I don't know if I should see more three pod drop sites or not but I think I only found 2 maybe 3 of them? I'm short 7 orange and 6 teal fireworks! Are we sure each planet has 24 or maybe some do and some don't?
  4. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    My Save Game Is.....

    @CopperyMarrow15 Q1) FPS is determined at each planet? By all the planets combined? The planets but not the moons? The purple things but.... Ok I'll stop now Q2) If I have spent 1k hours (playing,crafting,digging etc.) on one planet and only 1 hour on another, will the FPS reflect that? Q3) Would it be logical 🖖 for SES to create a base option for us that could be like the purple alien floating base thingy but much larger in the hopes that a base that has very very little to render, (no soil, trees, resources, caves, etc.) and if someone were to have a speed/performance challenged computer, would that help FPS? So you got a slow puter, your major base is on a planet you have spent a bazillion hours playing on and your FPS is disgusting. If SES gave each player an option to have their main base on a satellite (D.M.) above the planet that could be used as a main crafting type home base thingy and in doing so thus saving FPS while on each planet? Q4) Would a base like that help in MP? Q5) Am I way out in left field and asking for things that are imaginary? Q6) Whats fer dinner? Anyone can answer Peace ✌️
  5. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    The devs do care about us.

    Missions: Give me some missions to do, you know like real astroneers have, er, had, I mean astronauts? Resources: It's been literally years since we had a new resource introduced, it is well overdue Astronium: It is the game's namesake resource and still, still, no use for it? Come on, start to tie up some loose ends, this has to once and for all be flushed out and settled! Someone please make a decision! Either give it a purpose or remove it. Every other resource has a crafting purpose except this one. Just my 2 pence worth. I could be 100% incorrect however. Correctness in this case, is in the eye of the beholder.
  6. diseasedmeat

    The devs do care about us.

    i hope they make a train, i really wish they would make super end game stuff, stuff that requires somehow like a silo of all one res gives an ignot of that , and have like really hard things to get.
  7. 1. Mouse + Keyboard 2. Steam 3. I activated all surface gateway chambers, but gazing at the odd stone doesn't allow me to teleport to the core, nor to other surface gateways. I dug myself a way to the core itself from the surface, but the force field is activated. So I can't activate the core. I attached the save game, as it might help finding out how and why. 4. Simply go to any gateway chamber, they're all marked with a red beacon. SAVE_1$2019.08.24-22.22.18.savegame
  8. azrynfireheart

    Terrain desync in multiplayer

    I have been experiencing this same problem. I've also died when there was nothing in the area that should kill me while the Host player was running all around the area I died in without a problem. I've also noticed that when I die due to the terrain glitching/disappearing/re-filling an area, I can't locate/see/find my body or any of the items that were on it. The game Host can find them and give them to me. It doesn't matter how many times I close and reopen the session or the game, this keeps happening. When playing as the Host, my friend had the same issues. It would make her appear in the wall and when she tried to run away it appeared to rubber-band her. No matter what she did, this would lead to her death. I've also noticed then when playing multiplayer, my game SEVERELY lags when anyone enters or exits a vehicle, shuttle, or shelter. This can be very annoying if you have 2-3 friends playing on your game and everyone is exploring. Has anyone else noticed that when playing on multiplayer, the non-host players can't use certain things in the game? My friend can't use the soil centrifuge or the transport sites. There are a couple other things that they can't due, that I can when I'm the Hosting party.
  9. papau ruby

    rover in space !

    SO me and my friend trying to complete atrox and connect the teleporters things and of course the buggys sink in the ground . Dig down find it do it again this time my friend gets off my tractor it sinks out of sight instantly. ok I continue making the road to the last one then I die from a plant my friend gets off the rover gets my stuff then gets back on the rover it instantly launched into space with my friend on it . OK I give up this game is broken and can not play in two player mode at all it's just to frustrating to continue losing everything you make because randum game glitch . This Game is now a bunch of SUCK ! it needs to fixed . I don't feel I should pay good money just to be put in a Bad mood ! and yet I did .
  10. You will find the recipe in your catalogue its self, even the printer in which it is made. The first tab is for your backpack printer, the second one is for the small printer ,3rd is a medium sized printer and the last one is for the big printer, I believe that the small one can be printed in your back pack and the medium one in the small printer and the large solar arrays in the big printer.
  11. TMarcher74

    The devs do care about us.

