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  2. now that sony i believe said its now going to be up to the devs to cross platform but from what i remember reading they said they will open it up. any words from ses about if they will allow ps4 to pc?>
  3. Actually plants don't attack us when we are in rovers.
  4. Yesterday

    Xbox crashes as soon as I enter vehicle

    Its done for. Quit and unistall. Ive been trying to revive my game for a month now and all they can tell me is that the save file is too large. Ive literally only played it for an hour a day for maybe a month. Its not meant for xbox and they are too busy making addons to fix the existing problem. You can email them but they will give you the run around for a long time until you just give up.
  6. deus777

    Astroneer Crash

    Astroneer crashed for the third time on me today. I don't think I had crashes in the past, only recently. I sent the Logs folder and DXDiag output to the support email as requested. In all of the cases where the game has crashed, I am not doing anything unusual - I am in my base, moving around when the game freezes and the sound starts repeating. After a few seconds, the game crashes back to my desktop.
  7. Spyrø

    Save File Won't Load? Any Idea What To Do?

    same like me, i tried to load my save file several time and the game keep crashing (force close) idk why this happen, it works 1 month ago but now it always force close.. that sucks
  8. How does one turn off the pop up window bar when mousing over the top edge of the screen and the pop up task bar when mousing over the bottom edge. tt really messes with gameplay. Can we get a proper full screen mode for the windows store version.
  9. Platform: Xbox Problem: When I finished the main story and placed the last special puzzle piece into place to trigger the ending cutscene, everything went as it should, that is until it ended. I saw the credits, thanked Paul, and then I was back at the menu, seemingly by design. However, upon loading my save, I realized it doesn't save prior or after the cutscene, so I lost the last 4 hours of progress composed of farming a ton of ammonium, digging the entire tunnel from the surface to the core of Glacio, getting the puzzle pieces needed, and finishing the game. Background: Nothing special or out of the ordinary was happening, I didn't even have any research going or anything else going on. I was simply just trying to enjoy the game. Note: This is incredibly demotivating. I did get the galaxy skin and palette unlock thankfully, but losing that much progress because I was attempting to play the game as it was designed was and still is deeply upsetting.
  10. Platform: Xbox Problem: Found all of the probes and attached a scanner to each, they all did the little ripple in space-time thing, but for some reason Sylva and Atrox palettes remain locked, and thus the achievement and suit for scanning all of the probes have also remained locked. Background: Doubtful this has any relevance to the problem but maybe it helps. I went for Sylva probe first, then Atrox was either second or third. Either way, this all occurred a few days ago now, and I have rebooted the game numerous times but the problem still persists. Furthermore, I tried using the probe scanner to relocate and maybe reattach it to the probes on Sylva and Atrox, but the scanner just acts as if there are no probes to be found, so that's a dead end for me too. Also I had not finished the core story with the gateways at the time of finding all of the probes.
  11. Im suggesting this because sometimes when making a base its hard to make walls out of soil so it would be easier if i could make the walls wait printers and connect they to get a bigger base
  12. thebloxxer11

    Shuts computer off if I don't save often

    Huh. Now see if it's a temperature problem, as it shuts down if the temperature gets too high.
  13. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Jetpack/Portable Oxygenator

    1-2-3 thanks for the explanation(s). This is why I ask questions 4. I will never use creative mode. It is just not for me. First, I'm not that creative. Second, after playing the same save game for as long as I have, I'm pretty much in God mode anyway. 5. Everything I encourage is always "optional". I love player options. The ability for everyone to play the game they way they want/like. I think this game sets itself up perfectly for this type of gameplay. I wish we had more player options but sadly we do not.
  14. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    electric bike

  15. Mirosya

    The business model behind Astroneer?

