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  3. Caffeine Kitty - Steam for PC - Saved Game file disappeared

    My bad. PC booted from alternate SSD and I hadn't noticed. All fixed when I fixed this. Please delete this thread when you can. Thank you.
  4. Summary: Went to play today and yesterday's save file is gone. Description: I've looked in the save file folder and only "PersistentLocalPlayerData.savecfg" is in the folder now. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | Version 10.0.18363 | Build 18363 CPU: Intel i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz, 4201 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB RAM: G.SKILL Aegis 2x16GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200) Drive: Western Digital 6TB (not the same drive as save game location)
  5. I have finished all 3 stages of the B.O.O. update but didn't receive my PUM-KN Shelter. I was playing on multiplayer (I was host) for most of the last part but my friend had completed it quite a few sends before I did. When I open the EXO Request platform I only find that I need to send more items for a care package. I'm including images of EXO platform, first 2 items acquired and my research catalog. Playing on PC - Steam
  6. Darknessblock

    Items disappear in multiplayer

    My friend is hosting a server and everytime I enter I lost digger mods, but now my character is resetting, spawning at Sylva without any item, my character just reset without reason I'm going crazy with this and I can't take this bug anymore, so that's why I'm reporting. If someone already reported this bug, I'm sorry
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  8. WestCoastSunset

    Resources Glitching Out of Existence

    Using the terrain tool to level out the base. I watched a medium storage with an RTG on it, fall right into the ground I had just used the terrain tool on. It's strange in that it fell as though it was teetering on the edge of a cliff, but it was all solid ground in appearence. I tried digging right where the medium storage was. I went down to the limit of the Terrain Tools's digging range, and all I found was green terrain. Solid ground isn't so solid I guess. I'm beginning to think the terrain tool, when using the ctrl key, just levels the top of the ground, and creates holes that cannot be seen when you go over the ground to flatten it out. Astroneer version:
  9. StickBot

    Bug Report

    If its on and then you unplug it and put it in your Large Rover it will suck power from your rover and not let you turn it off
  10. WestCoastSunset

    Tractor falling into non-existent holes

    I've had this happen with other items, not just vehicles. I was just about to go to another planet. I just printed my solid fuel rocket and put it down and it disappeared.
  11. WestCoastSunset

    Resources Glitching Out of Existence

    Me too. The resources fall right into solid ground! I've seen this with my own eyes. Lenovo y510p win8.1 16 gigs ram, gt750m Nvidia card.
  12. I've had this issue myself, if you try and drill underground and hit a cave, you will fall a little, then you will hang if you have any kind of a trailer. Trying to go back up is impossible. What I've done a few times with various levels of success is get out of the vehicle to clear the blockage (usually something blocking a wheel of any trailer) with your terrain tool. But it's impossible to go back up. This makes the drill basically unusable on any vehicle. It WOULD have been a great way to gather soil, it's just that you usually wind up in a cave, because you cant go up. It's all related to camera angle. If you are just standing on your own in an open field and don't touch the controls, the camera angle will move up or down on it's own, almost as if there is a counterweight on the other end of an invisible rod you are attached to.
  13. Playing on on ideapad y510p win81, 16 gigs ram, gt750m nvidia card. Sometimes, items fall right through the ground. This particular piece of ground was created using the terrain tool using the control key. I've lost a medium storage and a solid fuel thruster due to this bug. The medium storage I watched fall through the ground.
  14. Iracuse

    Steam Cloud Save

    Hello ! I Follow the developpement of the game since the first beta, I buy it on steam but I can't enjoy playing it because I have 2 PC and I can't have the same save on the 2. Question : is it a possibilites to add the steam cloud save ?
  15. vanclemen4

    Game is unplayable. v 0.4.10215.0 Steam.

    Its just made a Screen glitch i cant get the picture of it i just want to stop this thread
  16. i’ve been on a nitrado server for about 20 days now. I initially started having trouble logging in about two weeks i to having the server. the folks at nitrado moved me to a new server, when that didn’t work they loved me from Miami to New York to see if results might better. they are not. We’ve run a tracert on the connection from my PC to the server and there are no issues. I’m not able to run a tracert from the xbox. im currently running astroneer on vanilla Xbox One, using standard nitrado server for astroneer and there are typically only two players in the game. when i choose t log onto the server the loading continues but at the point where i can begin to hear the objects around me i get “lost connection to host” over and over and over. and then it will work for a day. im on latest version as of today, whatever that is. is there any insight that i can get on how to fix this because i love this game but I can’t keep fighting with this sever stuff.
  17. hi, when i try to start the game i get an error saying "the global shader cache file 'C: / Program Files (x86) /Steam/steamapps/common/ASTRONEER/Engine/GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM4.bin' is missing" I bought the game yesterday and I wish I could play it
  18. rommel1453