    They probably would have already seen it @CopperyMarrow15 who knows, also we are going to have a roadmap update soon ,so lets just wait for it and then send them more ideas and stuff.
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  14. Blind Io - Steam/pc - 'Auto smelt'

    This is an intended temporary performance fix. For now, the smelter will still auto-pull after you smelt 1 nugget.
  15. well apon second try i was able to do this . But it should not have occurred this way . it should recognize the already smelted laterite . and allowed me to move on. I might have jumped ahead on this but still think it needs some thought .
  16. in the alpha versions you could place a medium storage on the same platform full of a smelt-able material (clay for example) and if the smelter was on it would automatically pull the ores and smelt them then return them to an open location. Apparently this is broken in the last few versions I've seen. to recreate: build an extra large platform c, place a soil extractor on one side of the center, and a smelter on the other side so their backs are together (this is my current set up). place any form of empty storage on the smelter end (couple of medium storage units for example) and some full soil containers on the other end. select clay or quartz and activate the soil extractor. once done I would expect the output to go to the next available storage spot then for the smelter to pull it for processing.
  17. This is on PC my system Has AMD 12 CORE and one nvidia 1060 TI SSC WITH 12 GIGS OF RAM . Game version is 1.313.0. Windows 10 Not sure why but because of this I can not finish the tutorial to receive that achievement . In the provided pic you can see I have smelted three and still can not move on ?
  18. AAR #43 & 44: Ok, I wont do any further estimates. But current layer is FINALLY gone. And this one was supposed to be done with so, so quick... Desolo isn't small. Its not small at all. ITS HUGE. Its so huge that when down at the current layer, the upper parts of the ramp isn't rendering due to distance. Anyway, started this session with discovering a bottom part of a research tetrahy... tet... ResearchBOX high up in the sky. Took some minutes to just get up there and then some to get it down + removing the path up there. First pic.... Soon after discovered the flora had spawned in already mined areas. sigh. Had to repeat, now with hostile gases chasing me. Second pic... Then i did something really stupid. Since i have started removing debris/terrain that doesn't despawn and things that cant be scrapped, I have frequently been using the winch. In order to minimize the trips back up & down all the time, I today added two more in order to have more capacity. I also encountered a large research specimen, which I always research because why not(already have 360 K bytes)? And then another. Usually I just place them on a two-slot, buuut with 3 winches there wasnt room, so I simply attached a wire on to it. After some time, my research station was complete, so it had room for the next one. -"Hmmm, wonder what will happen if i place the specimen in the research tray while still attached to the winch?" [See third pic] The spin started immediately and had no issues to speed up, especially this close to the core. In five seconds it had started to whirl away in the sky, and ten seconds later it had disappeared beyond the horizon. -"Sigh, at least I placed a beacon on it" [Looks to my left, where my medium storage silo had temporarily placed due to a rearrangement i was doing when the research station was finished. On it? ..... the beacon...] Quits to menu, in hopes of still having the rover train on Desolo and not BEYOND orbit, and restarts. I was lucky. Sometimes you catch a break, sometimes you dont. I did today tough. Pic four; not much left now...
  19. I believe the small solar is made on your backpack printer if you have the correct resource and have already researched it.
  20. Gina

    noob question: How do I unlock smelter?

    There are four tabs in your catalog, each one represents a printer; Backpack Printer, Small Printer, Medium Printer, and Large Printer. The Smelting Furnace is in the third tab, or the Medium Printer in the row with the Research Chamber and other machines. It costs 250 bytes to unlock, and 1 Compound + 2 Resin to print.
  21. a couple questions... What size? How far are you in the process? Have you tried researching them so that they are available on your printer?
  22. How do I locked the ability to make a smelter?
  23. As the title says, there have been substantial changes to the game since I last played, about a year ago. I don't see how to make a solar panel now, I would appreciate some quick help, thanks.
  24. Slipsonic

    Guess what these new leeks are?

    Leak 2 is Probably a Mini Shelter, although idk what we would use it for. Thanks @TMarcher74!
  25. Slipsonic

    Toggle Sky Rotation Speed

    Have never played in early access before, but this could make the game feel more dynamic. +1
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