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  2. Summary: Can't join Multiplayer sessions Description: Everytime my friend's and I try to join each other's game we get a message in the top left side of the screen that says- Failed to Join: Could Not Find Session. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number:
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  4. 匚卄乇丂卄丨尺乇

    Multiplayer Issue w/ Large Shuttle

    Thanks Ses, we'll give that a try. 😎
  5. Me too. Every time I try to enter anything it crashes(rover,shuttle,shelter) On Xbox one
  6. Txab3364_YT

    Planes !

    So i have an idea and the idea is to make a thing like a printer for airplanes in astroneer this can be very cool to explore planets and a printer for custom airplanes and to make custom airplanes there is a GUI to make them. Please add this. Sorry if my english is not very good.
  7. BlockOfGaming

    Orbiting Satellites

    Also for the network modules to do anything you need a network detector to connect to the network and then if don't have enough cables to connect to the internet which you get from the network detector you can install a wireless transmitter on the network detector and then you get your display which can also help for the radar which #Reznov mentioned and you can add the display to you're backpack or put it in you're base, the display has a spot to place the internet detector and the display which you put in you're base has a place to connect the cables from the network detector.
  8. BlockOfGaming

    Orbiting Satellites

    There could also be network modules for video calling and audio calling if you don't want or don't have any other way to talk with other people and for this there would be a video camera and an audio microphone and some other stuff like a browser, from the start there are not gonna be any websites because the websites are gonna be made by people and in these websites you are able to sell stuff like graphite for resin, compound for aluminum and this is just a little part from the browser idea. NOTE: NETWORK MODULES ARE ONLY FOR MULTIPLAYER.
  9. Fillerz

    Satellite Launches

    That’s a really good idea!
  10. BenwiiT ツ

    Update 1.10.9 - March 10, 2020

    Yup, happened yesterday on Glacio as well and only. I found a 2 levels portal. There is a lot of issues on Glacio : the beams doesn't disappeared after you actived the portal, 2 levels portals and I activated all the portals by doing only 4 (versus 6). But no issues on others planets.
  11. Я вилетів з Візанії і хотів повернутися на Сильву, але випадково полетів на Атрокс (вони схожі з далеку). Я думав, що просто трохи затримаюсь, бо в мене не було другого одноразового двигуна, я думав так, тому що знав, що на всіх планетах є ресурси щоб створити одноразовий двигун і повернутися. Та коли я почав шукати ці ресурси я не знайшов не латеріту, не амонію для двигуна. Спробував прокопатися вниз але згодом там з‘явилася поверхня яку я не міг деформувати навіть з буром (1 рівня в мене ще нема буру 2 чи 3 рівня). Тож я нічого не знайшов. Допоможіть як звідти вибратись? Це можливо чи ні?
  12. BlockOfGaming

    Satellite Launches

    And to do all of this stuff you would need different upgrades.
  13. BlockOfGaming

    Satellite Launches

    It would be cool if you would need to launch network satellites for the network to work and you would be able to make video cameras, audio microphones and speakers to talk with other people if you don't have another way to talk with them.
  14. bigbellydad

    Roller for vehicles

    Paver is life.
  15. This bug has happened to us many times. Crashes seem to happen much more often when people are on Novus or are close to the core of a planet and when the host isn't in the ship. This would be tolerable if the ship were recoverable, if it and its passenger returned to their original location with all of its resources. As it is, this completely ruins the game, causing players to lose the ship and everything aboard. I expected this to happen when Astroneer was still prerelease. Since the game was declared 1.0, I would hope that game-breaking bugs would take precedence over recoverable issues, like rendering problems, or new feature development.
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  17. OmG i have spend hours trying to find the solution! Thank You very much - that worked for me!
  18. shyneutrino

    Update 1.10.9 - March 10, 2020

    Sent, thanks for help.
  19. CptSpaceToaster

    Increase the size of the planets and their rotation

    I think it would be really fun to explore a planet that is much larger than the ones we have today in game The current vehicles we have aren't able to traverse the current terrain we have super well. I feel like on most planets, you need to have a paver and drill before you can confidently drive to a destination, instead of letting the planet force you to follow along certain biomes that are navigable.... So it'd be interesting to think about how biomes could change to allow rovers to drive over them. Unfortunately, this would drastically increase the size of a save file, which would cause a lot of issues for console players who already have very tight save file restrictions... I'm not sure the planets can grow much larger for this reason alone.
  20. CptSpaceToaster

