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  2. atfumbel

    Crashing before loading on Linux+Proton

    The stack trace says there was a symbol missing. However the game files did pass verification. That indicated to me that this may be an issue with Proton, however I've found Proton to work with several other games. Not sure what it going on, really
  3. Hello! Currently the game crashed for me after loading the splash screen. Shortly after the splash screen closes, and I expect to see a loading bar or logo, Steam indicates the game is no longer running. After setting the launch options to log using `WINEDEBUG="+timestamp,+pid,+tid,+seh,+debugstr,+module" %command%`, I did find a stack trace, which is attached. If anyone has experienced this issue any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! - atfumbel strace.txt
  4. Yesterday
  5. amazingronaldo

    Game won't work

    My friends Astroneer won't work after I bought it from him just before release. It won't at all since then. Because you removed any amount of FOV Widescreen support you originally had. You could edit a text ini file to set your aspect ratio. Now you can only get a widescreen to work by hex editing your software ... really?? I either want my money back or fix it!! No widescreen support in this day and age really? I brought it up to your staff at PAX in 2019 and was told it was being looked at ... look harder. Thank you. And have a nice day.
  6. amazingronaldo

    Support for Ultrawide display resolutions

    I keep asking and will find a way to ask again. I asked at PAX a couple years ago and the guy there said it was being looked at and that was before jetpacks, which we tried there that year. I really wish they would as my friends all have Eyefinity or my friend just got an ultrawide curved monitor. This is one of the few that won't work on it without clipping the top and bottom of his FOV.
  7. amazingronaldo

    FOV in ultra-wide

    So any word on widescreen fov other than having to hex edit your executable?? In this day and age why is it not present? Make it so number 1!!! As the Trashcan Man would say, bumpity bumpity.
  8. Astroneer_52352

    Is VR happening for Astroneer?

    so if you look in game files... +AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="OculusTouch_Left_FaceButton2",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=1.000000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) +AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="OculusTouch_Left_IndexPointing",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=1.000000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) +AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="OculusTouch_Left_ThumbUp",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=1.000000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) +AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="OculusTouch_Right_Thumbstick",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=1.000000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) +AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="OculusTouch_Right_FaceButton1",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=1.000000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) +AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="OculusTouch_Right_Trigger",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=1.000000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) +AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="OculusTouch_Right_FaceButton2",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=1.000000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) +AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="OculusTouch_Right_IndexPointing",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=1.000000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) +AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="OculusTouch_Right_ThumbUp",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=1.000000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False))
  9. jurkotajny


    Hello, I would like to give you my ideas for Astroneer, and I hope I will see them in next Astroneer update. I am still studying english, so sorry for any mistakes. Buildings And Items Large Auto Arms These auto arms will be big, able to pick up items that are in small and medium sized items, but they will consume large amout of power. Scrap Auto Arm These auto arms will be able to give to shredders any size or kind of debris and if enabled, they will cut extra large objects into smaller pieces, small enough to be salvaged by extra large shredder. Train Station These will be used to navigate and manage trains. Custom names will be possible. If plugged, they will give the energy to the rails. Train stations will be able to share power trough rails. Large Wind Turbine These will work like other wind turbines, but they will produce large amout of energy. Nuclear Power Plant These will produce massive amout of power, but on startup they will need water and to keep them working they will need nuclear fuel that will be consumed very slowly. Fusion Reactor These will be very large, so large, that they will don´t need platform. They will produce very large amout of power, but will need helium 3 on startup. Sings These will be cheap to produce, and they will be used to navigate easily. It will be possible to give them shape of arrow. Helium 3 Canister These canisters if placed in inventory during mining on Desolo will slowly collect helium 3. Decompressor These if placed in inventory and enabled, they will take oxygen made by atmospheric condeser and using some power it will extract oxygen into players oxygen canisters, but if it will be running for too long while having oxygen canisters full, it can kill player. Vehicles Auto Train These will be unpacked in train station and are fully automatic. Player will be able to control the train, but it will be slow. Manual control will be used to attach wagons to the train. It will go according to slected train stations. Train stations will be selected using their name. Auto arms will be used to load/unload train automatically. It will consume power according to number of attached wagons. It will use power from the rail or use the energy from the wagons. It can also give energy to the wagons if in rails that are powered by train station. Wagon These will be possible to connect them to the auto trains and will have large slot on top. Maximum amout of wagons will be 5, if more wagons than the limit will be attaced, they will start to slow down the auto train and double it´s power consumption. Rail Creator These will be used to create rails using resources and some power. It will have 2 medium slots to increase storage capacity. Auto Rocket These will be unpacked on auto landing pad, and will travel between selected auto landing pads. They will consume hydrazine and will be only able to transport small items. Resources Helium 3 Helium 3 will be possible to get from mining on Desolo using helium 3 canister. It is used on startup of fusion reactor. Oxygen Oxygen will be possible to extract from Sylvas atmosphere using atmospheric condeser. It can be used for breathing using decompressor or using chemistry lab turned into water. Water Water will be possible to create in chemistry lab using 2 hydrogen and oxygen. It is used during startup of nuclear power plant or using chemistry lab turned into sulfuric acid. Sulfuric Acid Sulfuric acid will be possible to create in chemistry lab using water, oxygen and sulfur. It is used in chemistry lab to make nuclear fuel. Uranium Uranim will be possible to find on Glacio deep underground. It is used to make nuclear fuel. Nuclear Fuel Nuclear fuel will be possible to create in chemistry lab using uranium and sulfuric acid. It will be used as fuel for nuclear power plant.
  10. the lag spike isn't that long, and a once-every-30 minutes autosave would create lagspikes at inconvenient times (ex. suffocating, then bam lag and you die)
  11. Mona119


