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  2. Lord dominator

    Crash when loading the world

    Hello, I encountered such a problem, the game crashes when the save starts, my friend and I played ~ 40 hours in an online game, and recently I tried to load the world again and the game freezes first and then crashes. All system requirements are exceeded (8GB RAM, 3.5 GHz processor, 2-3 GB graphics cards)
  3. Try using a platform or the same type of power source, like all batteries. So just have 30+ fully charged batteries with no power source attached. Between the vehicle battery and the others, along with the drain from the gateway, the power source gets confused where it's charge should go. I believe putting that large storage and medium silo with everything attached on a large platform would also work, but I can't remember.
  4. While playing on Xbox, its great being able to quick transfer items to the backpack with X or Y, but instead it would be nice if one button transfers to the Backpack and the other transfers to the Terrain Tool. I'm thinking Y transfers to the Backpack and X transfer to the Terrain Tool.
  5. I've been trying to activate Atrox's getaway engines but it seems to not be working even though i have a power generation that is superior than 30 units per second.
  6. EmeraldGamerr

    This just clicked in my brain

    #SpoilerAlert You clearly haven't beaten the game, otherwise you would have seen the ending scene where they just print another one after the "original" disappeared Ever wonder why there are so many "dead" astroneers on every planet and why you only see one of yourself at a time (unless you play w/friends)?
  7. AquaticD3VIL

    Repacking little glitch

    So I was repacking a couple items, on a large storage B and noticed that when I picked them up after repacking. The items ghost was still there. Two different items. A medium solar, and a medium printer. Not a biggie but I figured if you didn't know you'd want to. All the love in the world for your game. AquaticD3VIL 🥰
  8. Yesterday
  9. There are other employees within SES that are directly responsible for the forums...
  10. Turns out the tractor was in the middle of the Gateway Engine after all. It was invisible at the time, but when we got down there naturally it was waiting for us... LOL
  11. Lord dominator

    Crash when loading the world

    Здравствуйте, я столкнулся с такой проблемой, игра вылетает, когда начинается сохранение, мой друг и я играли ~ 40 часов в онлайн-игре, и недавно я попытался загрузить мир снова, и игра сначала зависает, а затем падает. Все системные требования превышены (8 ГБ оперативной памяти, 3,5 ГГц процессор, 2-3 ГБ видеокарты)
  12. Its not boring, you can make so many cool stuffs with true flat, the one in the pic is just for showing its true flat, let me give you an example to show you the true power of true flat -
  13. The game crashes when flying on a shuttle. This has not happened before, but after the last update it happens all the time. When I fly on a shuttle with a friend, everything is fine, but when I fly alone, the game crashes.
  14. Can't seem to edit my post beyond a certain time. Lame. Anyway, we found some of the items below our base, which would seem to suggest the tractor got deleted. Perhaps it happened when we reloaded the save, or perhaps it happened when we used the starting landing pad to repackage the starting items (as the starting medium printer was on the ghost tractor and we wanted it back). Haven't found everything.
  15. jon stines


    X box one x Since the new update every time u get in a vehicle after 5 min of a non save it crashes not sure if it's a bug or that I just reached over 40 mb on file size Is there goning to be a fix for this or should I scrap the game Started a new adventure if it does it agian will have to say good by to this game After reading threads about it that's over several 100 days old with no response Are they working on it or just trying to put more stuff in the game
  16. So I'm having a LAN party at my place and I start a new game. I've played before so early on I encourage everyone to make a couple tractors and set up shop at the first gateway chamber I find on the surface. My Wife's tractor disappears for everyone except her. She can take items off of it that then become visible to other players. Weird, but we drive it to the gateway chamber. She gets stuck right outside our new base when one of the trailers appears to fall underground. My wife gets off to attempt to dig out the apparently stuck trailer, and as soon as she does she gets teleported to the gateway engine. This is hillarious, admittedly, but it's also very disappointing because I was hoping to see them both discover this secret organically rather than be teleported to it. In any case. Is there anything I can do to find the tractor which has now mysteriously vanished? They are easily replaceable, but it was fully loaded with stuff (also replaceable), and I'd like it back. Thanks. Edit: Also, the tractor can be heard at the location it was before she got teleported. The tractor didn't appear to be teleported to the Gateway Engine with her. It either went somewhere else or got deleted.
  17. Was playing with a friend, they joined my game and had joined many times before. They had farmed a bunch of stuff, got in their ship, took off, and then their game crashed while in orbit. When they went to come back in, it was as if they were brand new and never had been in my game before. So they came back in and started at the home base. We have an extra ship which they took back to where they were, but all their stuff was gone. Ship, materials, everything. Where did it go? Can we get it back?
  18. it's not too helpful that the game allows the wrong container to prevent function like this. perhaps a warning on the control panel that says 'please remove object from front port' or something? BTW if you look again at my first reply i did say that the condenser 'makes cans of gas'. no need for a canister.
  19. Mordred478

