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  2. Cool idea.
  3. If you mean you told Steam to run the experimental version from the Beta tab, don't. Just use the normal version.
  4. Ya, I've been using the Steam version and have been having no problems with saving.
  5. 1) Believe it or not, the driving of the car is much smoother now than it was a few versions ago. They are still working on it. The car flipping into the air is a known bug and is being worked on. 2) Try pressing in the opposite direction of the slide to slow down or stop, then continue moving normally. However, I agree, they took the sliding a little too far. 3) Yes, artifacts can be attached to your vehicle. Video at bottom. 4) Many people do not like the way it functions. Just takes getting used to. Trial and error. 5) Maps have been discussed many times, including by myself, but the general thought is that it will not happen because SES has mentioned not wanting to clutter the screen with UI elements. 6) This is another thing that has been discussed by many people. Mixed thoughts from people. Some like the idea, some don't. Personally I'd rather have a statistics page rather than achievements. Missions would be a cool addition once they get some AI in the game.
  6. That sounds like it could be fun, as a later unlock for the vehicle bay. Maybe make it powered by hydrazine (maybe). And I would imagine that the power/fuel needed would depend on how much is loaded on it.
  7. I found you have to set your screen resolution to the desired game resolution. I have a 4K screen but cant quite handle 4K so have to set my actual display size to 1080p before changing game settings to match.
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  9. That was the answer. thanks. now i can build my base new.
  10. It's not just you. I can't see squat. Would have been interesting to look at.
  11. I've had this happen to me too, and I've used that same solution. When they first introduced the ability to make Dynamite I didn't see the point. Now I'm singing a different tune...
  12. That is weird, because I tried it myself after your comment and it does work for me. I am able to use a dynamite explosion to remove a platform with a printed module and a platform without a module (i.e. you only see the hologram outline of a to be printed module on it). However, I am not able to remove a simple node that hasn't been made into a platform yet. But that is just because I am unable to place a stack of dynamite such that I can reach its ignition button; instead, with every click, the node tries to extend into an additional node. I am using the Steam version of the game with a saved game that has been created after the latest patch 158 on a Windows 7 computer. Are you placing the dynamite onto the building which you want to remove, or onto the ground next to the building? As far as I know, the dynamite needs to be attached to the building.
  13. No, it is not possible. i tried it in this moment.
  14. If a feature existed or had been introduced that is suffering from a balancing issue caused by hydrazine trading (a trading economy, for example), then the issue should be removed, of course. Also, it would be obvious why a feature is changed or removed, when another known feature is negatively affected by the feature in question. But we have nothing to that extent right now, and the patch that removed the feature did not introduce anything in that area. So why spend precious development resources on a feature that does not have any impact on any of the existing features or the features that are subject to the remainder of the same patch? It just appears to be inconsistent and counter-productive. Maybe this is really all about improving the communication between SES and us players. If they had explained that they are planning to introduce a feature that is negatively impacted by hydrazine trading, then there would have been no speculation in the first place. But even then they could have left the existing feature in until they actually introduce that new feature. Sorry for polluting your video history. I hope that you nevertheless differentiate between the content of a message and the form of its delivery.
  15. Hello, We can not change the graphics of the game (eg: failble) but you can change the display distance that will make you less bug, You put it to the minimum you apply. I hope that it will help you
  16. It is good enfaitite ... I WILL READ PARTY THANK YOU
  17. Steam version. On clicking Launch, error is produced: --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Couldn't start: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER Early Access\Astro\Binaries\Win64\Astro-Win64-Shipping.exe" CreateProcess() returned c1. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- DxDiag.txt
  18. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a fully fleshed out, fully released game. The feature set is complete, and all of the design decisions have been made. Last I checked, Astroneer is still in early development, and design decisions are still being made. Features are not set in stone, and should not be treated as final. I don't really give a lot of weight to "removal of features" in an unreleased game. I personally don't mind features for players that don't have the same time or abilities as other players. That's fine with me. But - I don't think the design of Hydrazine and the fuel condenser is complete at the moment. It's still a work in progress. I also don't think the idea of an infinitely tradeable resource was intended. The finite resources on the worlds were intended to be finite, especially in the early game. The original purpose of the Hydrazine (as a way to get fuel in a pinch) is fulfilled without the ability to trade it. So this is not interfering with any sort of intended mechanic. There may be other features in the future that may fulfill the ability to gain resources without bound. I think SE wants to take an intentional approach so they can control how such a feature works, rather than relying on trading. Not a big fan of Jim Sterling's "go for shock value and swear up a storm" approach. Had to remove the video from my history to not get him showing in my recommendations . . . It made the game play out in an unintentional way that is outside of how the game is intended to be balanced, and may be difficult to balance with future planned features. It may also have a replacement in a future feature.