    What kind of business model can we talk about if the game is unfinished, not a release and really does not work? P.S. Of course, you can learn from the experience of Chris Roberts and his long-term construction "Star Citizen" - to make a game forever, to collect money for it forever and sell existing boats in your dreams for a lot of money. But in this case, let the developers be ready for spoiled karma for life - the phrase "I participated in the development of Astroneer" will be a curse.
  16. Simple question: how are the devs supposed to make money of the game? as far as i can see it there's just the option to buy a copy of the game... and the soundtrack and that's it... the reason why i ask is that there is a simple correlation between making new content and the developing company having a stable income. sure Astroneer is now expanding to other platforms which will certainly bring in some new players but what comes after? we can only expect continuous updates for the game as long as there is a benefit for the devs as well. now i do like the game enough to want it being developed further, so i would support the game financially by buying stuff - well, if there was anything to buy i could be remotely interested in. so maybe let's discuss the options which would be viable and maybe find the most support. there's obviously bigger payed DLC with new adventures, planets and other content. great for single player games but the downside is that players that don't buy it won't have access to it which makes it inherently problematic for muliplayer. but yeah, if it's a really big extension it might be an acceptable trade off. The classic: Astroneer 2 - i.e. make a new game. practically - unless reworking the engine - often just a DLC with less compatibility. meh, in the age od DLC its almost outdated unless of course fundamentally rewriting core aspects of the game. nothing i would want Astroneer to do for now. mictrotransactions in the wider sense. could work with Astroneer by being able to buy new visuals for our astronaut. could be extended to allow alternative skins/visuals for vehicles and other stuff and perhaps might include some 'recreational items' that only players that bought the corresponding package can build (but all can use it). that kind of content would be quite along what Space Engineers has done and which was generally well received. if there was a minor visual DLC with 1-5 new suits plus a few special palettes/skins priced for less then 10€ i would immediately buy it, that's for sure. what are your thoughts on this? how would you see the game develop in the future?
  17. Flyingcrowbar

    If Glacio has low sunlight why is it so bright?

    Low solar, low wind, difficult terrain, and killer plants thrown in just to make things interesting. How can you go wrong with a combination like that, lets start counting......
  18. Killtech

    Jetpack/Portable Oxygenator

    multiple reason i can think of: overpowered items that flatly replace all energy items for one. i prefer a balanced approach the game encouraging me to build all the stuff there is rather then obsoleting stuff. god mod exploration obsoleting most game mechanics with near unlimited energy + oxygen (from generator). obsoleting two fundamental survival mechanics is a bad idea. it's great for creative gameplay, sure but terrible for a survival mode. with this setup jetpacks could also make even vehicles obsolete as a plain better means to get around and transport stuff... jetpacks seem to use a rocket propulsion system so no reason why they would generate electric energy realistically. can't you just wait a little until creative mode will become available? sometimes you terrify me by encouraging stuff that would make the game unpleasant and boring for me.
  19. Mirosya

    electric bike

    Now in a network game, a bug with an unremovable land landscape is very often observed. In this regard, it can be very difficult to travel on four-wheeled vehicles and I would like to have an option in reserve for something like an electric scooter. Like this one.Ahead slot for headlights and rear slot for beacon. And of course the opportunity to ride together!
  20. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Research Pods

    Or you can make a junk yard like I did. It has some broken generators, some good and broken wind turbines, a broke shuttle, a couple of seats, maybe a vehicle or two... Big packers. Or is it packages? Some small ones and one of those small boxes in the pile of small boxes is a packaged beachball! You can just see a bit of my bases battery backup system Yeah that's not my junkyard! This, this is my junkyard! Well most of it. Foreground is broken wind turbines. I just started collecting these so I don't have many maybe 70? Just after that is teh seats. Some new but most broken. I'm going to say about 150 of them? Beyond the seats are vehicles which I have to package for transport. I would say I have between 70 - 80 of them Shuttles are more difficult for me to find. I might have only 30 of them Tires are one of my favorites to collect as I'm hoping to one day be able to recreate the "Springfield tire fire" I think I have about 125 of them Broken solar panels I too just started collecting. Like broken wind turbines they are not so sexy to me so I never collected them before. Maybe I have 25 of them? In addition I have other things that are in the junkyard but they are too numerous and few in number to mention, at this time
  21. Killtech

    Research Pods

    @The Touch of Grey Gamer uh, that's an impressive collection i have to admit. the dice research items lay around my base on Glacio so guess i found them in the deep caves there. they are valued at 12,111 bytes, so by far the most precious item in the "technology" category. however they should be also deep on Atrox as well because the research helps always yield items depending on the 'difficulty' of the biome you're in - that is planet surface being the easiest one but offset by planet 'difficulty' and the deeper you go the better you get.
  22. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Research Pods

