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  2. Read the 3rd and fourth replies. This could also be a part of my addon ideas for a pipe and hose system for conveying resources around, that you could also use the hose to attach the canister to the soil centrifuge like you attach power cables to port, you just have to print a bundle of hose instead of including it. And i believe that it shouldnt just be included as part of the soil canister because it would lessen the point of the game.
  3. SMITH .

    Resource Probe for Auto-Extractor

    To add to this idea i would state that it would just be nice to just have the blue hologram marking the snapped to location and have it present the capacity gauge before placing as just a feature considering how expensive the auto extractor is in the first place. Also have the 3 little nodes on an auto extractor work as pucks to place something like a Boost Mod for increasing cycle yield.
  4. SMITH .

    Adding water to planets or a planet with oceans.

    I think this is a great idea, but in my opinion this feature may not exist for a while due to the fact that the games need very extreme optimizing to get that to work in the current rendering scheme of the terrain. The game was designed well for terrain deformation by using polygons in the manner that it does, but coupling the terrain generation they currently use the water will start to flow into the cave very rapidly and pull your game to a screeching halt with physics simulations. The current most likely reason for the absence is due to the limitations of hardware and optimization of the game. Also the world generation would have to be completely reworked to factor in liquids, and System Era has been pretty hands off with the world generation for a while and my be trying to focus on implementing things for your world that can be seamlessly imported, rather than something that would be a whole facelift of it originally.
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  6. SMITH .

    New automation idea

    Concept pics for above post
  7. evian


    If you package something upside down it clips through the ground.
  8. There's life on each planet, but how do they exactly live without water? A planet with water would not only allow for swimming and more exploration, but it could also allow for plants to be grown in pots or plots with water that's purified for usage. New vehicles could be added, such as a submarine used for exploring the deep oceans of the new planet, one with a lot of islands and a huge ocean spanning the entire planet. Along with flooded caves with underwater life inhabiting the deepest parts of the sea. New biomes for the planet could include the saltwater sea, the islands, deep ravines underwater, underwater cave entrances, and thermal vents. Water itself could be purified and used in gardening and growing plants, along with creating hydrogen and oxygen. Pumps could be added to take in both water and salt water. Wreckage could appear underwater, and the core could require purified water, rewarding the player with a scuba diving modified space suit, with cosmetic headlights and a scuba diving mask. The water itself could be made of the same voxels like the land, but clearer and allow you to see through it. Most machines wouldn't work underwater, and maybe could break. New research can be found underneath the water, in coral and/or seaweed textures. Music could also be muffled a bit when underwater, to make it sound like you're underneath the ocean. The planet could be called Aquaria, the Ocean planet, Medium difficulty, with hydrogen, nitrogen, and argon. Main materials could be malachite and titanium, since Glacio is the only planet with titanium present in the crust. The ocean can be one or two layers deep, leaving three more layers of flooded or clear caves. Solar power would be slightly more powerful than wind, since the planet would possibly be located in-between Sylva and Calidor. And the gateways can be located on six islands.
  9. Today I encountered a bug, where the crafting holograms in the backpack are dancing around. I can still place items in them and they still work. I am playing on the newest version on steam, but I am using an old savegame from the last version. This bug happens on Calidor, I have not tested it on different planets. ASTRONEER 2020.07.03 -
  10. evian

    Chemistry Lab

    It doesn't let me cancel crafting things in the chemistry lab even though it gives the option.
  11. TardInTraining

    Segment pins bug out.

    PS4 By the way.
  12. SMITH .

    New automation idea

    I have an addon to this idea: []==[] []====[] Making it not so accessible in the beginning but good for mid-to-late game. Make the research kind of steep as in say 5000, and change the idea to a rigid pipe with slightly steep power requirements. But something that has to be considered is that the game devs have some heavy distance culling for performance reasons on all systems to take into account with the design of the new system. My take on this would be a pipe system that contains minimal animation and doesn't do item specific design like the new canisters on their sides. My idea is that each pipe length can be up to 4(large) build plate length, with the shortest being 2(medium) build plate length. It would terminate with an item puck on both side and would be monodirectional. Also to discourage those who are still early in the game, make the power quite steep. 0.5U/s for short length pipe, and 0.75U/s for long pipe. Also to make it expensive for early game but reasonable for late game 2 Steel, 1 Tungsten to make a pipe bundle of 20 short or 12 long. It could come out of the printer like the tether bundle, but it would be a 4 puck(large) piece. You then select your length by clicking interact and then hold holding interact to pop out a pipe. If it is a long pipe, 1 will pop out at a time, but when you select short pipe 2 will pop out at a time. When placing down it will follow the terrain you are placing it on and a single run will be limited to 1 bundle of pipes. The pipes would be held up by a platform spike leg on every segment. The termination of the pipe would as said before be an item puck, and also be a cable port for power. The pipes for game performance reason should only be able to transit a small amount at a time, say long pipe holding 3 items and do 1 item output per second and short pipe containing 1 item and outputting 1 item a second. []###[] Now for the second part of this a "flexy pipe" for angles and turns. Have as a second item to spend research bytes (2500) and another recipe. Have the recipe be 1 silicone 2 rubber and print out a bundle of 4. This hose would not hold an amount of items, just the pipes, and have it be 1/2 power cable length and set by placing it on the first pipe length and then leading it to the second pipe length. You should have to attach the power cable separate from the hose due to the materials in recipe. °/_\° And for the third part of this addon idea, a pipe splitter/collecter piece like the power splitter. Have it be a triangle with a mode switchable input/output menu and with 3 item pucks and power cables plugs. Make the recipe 1 copper 1 silicon and 1 steel to fit the pattern of the pipe's and hose's recipe. Have it be able to do items sorting for splitter mode with a simple (X) this item icon menu and O this material. Have the speed for it be 1 item per second to match the pipes for performance reasons. This idea is incomplete for all the details. This is just an idea that Sackboy338 reminded me of having a while ago and I thank you Sackboy338. If the devs have any questions feel free to email me at the email provided on the account.
  13. When using my extra large shredder, the game will crash. I tried destroying it and creating a new one but it did not work. Just now when I tried to recreate it to make a video, the shredder closed its door even though its sitting on a powered platform. See attached picture. It shows a solar panel connected to an extra large platform. You can see they’re both powered but the shredder door is still closed. The scrap sitting there is stuck too. I believe if I could get that scrap off, it would open up again.
  14. derk 91 - Xbox One - Run Issues

