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  3. bstewart

    Scrap LTE Numbers?????

    Just wondering how important the Scrap LTE was point wise, havn't seen or heard anything. Guess it wasn't worth working on?????? Oh well, Astroneer 2.0 Till then....
  4. But before going into this, just know you have to have a public facing IP. ( You cant be NATed) This is when your ISP uses a single public IP to service multiple customers via their own private IP space and some Network Address Translation. Your router does this too. You get one IP from the internet, and connect it to many things on a private network via routing. YAY! except if your ISP is al readying doing this. How can you Check if your behind a NAT? 1. Google "whats my IP" 2. Login to your router 2a. open cmd ipconfig /all find the gateway address and paste the IP into a web browser. (google default login credentials for your router brand) 3. Change your Routers Default Password #security 4. go to IP settings, might be advanced internet settings who knowns. 5. Some place in your router, you should see what IP your ISP is handing you. (Not your local network, Defiantly wont begin with 192.X.X.X ) Did they match? No: You are behind a NAT. Your options slimm down. Nitro or things get complicated for now. They might make online but local servers possible soon. Yes: Google Port Forwarding and be sure to forward the port to choose in the engine.ini file mentioned in the guide. It should also be UDP traffic when it asks UDP/TCP INTERNET > Router [Traffic on port X] > TO IP_OF_LOCAL_SERVER
  5. Ah I see. Sorry about the late response. You do have a public (non NATTed) IP address right? Have you done port forwarding on your router? 1. Identify Folder that will hold the astronner server. This will be a path from the root of your drive and this is called c:\. Might look like for your astroserver depeneding on how you want to set this up. C:\users\znopp\Desktop\MyAstroServer 2. Copy the following text into a notepad file called "launch.bat" and save in your server directory. This should create a batch file that windows will process through the cmd interpreter shell thing. Note: This may create a launch.bat.txt file, which is not what you want. set x_install="C:\myserv" set x_steamuser="mysteamusernmame" #install astronner dedacated server steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir %x_install% +app_update 72840 + quit #The guide does not tell you, but this seems to be a required dependency. #also requires you to login to download (should only need this portion once) steamcmd +login %x_steamuser% +force_install_dir %x_install% +app_update 228980 +quit #run astronner dedicated server steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir %x_install% +app_run 728470 1 -log +quit 3. Update the variables at the top of the file, these represent your server directory, and your steam username. 4. in a Command Prompt, Run steamcmd +login YOUR_STEAM_USER +quit This should prompt you for your steam password and ask you to login via email or whatever to authenticate yourself to steam. steamcmd is a super thin steam client after all. 5. Launch launch.bat
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hi, I recently unlocked Vesenia's core and put its puzzle key thing into the trippy cosmos "origin" where all of the planets pieces go but I lost my internet during this and completed it offline. I've restarted the game and relogged into steam but it seems like I can't get the game to detect that I've completed this. Is there any trick to getting it to retrigger? Flying back to Sylva didn't work either. For context, I'm only missing Glacio and Atrox before collecting all of the keys. Thanks!
  8. Sammo4

    Bug Reports:

    Two bugs I've noticed: When you have storage on top of a Auto Extractor and reload the game, the extractor won't restart mining unless you remove and replace the storage. The backpack, when opened, occasionally massively glitches the "production" slot holographic, moving it around violently until I switch it to another item with the arrows.
  9. Dub69

    Thoughts on Automation

    I'd also like to see a comprehensive guide on how the carious components work for automation. And why can't you use a large resource container for the auto extractor? Seems like that would be an obvious choice. One thing that really bugs me is that every time I walk about the auto-arm I have with empty slots on my backpack, it fills it up with Hydrogen canisters from my nearby storage? How do you avoid that from happening, barring staying aware from the arm with open backpack slots?
  10. I have multiple extra large storages and old small and medium shuttles that I want to get rid of, but the extra large shredder doesn't do that. I feel like the EL shredder should be able to or there should be a way to breakdown the old items.
  11. Same issue here. Tried already other options like deleting movies, game integrity and reainstall, nothing helped.
  12. I have the same issue but i can even see the tree, the game freeze and quits when i got half of the loading.
  13. 1hunterofshadows

    Crashes On Entering A Save

    my iron has disappeared and the only thing left is the broken scrap all because I reopened my game please fix this here is a screenshot I have fixed the trading platform while writing this but I still haven't fixed the container so if you can make partial items disappear or be able to be picked up please so I can remove the scrap from the container and also fix the extra large shredder
  14. 1hunterofshadows

