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  3. This is all of the acheivments unlocked there are 56 total (including solar system mastery) and the last one is solar system mastery
  4. Yes I have updated the game all the way to the latest
  5. I have spent countless hours to unlock all of the achievements and I have unlocked all of the achievements in Astroneer and yet solar system mastery has not unlocked I have checked multiple times for secret achievements and I have finished all of them not one not done but I still have no idea what is happening Version: Win10 Please resolve this thanks
  6. Friend, whats up! 1) If your other saves loads, then this save in particulary, probably crashes. The save maybe is coorrupted. 2) If you will create a new save and it will load, then this save in particulary, probably crashes. The save maybe is coorrupted. - What may have happened If the save it's all 0's, the crash happened in the middle of saving, it 0'd out the save fale and crashed before it could actually save world data (see atached file). Then, first at all: you need to send your save to the experts, here. - Well, If your save it will be really corrupted, what wi
  7. Yesterday
  8. Is there anything you can do, or that I can do to make world load?
  9. This just happened to my world please help me
  10. I cant load into my 20 hour world and this just happened today. I logged off then tried hopping back on and I cant even manage the world, or save. (renaming,duplicating,loading in.
  11. I was running a little experiment to see if me and a friend with the game on Xbox could play together, so i followed the tutorial, downloaded it, set the port to a port i had open for something else, then started the server via steam. Now i cant connect to it, and i can't find it in task manager. I understand that it is meant to be run indefinitely, in the background but i NEED to close it. Anyone know how to?? all i need is something like the name it has in task manager so i can crash it.
  12. Last week
  13. Unfortunately the current auto-arm is rough and rudimentary. The updates you have proposed, it would be a very welcome update for automation lovers!
  14. Just to add to this suggestion as an maybe a modification to the double sourcing issue with things like the chemistry labs. Given i'm playing with Gargoyle, a thought is to have a means to either have 2 single arms on the long armed bases rather just one, so it's easier to setup duel sourcing lines for the chemistry labs. Another idea to add a unit like the repeater that can be added and linked to specific containers, by doing so, the arm is then set to only pick from those 2 canisters and alternate between the 2 for example. This could be expanded to up to 3 canisters given the mechanics
  15. Many have seen astroneer born from pre alpha. Initially the contents were few and the arrow system was fine. However, there are now more structures and this makes searching for them on a printer tedious and annoying especially in prolonged games . Even now I find myself avoiding to research for structures so as not to crowd the search on printers. I thought updating the UI was your priority several patches ago, right after the automation, but apparently I was wrong. Maybe this has been included in this year's road map and are you hiding it to surprise us? hahaha I hope so. And you other
  16. Hello there, I am wondering if support for 120hz is possible? Also the game does not appear to run at even 60hz on the Series X of mine, just runs at 30 if anything. If support for 120hz is possible, please do it! Sincerly, Sienty
  17. This idea is for the automation system. The first is Settable Arm Angles: This would allow the player to decide where an arm will pick up and drop off by allowing them to adjust the angle, rather than being stuck with only the 180 degree angle we currently have. The player could alter the angle to whatever they wished, as long as the pickup and drop off circles didn't intersect for the same arm. The second concept is Adjustable Pickup/Dropoff circles. Much like how the player can adjust the diameter of the land deformation tool in Creative, this would allow a player to adjust the size of t
  18. I am asking the same question, I like using Mouse and Keyboard with my xbox series x. This should be done.
  19. I can say that despite the time we have waited, I think the developers have organized themselves well to get updates with more content this year than the previous year. This patch will bring not only missions (very useful for newbies or players who have no experience regarding sandboxes) also high-level solar, turbines, and i hope batteries, but the most anticipated update will be that of trains and railways. Thanks System Era, Good Work! Ps: pls, fixing the auto extractor we wouldn't mind, and while you're at it increases the range and depth of action. It's a paradox to get automation
  20. I'm ecstatic about the new compass. It's everything I dreamed of. That's it I just wanted to say how grateful I am that it's finally here. P.S.: The rest of the update is AWESOME too. Please make sure to add dedicated keyboard bindings for the mission log and the compass. Thanks!
  21. I have the same problem on Steam, and my save one started at 11MB, but now with 3MB it has already given the problem. After the problem occurs once, it always happens, with other players, or alone. Sometimes the game closes alone without any explanation and sometimes the blue screen computer. My Windows 10 is updated with the latest updates ~, my GTX 1050 TI card is also updated with drivers 461.72 02/25/2021 My settings are all at a minimum.
  22. Hey, I'm trying to reproduce this, but without success so far. Are you in a solo game, multiplayer (client or host), or on a dedicates server? Here's what I did... Use quartz to print a beacon, place the beacon in the Astroneer's backpack, turn the beacon on, enter the shelter, save and quit to main menu, reload. I have tried a few times in a solo game, and each time I reload the save I exit the shelter and the beacon is still in my backpack, but has been turned off.
  23. Mouse/keyboard Steam What were you doing leading up to this bug: Nothing, the bug has occured twice already, just by joining the game, if you have a beacon in your inventory, it randomly just hops off and gets stuck in the shelter where you would be sitting. I have already 2 bases with beacons stuck, that I can't turn off. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated: Since it keeps happening randomly, all I could suggest is having a turned on beacon on your backpack and keep leaving and joining game like that. Please fix this as soon as possible or give me som
  24. Hi Pawet, sorry you didn't get your achievement. Please email so we can open a ticket on this issue. Be sure to include your username and the platform you play the game on and we'll take a look.
  25. This typically has something to do with your NAT type. Here are a couple of support links that usually help: Console player support. Win10 player support.
  26. Thank you Casidev, we'll take a look. Can you confirm the game version number from the menu?
  27. This could mean you need to update to DirectX 11 or potentially that your hardware is below spec. A screenshot of the System Requirements as shown on Steam is attached. If your hardware prevents you from updating to DX11, the last build of the game you are able to play is version We have added an optional steam branch called "astro_1_14_dx10" that is permanently locked the Automation Update 002 (1.14) update. In game events and content added from update 1.15 and beyond will not be available on this branch. Using a save file from version 1.15 or higher will corrupt it and make t
  28. Hello, me and my friend were playing and having fun in astroneer like a year ago. When we wanted to play again one day, we couldn't join each other's session. The common issue is "Could not connect to the host" We are playing through crossplay: Win10-XboxOne which was working and we could play. I've tried everything that i can do with the astroneer process and my internet connection as well as my friend but bruh xbox is not a win10. We wonder is it something wrong with the game or what exactly is not workin'?
  29. Thanks for the report, we have this bug logged and will hopefully have a fix implemented for the March update.
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