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  2. I'd hate to say it but, so true I don't have anything against the moderators but...
  3. I just want to express my gratitude and appreciation to you for doing what the forum owners and moderators should be doing themselves...
  4. Blind Io

    Xbox disc issues.

    Play Anywhere only applies to digital copies bought from the Microsoft Store. This is standard.
  5. zombie king

    Xbox disc issues.

    I bought the game disc for Xbox, won't transfer onto my pc why won't it work?
  6. Oops, wrong category, I've moved it.
  7. Yesterday
  8. This compound is bugged in my backpack, you can´t do anything witch it, it just takes up space in my backpack... Please help me!!
  9. Death Major

    Crashing issue

    I did that like 5 times. I hard resetted my xbox 7 times. I think its because i have a gigantic base, the game has a big problem with it saving all the assets i have then it crashes %95 of the time. I thank you for your help.
  10. EmeraldGamerr

    Ping: Art Department

    Also, if someone is still listening, a little motion blur wouldn't hurt😉
  11. james rush

    Game save crash

    So, I have a save game where I'm trying to get all the achievements, and the last two i have is to get the wanderer probes, and to activate all of the gateway engines. I'm on vesania with just about all of the engines finished, and everytime I either save the game by getting into a seat or my rocket the game boots me to the xbox menu. My thought was that I have done so much that the game is having trouble handling the amount I have done to each planet, but that's just my theory. I hope it can get fixed soon.
  12. Western Gaming

    Crashing issue

    did you reinstall the game because some times you have to do that it did the same to me but i uninstalled it then reinstalled it . and that bug stopped for me
  13. Lol, its unfortunately true, see more about hats here -
  14. Started a new game then saved. Now most of the time it won't even load to the menu. DxDiag.txt
  15. ItsTopher

    Small Solar Head Detached From Body

    These are medium batteries. The ones on the left have been here on Sylia and the one I placed on the end (right side) is the one I traveled to other planets with back and forth. I believe the detachment of the power from the battery is linked to travel in the space ship, but I don't know if it is one ship or another or all of them.
  16. Death Major

    Crashing issue

    Hello i need help and or of assistance. I was just going to bring to your attention that i play Astroneer on xbox and every single time i save via vehicle, shelter, and or any shuttle, the game has a 75 /15% chance it'll crash without saving via the 75% chance it crashes. I know i am not the only one experiencing this long over due issue and I'm sure other people gets extremely frustrated the they play Astroneer for 5-8 hours and get into some sort of vehicle to either save or just to go to the other side of a Mountain or planet they are on. I only been playing for a couple of months and this recent update xbox players got including my self, started noticing the saving issue Astroneer has now, i played before this recent update and there were very little issues with crashing without saving. I just wanted to bring that to anyone's attention that may be able to help me and or someone els if they are having the sane issue as I am. I do apologize for not using the correct format or punctuation. Please get back with me so i know what's going on with Astroneer. Thank you for your time
  17. Last week
  18. On a trip from Sylva to Desolo, I made an error and flew back to Sylva before I landed and then headed back to Desolo for a second time without landing. The solid-fuel thruster allowed me to do this, but then stranded me on Desolo as I had not visited yet and the thruster broke. So I went Sylva -> Desolo -(without landing)-> Sylva -(without landing)-> Desolo -> A bad time I believe this is a bug since the solid-fuel thruster is supposed to make 1 round trip but allowed 3 paths.
  19. hee, communication with SES guys reminds me of conversation between blind and deaf: players: "what about multiplayer lags, crashes and saves corruption?" SES: "we have new hats!"
  20. Ok so I can't edit my own post. Ok well intentional double posting I guess. fix found for our issue.. go here %localappdata%\astro\saved delete everything but your SaveGames -edited cuz.. this is more accurate apparently.
  21. While I was charging a gate on atrox,i stood in the middle and connected a cable.When the triangles rose ,I got stuck inside them ,perma-locking my dead body without being able to recover my stuff. i don't have a screenshot of it
  22. So I am back, with new leeks Not the trade platform, it is something else - Hats, yes our nightmares are coming true - @The Touch of Grey Gamer
  23. Larry Kelbaugh Jr.

    Atmospheric containers refillable!?

    As long as you don't completely empty the atmosphere containers, you can refill them!!!
  24. djcad2017


    Saves are totally broken. Can’t make any progress without game crashing when trying to Save.
  25. I've been getting this too and more than just one type has multiplied and some that I've been to before.
  26. When you activate the motion sensors on special platforms about the only thing you can do is set off fireworks or lights. It would be nice to have ..... New item: Recreational Printer. Any motion activated item (hoops, Goals, gates) are moved to this printer only. Printer has an attach slot for a Color Anylizer. Printed items are now the attached color (or neutral if none was attached.) Passing a motion detector will now generate a "hit" pulse of that color on the attached power cables. New Item Recreational Score Board. Will count up in the color connected once for each hit. A neutral hit on the scoreboard will reset to zero. New item Ball release - Releases a new ball when triggered. New item Ball trigger - triggers something when pressed. - Like doors or generators or TNT. Players can be colored by equipping a Color Anylizer Buggies can be colored by a Color Anylizer Only team color can use. so. Passing a neutral ball through a colored hoop will generate a colored hit. Passing a colored ball through a neutral hoop will generate a colored hit. Passing a colored ball through a matching hoop will generate a colored hit. Passing a neutral ball through a neutral hoop will clear a score. Substitute ball for player, buggy etc. Substitute hoop for goal gate etc.
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