    Returning player baffled by Atmospheric Condensor

    Ah, I discovered my mistake. I had a small (soil) canister attached to the front of the atmospheric condensor, from when I thought that was the type of canister it needed. It works now, at least for making Hydrogen. OK, I will see to that, thanks.
  20. No, but it does need a constant large power supply. You should connect your platforms together. You'd need 3 medium solar panels at full capacity to run the condenser.
  21. Mordred478

    Returning player baffled by Atmospheric Condensor

    Question: Does the atmospheric condenser also need an oxygenator attached to it?
  22. Last week
  23. check your power cabling. are there directional yellow arrows/ chevrons on them? look carefully, they don't glow yellow unless there's power to flow. the use of extenders to connect stuff is directional, as is connecting vehicles. make sure you've connected everything so the power is flowing towards the condenser's platform. you have to pull them out from the power source towards the thing that requires power.
  24. Mordred478

    Returning player baffled by Atmospheric Condensor

    My thanks, Joey. 😉 The problem is, I have both a medium wind turbine and a medium solar panel attached directly to the atmospheric condenser, on its left side, the same side I have such power producing units attached to all my other gizmos, and yet the button still remains black, not green. Something ain't right.
  25. i know it's been a couple of months - heck, a whole year has ticked over - but I'd just like to thank everyone for contributing to this thread. it's been good to see plenty of real positive comments and some thoughtful ideas. hope that continues into 2020, if not here then elsewhere in the forums. i'm still playing. i haven't seen Astroneer's evolution revolution happen yet, but lets give it some time, shall we?
  26. Bron

    Backpack Improvements - Levels 1 - 7

    by providing 'built in' equipment you are essentially freeing up sockets for resource storage. so, yeah, it kinda does give you more sockets. i'd be relatively happy with just getting my 10 sockets back. remember, the idea of progress within the game as it stands often revolves around removing the limitations set out by the original game..... the RTG removes dependence upon wind or solar, the soil system removes dependence upon the need to seek out basic resources, as does the scrapper to a lesser extent..... i agree that if done too much it can impact upon game balance, but i believe the RGT already messed that up, so.... we have to agree to differ on that point. i believe it would be perfectly in keeping with the game as it is currently to be able to research extra tabs for a lot of points, then feed in a rare resource to get an extra 8 sockets on a tab. or maybe tier them like the drill heads, so that each tab has to be researched separately and requires a different, more complex, resource to craft. I'm not against the idea of different backpacks as a solution, i just think there are many other possible ways to de-fur this particular feline.
  27. ...hang on, Jurgis, i just need to answer this post from my troubled friend here....... the condenser has a control panel, like the printers and the resource chamber and the pizza oven. hover over it and press, and up it pops. it has a menu, scroll through the options to pick your chosen gas. some are only available on certain planets, some are present, but not plentiful. pick the one you want and hit the big green button under the cover. if the button isn't green, you haven't got any power so check you connections (or that the sun is out or it's windy). once pressed, the condenser will make little cans of gas with five 'uses' in them. it needs to cycle five times to get a full can. each can is usable five times in the pizza oven - sorry, crafting chamber thingy - until it disappears. the condenser stops when there's no more power, or there's no more places to put full cans, or when you press the red X button on the control panel. ...ok Jurgis baby i'm back. if were doing season six can i be joey this time and you can be Phoebe? hey, how YOU doin?......
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