    Love is nothing complicated The complicated thing is more people. We tend to think that we are tired because of love. But in fact We may be tired. Because having to sit and care about the feelings of Someone he might not. Even though we care about how we feel jdbslot
  12. when the soil centrifuge is set to auto and is making ammonium, after a while it will stop working completely and will need to be replaced with a new one. PC steam, mouse and keyboard
  13. It may be that Astro is running in the background. Try ending the task in task manager or if you dont know how to do that restart your computer
  14. get a bigger platform. i had this problem once, the material needs to go to a different storage slot before it can enter the canister... or try removing the material from the dispensing output and try again. That's all i can think of.
  15. So I was moving things around and I placed the package on the platform and i accidentally pressed R (may be the use key mine was set to R) and it got these ghost package preview things. Im on Sylva (Mountain). Seems to work with all packages not just this one.
  16. Last week
  17. Quibbly

    Support for Ultrawide display resolutions

    PopinFresh..don't hold your breath. same issue, even on 5120x1440. I have posts when on Steam from a long time ago, no response. Dev's don't seem to even read the posts here for support
  18. Quibbly

    Ultrawide Aspect Ratio Unplayable

    Almost October, two years of same issue, and no response.
  19. That... literally has nothing to do with the original topic, a topic that has since been solved and has no need of resurrecting 7 months later. My issue was that a tractor on the surface was invisible to the majority of connected clients. It got stuck very slightly underground, and when we dug it up it teleported her to the gateway engine. The tractor then turned invisible for everyone, and we found it many play sessions later still at the gateway engine. I was disappointed that she discovered the gateway engine this way rather than the way she was meant to, and still am, but that's the way it goes. /thread, someone please lock this.
  20. Anyone managed to have a look at this yet?
  21. RazorBaze

    Resource Movement and Management

    Very interesting, Lemmon: keep us posted
  22. I know, my point being, i almost never build the buggy because, the tractor ends up being so much more useful with its double connection point. The buggy is far less adaptable with its 2 single (the double must be used by a seat. Since i need aluminum for both, and early on research is very slow to get, i have to choose. something thats a "dead end" and won't be able to be used with more stuff later on. or something that's slower but more adaptable. this is why i think the buggy might be better "without" an aluminum requirement. allowing players to make it sooner then use savaged power sources to run it. Cuz once you have almuminium your probably just going to get the tractor
  23. Mirosya

    Astroneer Dedicatd Server in Steam

    I figured out the work of the dedicated server - everything works. The presence of a white IP address from the provider with the possibility of incoming connections solved the problems. Unfortunately, the problems of the game in general (invisible walls, desynchronization of clients, buggy physics) still do not allow playing it without swearing. Therefore, we are waiting for better times.
  24. Mark J. Lemmon

    tractor fell inside core???

    The valve core on my rear tire is disintegrating. When I tried to back it out of the valve stem, the little 'shoulders' crumbled and fell out of the valve. I have the 78 cent, handy-dandy valve core extractor, but I dont know how to handle it, since I can't unscrew it in its current condition. Now when I fill it with air, the needle of the valve stays stuck in. If I pull it back out with a tweezer, it seatws ok and I ma left with an almost imperceptible leak from the valve.
  25. Mark J. Lemmon

    Crashing issue

    Every day, you hear about car crashes between a truck and car, a vehicle and a solid object like a phone pole or tree, or between pedestrians and vehicles. There’s another form of motor vehicle accident that isn’t heard of as often, but these accidents do occur and can become complicated. When your vehicle crashes into a piece of farm equipment or a tractor, it’s especially frustrating. What do you do?
  26. Mark J. Lemmon

    Noise and flashing lights when near tractor

    A flashing light displayed on a vehicle can only be blue, red, green, magenta/crimson or amber/yellow. Each of these colours, or combination of colours, is intended to convey a specific warning to road users. To guard against incorrect use and to avoid possible detraction from the significance of a flashing light, their use is limited to particular types of vehicles and in particular circumstances.
  27. Mark J. Lemmon

    Astroneer Dedicatd Server in Steam

    This is a reasonably complicated process that requires you to make adjustments to your firewall. While we are offering directions for initial set up, we offer no direct warranty or support related to host your own servers. Opening up your internet to outside connections is to be done completely at your own risk. Additionally, host your own servers will not allow for achievement progress or the unlocking of suits, palettes, visors, etc. Any attempt to modify the game or connect to our backend services to circumvent unlocks will be met with an immediate ban. Now for actual details!
  28. Gateway Engines are structures that make up the cores of each planet. They are spherical structures, with many pillars extending outward and up through the outer core layer of the planets. The pillars and sphere in the center use a different gravity than the planet does. When approaching any part of the engine, the player will be pulled and orientated to the surface of the structure and will be able to move normally along the surface. As most pillars are not connected to the engine directly, the player will need to jump to be able to attach to the main central structure of the engine. There are two pillars that are connected and will easily allow the player to walk onto the main central structure. On the inner part of the main structure, there are three sides, the top and bottom, each of which will orientate the player to be able to run along to get around without issue.
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