    So I did that and they were all set to store except for one. After I switched it the game runs fine, but if I switch it back and it dispenses any soil the game drops back to half speed. While this means that I can start playing again, it also means I can not make use of one of the best quality of life additions to the game. I'm also afraid to try lightning nodes because of the duplicating node bug. Also the loading time for astroneer after the update is terrible. It took 7 minutes to load into my game. It only took 4 minutes before.
  15. derk 91 - Xbox One - Run Issues

    I'll try. I think I've done that already, but I'll check anyway.
  16. Hi all, I'm not sure what's going on here but my game save is suddenly unplayable. I've spent hours on the game (to infinity and beyond) and after the latest update my game suddenly dropped to a incredibly low frame rate. At the time it happened I was attempting to farm compound for the exo request platform using the centrifuge loading directly into a medium resource canister and it just stalled. I've tried quitting the game and reloading the save, but it's the same. I'm heartbroken and can't bring myself to start over, hopefully it will get patched/fixed. I've tried to start a new game and that appears to run perfectly fine. I'm running the gamepass version on an Xbox One S. Please help... Any suggestions? Hopefully the attached video shows just how bad it is... VID-20200703-WA0003.mp4
  17. SkrubbyJohnny

    Graphene stuck in crafting slot of chemistry lab

    I've been having this same problem and I found that using a packager on the Chem Lab will detach the Graphene. If you're willing to expend one graphite, you can get it working again. IMO its worth it seeing as how expensive Graphene can be in terms of hydrazine.
  18. randomSheeple

    Graphene stuck in crafting slot of chemistry lab

    So interestingly enough, if I que up item X (anything but requiring graphene) and have graphene (x2) in chem lab storage, it creates a diamond first and then item X. Also switching to item X with the source items in storage does NOT pop out the graphenes. removing the chemlab from platform also does not remove graphenes from the lab itself. Seemingly to my simple mind the only thing that does is to create a diamond. My workaround atm is to only have 1 graphene in the lab at any one time unless specifically making diamonds. Attaching vid of issue. astroneer_graphene_bug.mp4
  19. randomSheeple

    Graphene stuck in crafting slot of chemistry lab

    PC - Version same bug though more annoying [personal opinion], when having 2 graphenes and in the storage of chemistry lab + other ingredients. Select titanium alloy -> craft -> out comes a diamond. happened 3 times now, and funny enough before doing this i duplicated the save... which also did not work so now I have 3 diamonds and no grpahite + ammonium. Quite funny. not. I might, IF I can make a copy of save successfully, go out and get mats and recreate this for a video just for systemera.
  20. Arlik

    New automation idea

    I have the same thought, but I am thinking to use an auto-rover (or auto-tractor) that works with a new implemented cable line. The "cable line" just like the sensors, have a base, and can placing cable on the ground. Each "base" work as a station, the auto-rover will stop there let player (or auto-arm) do loading/unloading "Cable line" can be placed two/multi point end-to-end, or loop.
  21. Arlik

    Auto-Extractor Suggestion

    besides of selecting resources, it would be nice to add the fixed resource placing location of the auto-extractor (even for auto-extractor group). As the auto-extractor gathering range are limited, once all node has been extracted with in that circle, I have to move the auto-extractor, with most of the auto-arm network :(
  22. Arlik

    Thoughts on Automation Try this two, it help me alot.
  23. Laww 狙撃兵の法律 - Xbox One - Run Issues

    Ignore mine... apparently i somehow had a soil canister i never made sitting underground that was set to output... im now just wondering where it came from...
  24. Just need a planet with rings in the solar system, any ring to any planet will give us a cool prespective of how the rings actually see, a better orientation in the planet surface, and a cool play between ligth and swadows, Just adding a ring.
  25. Laww 狙撃兵の法律 - Xbox One - Run Issues

    I actually have a similar issue after the new Automation update came out. I decided to play the game again after over a year or so and decided to make a new rover, drill, paver.. and made another new path down to the core since i never had a paver before. After making the path.. I get back up top and the game runs at half speed and has been running as such ever since. It runs fine though in a friend's world so it isnt actually the game itself.. but something in my world is just eating up memory or something ever since i made that new tunnel.
  26. Sammo4

    Bug Reports:

    Also: Windows 10, Steam.
  27. Yesterday
  28. I have been running the latest version of Astroneer on Steam (version 1.13.121) since it was released on June 24. I made terrain analyzers and used them successfully for the very first time this morning (July 2). When I logged back in later in the afternoon, they all showed white as the chosen color and had ceased to function. Moreover the medium storage canisters I created earlier this week (after the release of patch 1.13) do not show the proper colors of contained resources. So these bugs are definitely still present in the game and require attention from the developers.
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