    3 Axis Compass

    I disagree whole-heartedly. Exploring is the fundamental part of the game. Getting lost as a result is rarely fun. The north pole does function that way, as the current compass doesn't handle the poles well, but if your base is closer to a gateway on the equator, then you can't look at your compass and "run east" to get there... you'll just be running circles around the planet. Tethers are fine, but can be a troublesome point if players rely on large tether networks on multiple planets. The saves grow too large on consoles and tethers are one part of the blame. Players already need to work too hard to keep the save file size down. If the solution to navigation is "just put tethers everywhere" you're actively excluding console players from being able to play on the same save and unlock every gateway before the save file grows too large. Giving players a tether-less option that allows them to walk around the world without getting lost would be better.
  21. Thanks, I saw this suggestion somewhere else, we never attached any seats to the shuttles, each player was using a small shuttle to travel from planet to planet, so this was not an issue in our case
  22. Try removing any seats you have attached to shuttles, there is a bug at the moment that is causing crashing for clients
  23. SES_Marc

    Multiplayer Issue w/ Large Shuttle

    This is caused by having seats attached to shuttles - remove them and you should be all set
  24. SES_Marc

    Game Crash on Joining Friend

    Remove any seats you have attached to any shuttles, this seems to be causing crashing for clients at the moment
  25. Remove any seats you have attached to any shuttles, this is causing crashing for clients at the moment - fix is coming with the next update!
  26. Hi All, Been playing this game on xbox (beta) on PC with 4 players and loving it, unfortunately, we have been having a consistent crashing bug in the game which is kind of game-breaking. Playing with 4 players, on the starter planet, Sylva, no issues at all, the game plays great. The first save game then started to constantly crash when we all went to Novus. This happened with only 2 out of the 4 players playing though, the host had no issue, and one of the other players had no issues either. The crash involved a quick stall on screen and then a crash to desktop with no message explaining what took place. Players could rejoin, some time would crash again immediately, or would be fine for a variable time, 1-20 minutes. Finally, in that save we ended up with a player crashing after they launched from Novus to go back to Sylva, then after trying many different ways we could not figure out a way for them to rejoin again, just kept on erroring when trying to join. So we had to start all over again. Second try, same thing, no issues whatsoever on Sylva, but this time when we all went to Desolo, 2 players starting random crashing again, again not the host. In addition in the second save we started with one of the other players hosting, in case that was the original issue, so it doesn't seem to be machine specific the crashing, and we found the same pattern of constant random crashing to desktop. We all got back to Sylva and stopped playing but its kind of wrecking a really enjoyable game, to the point that I think we won't/can't play further until this is resolved. Please help
  27. У меня есть идея по технологиям, вот в игре есть малый генератор и средний, а большого нет, есть малая и средняя ветротурбина, а большой нет, есть малый и средний контейнер, а большого нет, есть только малый кислородный бак, а среднего и большого нет. Понимаете к чему я веду? Было бы интересно увидеть ещё больше технологий, а то их как-то мало. А ещё было бы не плохо если бы в огромном шредере ( в том, который делается на большом принтере ) можно было бы разобрать шатлы, а то я сделал самый большой шатл и мне мешают малый и средний шатл и вообще в шредере можно было бы разобрать любой транспорт, а то я уже на большом планетоходе езжу, а средний планетоход и трактор некуда девать. А вообще игра отличная, планет много, обилие ресурсов, классная музыка, играю в astroneer с большим удовольствием, желаю удачи разработчикам и жду новых обновлений.
  28. We've all tried being the host but after we get the large shuttle, the game crashes for them and whenever they try to join, when they're loading, they crash. We've tried hosting the world with PCs and with our Xboxes but no matter what, the game starts crashing after a certain point. No matter how many people try to join, they all crash and it won't let them fully load at all. It gets almost to fully loaded and crashes.
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