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  2. " SpaceRail " ( Idea Expanded )

    Really hope something like this makes it into the game
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  4. 201 - steam - stuff gets stuck

    Summary: stuff gets stuck Description: stuff like seats and research can get stuck in terrain, building, or vehicle and will some times fall though the terrain into a cave Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 201 I had a video for this but it was to big but its easy to replicate just move your object through terrain, vehicle, or building fast and let go of the button while its inside an object and it will get stuck
  5. 201 - steam - die and respawn in vehicle

    also this happed in the last version to
  6. Summary: 201 - steam - die and respawn in seat/vehicle Description: when you die by any means to my knowledge and get back into a seat/vehicle before you respawn then you will respawn in the seat rather that at your base Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 201 2017-09-23 19-14-45.flv
  7. So I've seen this debated over a bit, and I'm not sure of the real answer. Do new patches transfer across to old saves? Or is a new save required each time there's a patch update? I'd love to know so I don't have to keep abandoning half-started worlds only because I didn't have enough time to play between each update!
  8. "Patch 201" - September 15th, 2017

    It feels like only yesterday when it was patch 125! It's really amazing to see the game grow step by step, and with such an awesome and dedicated team behind it, I'm not surprised things are moving so fast! So excited for all that comes next <3<3<3
  9. Oxygen tank was in my backpack (left hand side, third slot down), I had just picked it up from a dead astroneer. As I was walking through the caves, I picked up a tether from the floor and placed it on my astroneer (backpack was closed, had 1 free slot). I did not have an existing tether pack. Instead of the tether starting a new tether pack, it went into the oxygen tank. The oxygen tank then no longer worked - it does not fill up, and a tether was sticking out of it. It is now labelled "Tethers". (Screenshot). I was able to 'dispatch' the tether that it had on to the ground, but the tank remained mislabeled and unusable.
  10. Front of Rover flippiing Up

    I have had this exact same issue when trying to drive at the head of a 2 or 3 rover train. I move incredibly slow and always seem to be pitched up on a wheelie when trying to pull other rovers behind me. This problem makes the rovers and their carrying capacity extremely annoying, please fix this as soon a s possible, now i have to walk everywhere
  11. Duplicated on 201. Attached is a screenshot of two trucks connected, and a research pod that is about to connect to the truck ports. As soon as I click to let go of the pod (so the pod attaches to the port), the game crashes.
  12. [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    after make one medium square and put just one seat for a passenger the medium square started to fly alone but not land
  13. I payed for the game threw my xbox one and downloaded it no issues at all clean and crisp. Well I wanted to download it to my windows 10 Anniversary pc as well so my gf and could play it together since we don't have twp Xbox ones right now. I went to the windows 10 store page found the game with no issues states that I own this product with the blue install button right below it. Well when I click the install button it does nothing just flashs gray then right back to being blue again does being download or do a pending dosent even give me and error code. So after about 2 and a half hours with microsoft troubleshooting and them doing a remote access and going threw several annoying time consumeing steps we tryed to download the game again and to no surpise it still does the same thing. So the agent said it seems to be an issue with the install link and pointed me in the directing of getting ahold of the devs to try and fix this issue so after two days of owning the game and not playing it im at a stand still. If any one has any information on how to fix this I would Greatly appreciate it thankyou.
  14. why dmz,why not reverse connect

    Just need a temporary server. C1->S, C2->S, C1->C2.
  15. why dmz,why not reverse connect
  16. The game has just begun,Pick up a seat and drop it on the floor,disappeared
  17. Weird Spinning Bug?

    BTW I apologize for the mic and I didn't know these forums existed until posting this discussion
  18. Weird Spinning Bug?

    So, the moon's low gravity (Might) be the cause for a strange glitch I've been encountering. Apparently my player is falling victim too a glitch which causes him/her to spin, it seem infinite and unstable. Here's a link to my video discussing it:
  19. Zero-gravity rover glitch

    At 2:17 on the video. Not all mass seemed to return, rovers felt way too light after this.
  20. Zero-gravity rover glitch

    Yes, there are floating rovers and disconnected wheels around after loading PC 201 save games. It seemed to me that some parts (maybe wheels) get their mass back when I go away from the rover and then return (so that the physics bubble leaves and returns back to rovers.
  21. еда

    можно дабавить в игру школу еды , ИСКАТЬ ЕЕ НА ДЕРЕВЬЯХ И РАСТЕНИЯХ .
  22. Vehicle physics solved?!

    The small rover seemed a bit easier to drive while the large rover was nearly uncontrollable. Now both of my vehicles are floating high in the atmosphere rendering them useless.
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  24. Bugs with rovers

    After coming back to the game from a save an old ugly bug with the latest update has reappeared. I find the rover buried in the earth and unable to free it. I also have found the rover moves sideways on its own without movement or direction requiring a save and return to the game since I am unable to control it. The rover is attached to the base but still gets buried. And sometimes the rover and its cargo units are found upside down or off kilter when returning from a save. This is regardless if it is the rover or medium rover.
  25. Summary: 201 - Windows Xbox Store - Cannot load previous game (gets stuck on loading screen), and cant launch for a new game (freezes when i press launch button) Description: Can load up game to menu fine, new version showing in version number, but if i press to launch for a new game the game freezes on this menu. Otherwise when loading my old game, the game freezes on the grey page explaining about game alpha bugs etc. Platform: Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 201 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1703 | Build 15063.608 CPU: Intel i7 4770K 3.4GHz GPU: Geforce Gtx 1070 8GB RAM: Corsair 3x4GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: Raid 10 comprised of 1TB drives
  26. I have made three separate saves on the xbox one and the physics or gravity have broken for the rover. Before the rovers broke it to me a little to get comfortable with the new physics of the rover being based on the wheels, but once I got comfortable with it I really preferred how it operated. After the rovers broke they become almost impossible to control with the front end constantly coming up. It acts like the rovers used to on the moon with the rear wheels trying to out run the from wheels when you gave it full throttle. However way less controllable. The first two save were fine up to the point where I left Terra the broken rovers. My third save however broke with never leaving Terra. I can't point to what is breaking the rover physics but maybe someone else has more of this picture they can fill in. Thank you.

    Wyvyrias i have the game in C: \program datax86\steam\steamapps\common not in my user 2nd i deleted all the files from the astro folder in the game and it dosnt let me into the loading screen it says C: \program datax86\steam\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER Early Acces\Astro\Binaries\Win64\Astro-Win64-Shipping.exe crate proces() returned 2 il re-intall the game install that was a type error
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