    No I've not found it yet! I needs it big time! Where did you find it? Also I collect seeds and such The green ones that I only have four of are extremely difficult to find. What you can't see on all those storages way off in the distance is they are all filled with scrap. I think I have just a little over 1k scrap I like the orange/red ones as well very artistic. The greens are cool as well. I think I have at least one each of what I call pretzel seeds. Well, as you can see, my collection is expanding. There is a black and orange one, not pictured, that looks cool. I'm not 100% sure but I think some of these may change colors? Not the seeds in the foreground but the 'push pins' and such I wish SES would produce some stats/facts/pics about all of these. Many of them are really beautiful and very artistic. I also wish I had some type of inventory log I could look at so I would know if I have a seed, organic, mineral, etc. collected or not. Some seeds are broken, meaning they can't be researched any longer. I don't report it as a bug as I'm most likely the only one that would care as I'm most likely the only one that collects them. That collects them all!
  23. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Jetpack/Portable Oxygenator

    Well should/could they? Jetpacks are producing energy, yes? A battery supplies power to a backpack. A small wind turbine produces energy to replenish a backpack. Why not the jetpack? Maybe there is or are reasons why not?
  24. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Let me present to you one of the very first leeks for the next update

    First part: Stability improvements are A+ and a great job by the team. Thank you all! As far as racing, it will be a limited use item used by a limited number of players. We will see a few racing videos and then it will fade away never to be seen or heard from again. Horns: Worse than I thought. I thought they would be integrated into the vehicles but they are external? Why would I waste a slot? No SP player will use these. I suppose if I was 8 years old? I guess? Sadly another in the long list of items I will never use. Vehicle Rockets: Couldn't we do this before? In 2017? Ok, I can see someone doing this for 3, 5 minutes before it gets old? I think it is cool and all and neat and fun but I'm older than 8 so after a few minutes of playing a space exploration game, um yeah, I'm not using this. Oh but I can make it to the moon? Wow! I've never been there before!!! That just changed my opinion! Vehicle Drill View Improvements: YEAH! They don't sound like they are 100% flushed out but it sounds like it will be greatly improved soon! 1st person view: They said it can't be done. I'm fine with that. At least we know now and we can stop asking and more importantly when people that don't know and ask we can inform them Vehicle color changes: Many want this. Joe's response was great. Now we know just like with 1st person view. Now we can spread the word on the forum when others ask. Mod Support: Same as the two above. We now know the reasons why and why not. It is up to us to inform others Auto-feeding secondary storage: If ya'll came here to this forum you'd known this was a thing, or not a thing, day one. Interesting how they stated that they wanted to produce things that "drive people back to the game", gentlemen, we here have been telling you over and over again for years, you want people to come back and play? Stop the gimmicks! The chess, the hoop storage, the beachball soccer, the camera, the momentary diversions you think will produce the results you want. They will, temporarily, three hours? Five hours? Then, poof! The players are gone again. Just remember the reason we all purchased the game in the first place; space exploration. You are giving us eye candy trying to pass it off as substance. Eye candy may bring some people back to play the game momentarily they don't stay for it. We want substance. Additional resources. Additional equipment and machinery. Additional planets. Additional recipes, additional craftability. These are the things the only things that will bring people back to stay and play. Give me more of a PC game and less of an APP game This is not the full release, therefore this is not my full review.
  25. or they could also consider using the horn as a sound key for future content - one alien artifact you could stumble on that plays some sound (morse code) and another that seems to belong to the first one and is activated once replaying the same sound. i would find the horn the more interesting the more variety of meaningful interactions it has with the world.
  26. As i am leaning towards the survival aspects of the game it isn't content i will be using. making it a medium size item is however interesting. seems like an implicit admission from the devs that the printer menus are getting out of hand and spamming the backpack printer even more might be a bad idea. Then again it might be something worthwhile if they implement some kind of interaction between the horn and the environment - assuming the plants localize the player via acoustic vibrations they might get a tinnitus and become blind from the sound for a short time (i.e. not attacking the player). other than that the vehicles changes sound promising but i will have to check that out on actually rough terrain.
  27. Hi all, I've been playing a co-op game with a friend of mine for a few days now with no problems, however yesterday the game started to crash (shut itself unexpectedly with no warning) on my end (I'm the host) after we play for 5 minutes or so. It's also noticeably laggier for my friend. I can play in solo mode with no crashing at all. Is there a fix for this issue? Thank you!
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