    Crashes On Entering A Save

    I found the problem when I run my extra large shredder as soon as it shreds a solar panel I put in it the game crashes also now I have a problem with the auto arm due to it taking a small unfinished piece of scrap in the trade platform from a medium resource container making them unusable please fix this when I try to use the trading platform all but the broken scrap falls off and when I try to dispense my iron from the container the scrap blocks it and wont come out now I have a broken extra large shredder, broken medium resource container, and a broken trading platform now this wouldn't be a problem if I didn't need these items but I need my trading platform to make most of the items in game so this is a big problem for me and my resource container is full of iron that I can no longer use so this makes me have to go get iron from different planets but I don't want to waste my fuel so if this bug is fixed that would be a great help
  15. I, too, got this achievement too without a multiplayer session. I also just now got "Journey to the Center of the Thing" in single player.
  16. Just recently logged into my account and all my save date was gone from my XBOX account for Astroneer. Any suggestions as to how I can retrieve it? Do the developers have a backup server they can reference via my gamertag GQontheEQ?
  17. At this point I have destroyed every chem lab I created and the game seems to be running smoother. I am unsure why this occurred
  18. I created a large base on Sylva with alot of automation, about 12 chem labs and a whole lot of large containers and other fun things. At first the game would crash every so often and then it started crashing every few minutes, and now it wont even load into the server. I have had the admin reboot the server and am going to see if this helps.
  19. Boppy_The_Gallant

    medium shredder bug

    I tried putting some power cells in my medium shredder (Because why not?), and now they are stuck there for ever and ever. not sure if other items will get stuck, but power cells sure do.
  20. I've had Astroneer for around a month, and have played around 20 hours on the same saved game. After I updated to the most recent update, it still ran fine, but after saving my world and logging off the second time after the update, I came back and my save file had been reduced to the size of 1 KB and I could not load it, rename it, duplicate it, or generally interact with it. I've made other save files since then and none of them have had any issues similar to this. I did not close the game prematurely before saving, I'm certain of that. I'd like to know if there's any way for me to fix my world and gain my 20 or so hours of progress back. I've restarted the game, uninstalled and reinstalled, scanned and repaired files, and restarted my computer multiple times. Any suggestions or fixes would be greatly appreciated.
  21. syterth

    Resource Canister Improvement

  22. syterth

    Thoughts on Automation

    So this is partly my thoughts, and partly a cry for help. Here's the help part: I do not understand how to get the three sensors to work. I haven't had any success. The sensors are not intuitive, and the bits of instruction given have not offered me any assistance whatsoever. So if anyone would give me a tutorial on how they work, that would be amazing. Given that, the sensors need another pass. They need to operate in such a way that you read what they do and they then work appropriately. Now, on to my thoughts. Since I can't get the sensors to work, they aren't worth my time. I like the auto arm, especially with the soil centrifuge. It allows me to pump out materials quickly with little to no effort in moving things around to allow for space. Hopefully I can get the storage sensor to work, because then I can get my hydrazine factory rolling. That's the most I'll really do for automation, honestly. Nothing else in this game really requires it as things currently stand. I just built my first autoextractor, and everything is going well. I enjoy this machine. I started a fresh game to try out automation. I've been to Desolo and Glacio only so far, and that's plenty to get the autoextractor. It feels like the correct level of technology. It also encourages me to reach out to different places with a little bit of infrastructure so I can power an extractor. It all seems good to me so far. The best addition to the game, hands down, is the storage containers. They are absolutely amazing. I carry one to wherever I need to be, set it down, and get to harvesting. In no time, I've filled it up with whichever resource I need, and I'm off to resume crafting and exploring and etc. I haven't tried every small item, but I think the storage container needs to be able to hold more things. Or another type of storage should be made available. Why can't I stash lots of packaged research into a container? That would make exploration runs even more feasible. A gas storage container would make sense to me. I really like that the research chamber stays ON always now. It's a very minor change, but I like it. The next thing I'd like to see are queues added. So with the soil centrifuge, as an example, set up an order: Resin, Graphite, Compound. Then, assuming there is enough soil to fill the centrifuge each time, the machine will work until the queue is done or it runs out of soil. Likewise, I think the chemistry lab and even the various printers could all work similarly. That is some automation I could really get behind. Then you can set your base up to craft while you run off to collect more research or resources or whatever.
  23. @Hatz Please explain a bit further. I have now downloaded steamcmd and logged in as admin, the steamcmd folder is on my desktop. How do I proceed? Kindly, znopp
  24. Innuen Doe

    More beacons, with icons

    the color chose is fine, but if we can chose the icon on the beacon, for exemple by having specific beacons to craft, that could be helpful. please. thanks you.
  25. And if by miracle it can be a bar on the top of the screen with the beacons directions that would be awesome. please. thanks you.
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