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  1. Yesterday
  2. I thought I had the latest as I needed it for resolve, anyway I will update and try again. Lee
  3. Excellent, glad it was an easy fix! Don't sweat it, I'm happy to help. Enjoy your adventures!
  4. Hi Lee, sorry you're having trouble. Your DxDiag file says you're using driver version, but when I looked up the most current drivers for the GTX 970 it showed me driver version 471.41. If you are still encountering issues after updating, please send us an email to with the same attachments and we'll dig a little deeper.
  5. Thank you for your response, and sorry that I didn't try the simplest and most common problem solver in the world, restarting! XD Now the gam launches perfectly fine, just the restart was enough I think, no update needed. Sorry again and thank you
  6. I'm not sure I've encountered this before. Make sure Windows and all of your drivers are up to date, reboot and give it another try.
  7. Last week
  8. Verify that your hardware is all up to date, including Windows and your video drivers. If it's still having problems after that, email your DxDiag to and include that you're playing on Steam and the other details you've shared here about when it crashes.
  9. Taking ideas back from older versions of the game like sandstorms and random research. I've talked with multiple people and they agree as well, while putting in older features would be nice it isn't a necessity. Maybe making it to where death is permanent would be a hardcore thing and just making the game overall more difficult, not taking away regular survival of course. I miss the difficulty factors and the game is way to easy now. Good for newbies, bad for more experienced players. Not having the compass or making it to where the compass is a difficult item to print while taking up inventory space. Weather is already mentioned but more extreme weather and deadly and more aggressive fauna. Most fauna is just a plant that is easily avoided and when hit not punishing enough. Just a more difficult version for people who have already played the game a lot. Of course there should be more to it then I just said but the game just isn't the same anymore and a difficulty jump would be more enticing.
  10. So um, I was trying to launch the game from steam (I'm on windows 10 64bit and I'm using steam). But for the first time, I saw this window (first image). If I press cancel, so the game won't launch and that's it. But if I press ok, It will again pop up, but with a minor difference. See the second image. And if I press ok for the second time, again the same window with three Astro, and so the game won't launch. (I use this opportunity to say thank you for this great game, keep up keeping up )
  11. With the auto arms we can whitelist specific items, so why can’t we do the opposite? We should be able to choose whether the item put on the arm is whitelisted, or blacklisted. The blacklisting could be used to prevent, say, sulfur from ending up in a smelter and destroying it by accident. It can also be used to further organization. An example could be having a platform with multiple arms taking from it, and you want to force a specific item to go a specific way, and want all other to go the other way(s), you can blacklist the item on one arm and whitelist it on the other arm, and that removes and chance for the item to go another way. This could prove to be massively useful, and probably wouldn’t change how the auto arms generally work by much.
  12. I just installed the game on recently upgraded pc and have not played for a while. It loads up ok, but as soon as I run the tutorial or start a new game it runs through the crash landing animation, says loading solar system and then just exits back to the desktop. I tried changing the graphics to low and it does not help. I still have an older gtx970 with new drivers.
  13. Nope. Basically I start the game and before the menu comes, it crashes there. No save, no new game, no exosuit selection. I am also considering changing computers, but I don't really want to spend more if the problem is solvable.
  14. Is the loading error only happening when you try to open your save?
  15. Hello, I bought Astroneer a few days ago, via Steam and immediately I encountered the problem that it does not start. Or rather, when the menu loads, it shows the planets spinning for hours (I scored something like 8-9 hours of gameplay in this way, without even picking up the joypad). The following are the characteristics of the PC: Laptop hp (Don't remember the model) Processor: AMD E-29000e RADEON R2, 4 COMPUTE CORES 2C+2G 1.50GHz RAM: 4,00 GB (3 GB usable) + 4 RapidBoost from USB System: OS 64 bit, processor based on x64 Put simply, every time I have to use the Resource Manager and it tells me that Astroneer is not responding. I would put screens on it, but I don't know how to do it. If you have any advice, I would be grateful for the help, because I tried Astroneer for Xbox and it was a great experience. With love M
  16. Glad you were able to able to get your unlocks, and thanks for following up! ✌
  17. If you could pass along this save, that would be helpful too, @UprisingErrors
  18. @SES_Gina , thanks for the reply! I unfortunately had to go onto a different save and just start over with Vesania entirely, but I still got what I wanted in the end (the cosmetics). Very glad it didn't completely break and not allow me to get the rest of the achievements I had been aiming for. If I have anymore troubles, I think I'll be back! :)
  19. Sorry about that Vincent. Please send me your username and how many points you are missing.
  20. Sorry you're having trouble with the event, Christina. Just a few questions for you: What platform are you playing on? Is the server self hosted or preferred (Gportal/Nitrado)? What are the usernames of the players involved? Where should you all be in the event?
  21. Hi @Lokii! I can't modify Steam Achievements, unfortunately, and you'll need to compete the process again while online. If the platform achievement isn't a priority for you, you can send us your Steam name and confirmation that you've completed Vesania we can unlock the cosmetics for you, otherwise you should receive it when you complete the achievement while online. There's some chance you can connect with players in our Discord or join one of the publicly listed Dedicated server to re-complete the achievement there and possibly save yourself some bootstrapping. If you just want the cosmetics, you can email us at or message me here.
  22. This event's EXO Request Platform should only accept 1 canister at a time (on the top), if i recall correctly. Repacking and unpacking the E.R.P should update your module and resolve the issue.
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