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  2. Ok. Just have brought 2 games through Steam for PC. One for me and one for my son. My Pc operates windows 7. The game launches normaly up to start menu. Hoever sometimes freezes there, but sometimes will allow me to choose suit and will freeze once the pod is in flight. I have noticed that when i tap windows button the game is actually running smoothly in the "background" (doing this probably refreshes video) while music and all the noises are playing without any issues. I have verified and reinstalled game 10 times already and nothing. Maybe it is worth to mention that aprox year ago on that pc which i am using it now Astroneer runs smoothly wihout any issues on ultra specs, other games installed runs smoothly with no trouble at all. Help DxDiag.txt
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  4. delnai

    Multiplayer system crash in space

    Thanks for the tip! We played again today and practiced good social distancing by taking separate shuttles. That seemed to take care of the problem. And we unlocked Atrox
  5. I fixed my problem by making a ramp up to the upper chamber and powering it with the resources I still had sitting there. Now when I teleport to Surface Elevation 6 I arrive in the top chamber, but I can use either to leave.
  6. Daing12

    How to share your Astroneer crash report

    Any way to report crashes on PS4? Haven't had a crash yet, but in the event that it does happen, I'd just like to know how or if it's automatic.
  7. Daing12


    An update as of April 2nd, 2020, Still lags after a while of playing, audio slows, and is unplayable. After leaving and rejoining, as stated above, there is a 2-5 minute grace period where you can play without lag. Not sure if this is because of the amount of bundles we have or what. Still unfixed.
  8. Playing on XBOX One with software version I'm on Glacio trying to finish up all chambers. I powered up two chambers and could travel between them fine. When I powered up the third chamber I look at the Odd Stone and I see two Bright Nodes (Surface Elevations 1 and 5), one Origin Node (Surface Elevation 6), and four Dim Nodes. When I travel to one of the first two powered nodes I only see one Bright Node and one Origin node, my third chamber (Surface Elevation 6) shows as a Dim Node. But the chamber is powered up, I can't re-power it so how am I going to get it to be a Bright Node to other chambers? I've reached a fourth node (I think it is Surface Elevation 2 since I just keep going West to the next chamber) but haven't powered it up yet so curious to see what happens there. I have gone to Interior Elevation but didn't power it up. I just noticed that there are two structures at Surface Elevation 6, one at the regular level that is powered up, and one higher combined into the top of the first that is dark.
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  10. UnlimitedTigers

    Gyro control on PS4

    The Dualshock 4 has a great gyroscope that is underutilized in most games. I think using the gyro to control at least the cursor in Astroneer would be a great feature. It’s a much faster and more accurate way to control the camera for aiming and cursor movement. It’s used in the system OS for typing on the keyboard and is also implemented in Paladins and Days Gone. There may be more games that I’m not aware of. Gyro on console should be the future for aiming. Edit: I’m brand new to the game. Just bought it last night.
  11. This thread has good detail. (That's why it's pinned)
  12. Brian Davis

    Transfer saves between Microsoft Store and Steam

    Wow...this is great info. How about going the other direction? Moving a Steam save game to Windows/Xbox Live app? Is it as "simple" as reversing the instructions a bit? Thanks!
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  14. I was playing with 3 friends in a multiplayer session and I wanted to show them the Fast Travel Node (which looks awesome btw). When they walked over to it however, their characters died before they could gaze at the odd stone. There appears to be a glitch where if the character walks over the slits in the floor, they repeatedly hurt themselves on the ground. Is there any chance this could be patched in the latest update?
  15. *backpack not backup sorry, it won't let me edit the comment to fix. Also I have a partial video of what happened but it's too big to post here so I uploaded it to my Google drive here's a link: Sorry it's not a very good video, xbox didn't record for as long as it was supposed to.
  16. I just had a similar problem on xbox, I had a small battery in my backup and when I got out of my large rover and walked away so the oxygen line cut my backpack and the small battery began to discharge I checked and nothing in my pack was capable of using up the batteries like that so I removed everything from my pack but it would still lose battery when I pit the small battery back in the pack they both started draining and recharging simultaneously so they basically remained at zero, I saved and quite and then reopened the save and everything is fine now.
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  17. SES_Marc

    Lunch error on WIN 10 PRO N

    Well your hardware seems fine, I don't quite know what's going on here. You mentioned you added the game to a firewall exception list, have you tried disabling your antivirus all together? I know that in the past anti virus has caused crashes - you shouldn't have to touch Windows Defender though. If that doesn't help, can you perform a clean boot and try to run Astroneer? That'll tell us if it's some software in the background getting in the way:
  18. Igoooor

    Mine Carts and Rail System

    Ideas like trains, conveyor belts and rails come up quite often! The interesting part would be the details on how it should work, what are the costs etc...
  19. Torch-

    Two tiny quality of life features

    #1 - please add this. good grief this is a real pain in the hind parts.
  20. Mine carts and rail system for cave mining, deep mining, whatever. Build the track, lay the track, build the carts, make it automated. Mine and load a cart and send it back to base. Allow for a rocket to be attached and now we have created something amazing. Get in the mine cart and ride. Blow my mind!
  21. I've recently had very frequent crashes and freezes. When it crashes the game screen will freeze or go completely black. This freeze will completely lock my computer requiring me to reset it to get the system running again. I did try also running in Windowed mode in which the computer restarted itself and prompted the following error: video_tdr_failure I've emailed my most recent dump from steam and also a file with my system configuration. I was able to play quite a few hours over the weekend with minimal issues, I think only a single freeze late on Sunday. But they are extremely frequent at this point, sometimes immediate and sometimes after 5-10 minutes.
  22. tegirvaru

    Lunch error on WIN 10 PRO N

    same issue. i played before the 1.10.9 update and now it just crashes after the "loading solar system" screen. i have uninstalled and reinstalled and cleared all files related to the game in between installs. i dont even see any related topics to this but cant be the only person. DxDiag.txt
  23. Michael Barber

    Update 1.10.9 - March 10, 2020

    My brother went on my acc and enabled creative and i cant get trophies. Plz i need this i almost beat it
  24. Repair rocket engines for 1 graphite, Mouse/keyboard Steam I hade 2 damaged engines (one use away from braking) I wanted to use one and packed the other engine up so it could fit in my inventory. when I was done on that planet I unpacked the engine and noticed that it was repaired. take a used engine, pack it together and unbox it, voila now you have a repaired engine for one graphite. This is an OP exploit allowing quick and easy travel for a natural resource that is easy to find and does not need a printer or a refined material. (no vid because my laptop will literally die)
  25. EDIT: with new save i can travel smoothly without problems when save is bigger and bigger, then it starts to glitch and sometimes close my game without crash report annoying as hell when you lost large shuttle with cargo, this need to be fixed
  26. drpeppercan

    Mild Spoiler - I lost my little Sputnik in space :(

    Apparently this has been tried and with the same results LOL
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