  19. I do not have a high preforming pc, however I really like this game. I wanted to change the resolution in the Graphics option, but after I clicked 'Apply' and exited the options menu, nothing changed. I'd really love a 'low graphics' option for the game. I bet many are willing to sacrifice some graphics in return for a better frame rate and overall better gameplay experience. Thank you!
  20. I came to this conclusion after playing 10 hours. (I have not launched in space and visited other planets yet) There are some things that are so annoying and I don't know if they can get a fix. 1) The car/vehicle is so jumpy, I can never ride without flying in the air, when I exit the car it jumps in the air, totaly offsetting. Q: Can you make the vehicle more stable ? 2) The sliding of my guy is so annoying, sometimes it just doesn't stop the sliding animation till he falls in a ravine and dies. Q: Can you make the sliding a game option ? 3) The artifacts can only be brought to my base camp on foot, so this ends in me running for hours. Q: Can I attach artifacts to my vehicle , maybe like you can store ores on a storage unit ? 4) The leveling tool is crap, I spend most of the time trying to find the correct angle to fill up holes and make bridges. Q: Can't you make the leveling tool more simple ? Maybe always fill in between the edges of the tool marking circle ? 5) I miss a map, now I just put oxygen lines (thethers?) and follow them, but wouldn't it be cool to have a map of the discovered land. Q: Can you give us a map system ? 6) This is the biggest issue, I miss challenges (do this x times, find that x times) , missions (go there do that, find this make that) and steam achievements (find hidden secrets, walk x miles, discover all areas) Q: Can you add missions, challenges and/or achievements ? Btw. I played no man's sky far more and that had similar issues. Big open worlds doesn't mean it's fun or exciting just for that reason. Thnx.
  21. Well, Either because the fact that's It's really dim, so much that you can only see it at night, or it's actually is bugged. Perhaps you can provide me a screenshot or one regarding this bug?
  22. Yes, it's up to date. I mistakenly put 7 instead of 8. I started a new game and started all over again. The new game has been running great. Saves like it's suppose to. Till I finally researched the Habitat and I had everything I needed to head to another planet. The game froze, and then it closed itself. Then when I opened it back up it didn't save. So, I've researched over 15 balls, cubes, plants, etc and all I've gotten is resource items and no habitat. I've looked in my printer and it's not there. So, it probably glitched again and I guess I'll have to start over. But I'm going to buy the steam version in hopes that it will be better. Probably won't, but won't hurt to try. cant play the Xbox version because once I go to another planet it always glitches and causes the game to lag like crazy on my Xbox one. The windows version has been great till these last few weeks. So, maybe the steam version will be better
  23. Current version is 0.3.10158.0 and has been for about 2 weeks.
  24. I believe the first two have been brought up in previous suggestions. What do you mean by the third? Could you explain that a bit more?
  25. @MMZ>Torak I agree, it's one of the reasons why I've decided to just stop. Although I have to say one last thing to someone. Not valid in this discussion. The guy in the video is talking about established, fully formed games produced by huge companies. They have tons of programmers working on each of their projects so they can afford the time to waste on changes that do nothing for the game in general. SES is a small company working on, basically, a concept of a game. They don't have the personnel or the time to waste on debugging and fleshing out an easy mode, when the game isn't even fully formed yet. I think I know your response already. "But they already had hydrazine trading in the game, they don't have to figure it out."
  26. Nope, it's a mystery.
  27. Did you know when the next update is come in ?
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