    automation ideas

    good idea
  19. Basically, I have just spent the last 30-60 mins collecting a ton of organic and compound on Calidor. I dug a very small dent next to my shuttle to keep it in, because I landed next to a cave, and I didn't want them to accidentally get knocked in. I leave to get some resin, just a little bit out of the loading zone, and when I come back, most of it has disappeared! There is still some there, but for example, I had probably 10-15 compound, and there was only one left. I tried digging down, to see if maybe there was a cave underneath that they glitched into, but it was just solid ground for awhile. I looked around the general area and could not find them anywhere. I have no idea where they went! I have spent some time on Sylva and Desolo before this, doing the same tactic, but have never had this problem before. I do usually play with one other person, but they were not online at this time, so there was no one else in the server at the time this happened. I play on Steam with a mouse and keyboard. Hopefully this helps.
  20. JohnnyZerg

    automation ideas

    Nice, as proposed by other people, they could add a blacklist filter, and I also add a priority filter that allows the auto-arm to take the object in priority over the others.
  21. rommel1453

    automation ideas

    First İ tnx to devolopers for automating updates. Makes game more fun . Can you add filter to auto arms that filter more than one item (4-8) . or module like storage mod that adds more filter. can you add a printer that prints backager, tnt, fireworks ect( add them to small printer ) so we can mass produce them. tnk.
  22. OK Gang I haven't seen anything on this I figured that I would start a thread. I am testing it on SYLVA and then will move to other planets. I am seeing that if I start from the middle of one of a portals triangle sides and go at a 90deg angle (perpendicular) you will eventually come to another portal. Of course it Really helps if you have a rig set up with a Paver and a Drill Strength 3 borer. If you hold to a straight course you will be pretty much spot on. Try it for yourself and let me know.
  23. JohnnyZerg

    Change the resource canister

    That's right, we're proposing the same idea by speaking in different ways. The input mode, which will be the main mode, in addition to sucking up the resources, must also give access to the resource and allow to pay / give the resources only where it is required (forms, printers, autoarm). The output mode is for emptying the canister only. Please developers apply these changes, the game could only benefit from them and I think many players will agree with this change.
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  25. mcogman

    Stuck in space.

    So, my rocket ship fell into the sun, then I went to try to save it and got myself stuck in space. .... how did this happen? Thanks for asking, first I'm on PC using windows and doing this via Steam. Second, a bit spoiler, but on the giant purple platform where you put in the purple triangle things - I tried to move my ship around, and it flung itself outside of the border of that "world" - the red wall that you as a human can not cross can be crossed by objects, including your rocket. After yeeting my rocket off it landed itself into the sun. So I got myself a chair, now granted this was a bad idea, but I wanted my darn rocketship back, so I tossed the chair over the edge, then just pressed F and warped myself into my chair. Now I am also out of the boundary of this planet and can go find my rocket... well kind of I am now walking/falling though space with planets and its very weird movement. Because, I most likely, should not be here. Well I run out of O2 and respawn in my rocketship. Yay! ... but its in space. Also I am in space. Outside of my rocketship. Oh. ... ooops. So I hit launch! ... and now I'm orbiting... nothing. Oh. So I launch again and now I'm nowhere. I am no longer in existanse and the game refuses to do anything other then let me quit. The only way out was to respawn in my rocket and then do the return to shelter option. I'm now back on land, but I know that in space my rocket ship is out there, taunting me. Pictures 1: this is a dupe of the last picture where I can not save the same, only exist -- oops. Even my picture is glitched! 2: I'm in spaceeeee. 3: In the rocket, in space, ready to launch? 4: I launched and am now in orbit around nothing. 5: I launched into nothing. 6: I must exit without saving. --------- So... yeah this is a bit of an odd one that all started because of the glitch of being able to toss/move things outside of a boundary on the purple circle portal place thing.
  26. Rock5

    Change the resource canister

    I didn't find anything when I did a search. I probably didn't search properly. I still like my post because it make a suggestion for a small easy change, pretty much just using the functionality that already exists, to fix it. Although it's probably too long. Let's face it, when do you ever need the resource canisters to spill out to all storage?The only thing I can think of is when you want to empty the canister. All other times you just want the resource to sit in the output slot ready to be used.
  27. It’s annoying that a large rover can pull 3 loaded large rovers but also can only pull 3 loaded medium rovers it’s engine is Obviously more powerful than the medium rovers as a medium rover can only pull 1 large rover so can you fix that it would make way more since Good idea sorry I didn’t think this would happen
  28. Personally I think the game is amazing and love it but imagine if you could build your own space station like another class for it astroneer already has orbital features like when your in a rocket for example. It would make since to require thrusters to keep it in the sky so you would need fuel right the bigger question is i don’t know what it could be used for maybe power generation or something? But it would be a great feature so maybe you could help me think of an idea because I don’t know what it could be used as and on the topic of it maybe the devs could add more solar systems like instead of beating the full game when you pass through the gate maybe that could be the end of the main story and the beginning of your journey through other solar systems like when you activate that one and go through it you come back to the same place because there isn’t another one active and it didn’t close it just stays open and you could build a space ship to go to other solar systems or is that asking for to much.
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