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  3. corban.gilberd

    cant land on novus

    I've launched to novus all but two other planets. every time I attempt to land I get stuck in the landing process.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Yeah, the invisible objects have been a problem for a while now. I mostly encounter them in the center areas of the planets, which I find even worse since it's so floaty down there. A suggestion I can make for you(as a workaround), bring a vehicle of some type, they don't suffer that problem, and packagers. You can bring the Cauldrangeas home with you, as well as all the seeds needed to do the event. You don't need to do it on Atrox. Just grab the stuff and get out. After that the event takes about 6 hours to finish, especially if you automate part of it. But all in all, the mapping on all the planets other then the first, is and always has been horrible. I still remember the pre-release days... it was not fun back then either.
  6. Mirosya

    Do the devs even LOOK in the ideas section.

    Judging by the absolutely abandoned "Patch notes" branch, the developers have abandoned the forum and write mostly here Perhaps the studio is already busy with another project, and Astroneer has been sent on a free voyage. Therefore, they simply do not have time to introduce other people's ideas.
  7. Hello everyone, Purchased this game a while back when it was still in early access. After reading up on the updates of the game, i decided to have another go. However, after installing the game through steam, the game would not start. There will be a black screen and will immediately close down. Are there any fixes for this problem yet? Cheers.
  8. On PC through Steam. Currently on Atrox and have had 2 soil centrifuges completely lock up if the power is cut off during use. They will not produce anything, can't accept new soil, and moving them changes nothing. The first time was a power outage, the second was an accidental disconnect. I have tried restarting the whole game and also just reloading from the menu.
  9. Last week
  10. I finally got to Atrox for this event and have been struggling to even move here. Every few steps I get stuck on some invisible object I need to jump to get unstuck from or get past. I have no idea what is actually happening to cause this. I keep expecting to randomly fall through the map. Trying to play with a friend is bad in other ways as well, as they will randomly begin spazzing out on my screen, jiggling madly up and down for, again, no apparent reason. If I move, it seems to change this for some reason, sometimes stopping it, sometimes not. This also happens on their end when I join one of their games. At first it was once in a rare while, but now almost every second or third step sees me getting stuck on some invisible artifact and being unable to move unless I spend all my time jumping. This is an EXTREMELY hindering problem that makes it nearly impossible to play the game for any amount of time purely out of annoyance. If possible, I would appreciate a fix being put out and maybe the event being extended a little, as this problem has made trying to farm on Atrox very slow and tedious.
  11. simolomez

    Help me please

    please help me, I was stuck in the Vesiana planet with a shuttle without the solid-fuel thruster. How do I go back now?
  12. lawotty123

    Astroneer multiplayer issues

    no no one has replied too me
  13. Gina

    Ideas to improve beacons

    Changes to beacons would be very, very welcome. The game doesn't use much text, aside from tool tips, but there's a plethora of icons that I think would be pretty handy.
  14. Gina

    Bugs seen in server games

    Can you confirm what build number/version of the game you are on?
  15. Gina

    stuttering movement on novus

    This issue is known by the devs and something that's being worked on.
  16. Gina

    ...And Beyond suit and colour bug

    Sorry to hear that, @ProPlayerHRB2. If you haven't already done so, send an email to with these screen shots, which platform you play on, and your username on that platform and Marc will be able to help you out.
  17. Do the devs look in the ideas area like I never seen them add a idea so like what. tell me what you think.
  18. Killtech

    Dedicated Mining/Excavator vehicle

    Here is how it would look like if we additionally had a grappling arm for the crane (so you could move stuff around just like you can on foot - just with some more horse power to back it up. Meaning: grabbing XL sized objects won't stop a rover from still being able to move - unlike an Astroneer).
  19. Killtech

    Coal power - does it need a buff?

    Sure, I don't mind having a large generator, but how does it help the medium generator? if anything it would make it even more obsolete. Why even have it in the game if it doesn't have a use case? Theoretically it has it perks being medium sized module but as long as it keeps its unimpressive power output at the expense of an extreme coal consumption rate it just doesn't make sense at all.
  20. Hi, I've been playing self hosted server games, and have had the following issues: - about 30% of the time on connecting to the server, I've lost the drill mods attached to my drill. The rest of my backpack is usually fine. I did lose the entire contents once however. - The one gateway I've got open on Sylva keeps closing, and I have to keep going back to re-power it to re-open it. - I've had a medium rover 'magically' jump to outer space, re-appear in a core with me sitting in the driver's seat, then the game crashed. After re-connecting, I respawned back at normal start point, but still haven't found the rover I haven't opened all cores though, so it could be in another one than the planet I was on at the time. - On dying, I've had my hydrazine jetpack vanish from my backpack where I died - I've had several soil centrifuges get stuck and be unable to process more soil, no matter what base I put them on, etc... I've had to create a new centrifuge each time - When sliding fast down a ramp I've made to the core, the background has updated slower than my character's progression, and I have occasionally fallen off the ramp before it was instanciated. Other than that, it seems to work quite well!
  21. KOR_APUcard

    Wind Turbines

    It's already works. But you know, wind turbine is not always running because it's need wind. Astroneer's wind turbines too. Actually in Astroneer, it really exist a 'wind' but it doesn't always blow. So that's why sometimes wind turbine is work but not always.
  22. Yep... I just stated playing Astroneer this past week and noticed this. Then earlier today I was on the wiki and it actually said the correct value. Going based on the in game typo it seemed completely useless to get the large one.
  23. TacoMonster1212

    Wind Turbines

    I've just recently started playing Astroneer and am loving it, but one thing I feel would've been implemented by now is wind turbines should be on and producing power if they are connected to a vehicle and the vehicle is moving. I usually have 2 small wind turbines on my tractor/trailer setup and think about that all the time while exploring.
  24. I Was so exited to beat the game and get the ‘...And Beyond’ Achievement. But after i got the cut scene i looked in the customisation tab thingy and it still says its locked! I then proceed to beat the game again because that may work but no! Plz help
  25. Annnnd nevermind. We ran out of bytes. 😛
  26. Diantane

    Large Ammonium Mine

    7 Auto Extractors, 14 RTG's with only 3 Auto Arms and Large Resource Canisters on one bed of Ammonium. Also have other surface mines and a few down below (so far). s/?id=2268094263
  27. Our EXO Request Platform stopped working after we finished the first stage. The button was greyed out even though we loaded it with the Ataperol(sp) so we're stuck. I am the host. I did the first stage in a different game before these 3 players joined me and did stage 1 for themselves in our shared game.
  28. Martin Garzón

    EXO Request platform does not work

    Este bug se repitió en la nueva actualización de halloween, la plataforma de petición exo no me deja poner el biocombustible en los slots de carga, así que no puedo participar en el evento. Espero que arreglen esto antes de que termine el evento.
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