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  2. From my knowledge, the models you see in the release trailer are no longer in use. I don't believe they will go back to those designs as they have implemented other base-building mechanics. Design wise, I think some of the other models look better as well but don't be afraid, even if they don't go back to those they will improve on the existing ones. Building more freely would still be possible if for example they would make it so when you expand from the habitat you can drag the platform further away than the default distance it builds at right now. The possibilities are endless literally.
  3. Somehow a partial compound stack ended up in my backpack, no can't remove it from the backpack. Is this is a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Please help!
  4. The roadmap has been made public but it's not enough for us to make an idea of what the Devs want the end-result to look like. I'm personally for PVP, not so much hunger and thirst (space complicates these a lot). I wouldn't want hunger/thirst mechanics that take too much time to keep in check. If the mechanics are simple enough I'd be OK with those as well. (Not because difficulty, mainly because I'd prefer to spend more time exploring/PVPing than farming for food and water) It's important that we each respect each others opinions, even if no reasoning was provided.
  5. If possible, can the player automatically store your deformer when you start running? This will allow the user to run from danger without the difficulties of the restricted view angles while the tool is in hand. A second request that has likely been asked many times before, can we have "click to sprint" similar to other games? My carpal tunnel is not a fan of holding the thumbstick in.
  6. Have you ever seen the astroneer render trailer? You could have seen there mutiple times that the astroneer calls a base like ship to the planets surface you could also see that the base building worked different not like it is now it was more "free". When you play Astroneer now you may mention that you choose spot-like building places in the trailer the astroneer crafts a solar panel places it on the ground and attached it with a wire to a base part. You can also see a really cool base landing on the planet. May question is: Is this feature still in development? The old cover of Astroneer shows this base-like ship but on the current cover it is replaced by the normal ship we all know. When no, it could be something for the developers to bring it back.
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  8. I like these. I really want to be able to upgrade my terrain tool (I've been calling it the terraformer all this time lol) so that I can terraform faster.
  9. Hello! I think you're playing too much The Division. Just add the snow and you have the Survival DLC... :-) I like the "peaceful exploration" theme of the game. That is what actually made me purchase the game. If the devs start introducing killing mechanics to the game, I think it's going to take away from that theme. Too many PvP killing games out there, including The Division, in which I have over 400 hours. Astroneer is such a refreshing game. Maybe introduce aggressive local life forms from which you have to defend yourself? This game reminds me a lot like Starflight, which is my favorite all-time game...
  10. Well, the man posted screenshots, it's hard to not understand what he's referring to. I had a glitch before where power wouldn't relay properly through the habitat but wasn't able to identify the cause. If the solar panel properly attached? Sometimes I actually place it close to the slot but not actually attached. Also, in the screenshot it seems like all the building have power.
  11. I would imagine, if you want accurate responses, you should use accurate terminology according to the game rather than creating your own names for items.
  12. How do you know if its a moon? The original planet is called Terran.
  13. Oh yah, neat -- I didn't think about expanding it from the sides this way, hah. Offtopic, I have a few more ideas in this theme that I'll illustrate soon. Stay tuned.
  14. As far as I know, the same version is on W10 Store and Steam so there shouldn't be a difference in performance. A lot of people encounter performance issues until new updates are released there's not much one can do. You can look for the guides to change the video settings, there should be one in the forum somewhere.
  15. Mouse/keyboard Steam, Windows 10 I played the preview on Windows 10 for free and everything worked fine there and fps was good. Then I bought it on Steam and when I sent myself onto a planet I got about 2 frames per second and now when I walk it starts going low too. Works fine from windows 10 store but not from steam.
  16. It is minor, but every now and then it will pass through you and will surprise you more than it should. I do like how all of the planets are laid out, but every now and then it breaks.
  17. Not sure what to say about the visual bug.... I personally haven't encountered this one but I've seen it in other screenshots. Maybe others have encountered and found a way to fix.
  18. Thanks for the reply! I have never seen this happen with trucks, only rovers and storage. Still does nothing for the quartered planet, though...
  19. yes
  20. This is a known issue. All non-building objects (storage, all resources left on the ground, rovers, trucks, etc) that are not attached to a building have a tendency to get glitched under the world when switching planets. There's not much one can do for trucks/rovers but in regards to storage, as long as the storage extension is attached to a building it won't disappear. PS: If you really want to find what you've lost you need to dig underneath where the resources were. If a case is closely below that spot, you might find what you we're looking for. No guarantees though, depends if there is a cave underneath you or not.
  21. Hi I have a problem with connecting to game of my friend. I was once in his game but then frozen. Since then everytime when he invited me after loading i was back in menu with my old saves and couldn't log in the (friends) game. I trying joined his game for more then times but unsuccessfully. Does anyone have any advice? Thx And sorry for my poor English
  22. Do you mean a road map? Look in the general discussions, it's pinned.
  23. It started with me noticing the truck I had on the moon vanishing. I was ok with this, I had about 3 storage boxes full of aluminium. So I remade it. Then I logged off for the day. The next day, the planet was split into four pieces. Which is not too bad, it just kind of ruins the aesthetic of the game. So I got into my space ship, and went to see what it was like. I had just traded all of my lithium, coal and titanium into laterite, and smelted it into aluminium. I had about 6 storage boxes filled with aluminium. In space, the bug fixed when I was near the planet. When I returned to the moon, the 6 boxes of aluminium were gone, my zebra sphere was gone and so were my trucks. I don't know if these glitches are related, but just thought I'd report it. RIP zebra sphere ;( . I was playing with keyboard and mouse on PC, and had no other major problems with the game. Keep up the good work! You're game is incredible.
  24. No Tethers Challenge Build a rover or truck without using any tethers. You get 1 point for each death. Lowest points wins. Last night I did it with 0 deaths.
  25. First and foremost, the controls for xbox are extremely weird. That my opinion and Im sticking to it. As soon as I built the Truck, it was extremely awkward. The driving was just odd, though I understand that this is prealpha, so the fact that it works was amazing enough. While driving, however, I accidentally ran over one of my tethers, and the game decided to freeze and crash. The moment I touched the tether it crashed. Obviously a problem, but this would be one of those "you did it yourself, so no complaints" situation. Either way, there's the issue, so that you devs know.
  26. I don't think the developers have established a set update schedule. I'm not sure if they will, either. Currently their studio only has 6 people, which means only so much work can be done at a time. Also, when they released the game, the holiday season came to a head, which probably scrambled things quite a bit. So it really remains to be seen.
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