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  3. Excuse me for my bad english. This is a game that has potential to become a beautiful game and i think that he needs more dangers ( various type of dangers ) to create an atmosphere of anxiety and curiosity; infact while i'm exploring i don't think to things that kill or attack me and this element makes the game little stimulating from this point of view. They can to be added animals aggressive or peaceful, in additions to other types of plants. I feel strongly the absence of this elements in game and i think that this type of additions ( and a sort of weapon for defense ) can change the game in positive. Tanks for the time spent. To the next suggestion.
  4. Hello Forum, I am having an issue printing a Crane on a Large Platform A, an acceptable platform for crane installation. Here are the details leading up to the incident. *It can be noted that, prior to this bug finding, I was able to successfully print a Crane on a Large Platform A on planet Terran. The Crane was to be printed on planet Arid. The platform was moved about to ensure the pink hologram of the Crane was apparent. Multiple forms of power were tested, including solar panels, batteries, and power bundles. The four copper (required for construction of a crane) were tested both from the inventory, as well as mounted on the Vehicle Bay inventory. The site of the Vehicle Bay and platform were moved a few times to ensure the land was flat enough for construction. The image provided below shows the final attempt at printing the crane, with plenty of power, flat surface, and proper distance of the acceptable platform model. I concluded that the conditions for printing were ample. Another observation made during attempts to print the Crane were the "print" button on the Vehicle Bay's GUI. If no power was connected, it displayed the red lightning symbol for lack of power, as normal. However, once power was connected, the button was not green, but blank, as if nothing was loaded on the Vehicle Bay at all. I did notice that if I panned to another item in the GUI list, such as the Open 1-Seat, and then back to the Crane, the "print" button would quickly flash the green symbol then back to blank, as if it recognized both the required items and a source of power but glitched anyway. It doesn't seem to want to display the green print button for me. I have also tried printing a Crane on the same Vehicle Bay back on planet Terran, the one I had initial success with, and I got similar results with the 'Print Button' glitch. I do not know what to do, but I'd love to get a Drill Crane going soon on Arid, the Lithium deposits are nagging at me. 😆 Thank you for your time, Jacob
  5. Blind Io

    RIP Medium Printer!

    Your computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements. The catalog is getting changed soon, but it's not clear if it'll rectify that bug.
  6. TinRoofRusted

    Rover Won't Move

    Played for a few hours, saved and exited and then today i loaded my save and now my large rover won't move. If i push forward or reverse the battery level goes down but it doesnt move. Tried everything i could think of but can't get it to move. Whats up??
  7. Nargg

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    I just read an article about performers that hate their most popular songs. Hate them to death, but they still perform them, because that's what people want. SES doesn't seem to get that. Complaints should be taken seriously, not bashed or ignored. The final result usually ends up being mediocre and even less. Sad to realize that's might what will happen to this otherwise good game.
  8. Thomas Wurzinger

    RIP Medium Printer!

    system era should optimised the game before removing objects. I have a good computer and i am lagging a bit( intel core i5, 8g RAM intel HD graphics). bored of these update. also the worst bug...
  9. The Touch of Grey Gamer


    Me went to the steam page and me saw a button for DLC's. Me pressed it but only the soundtrack was available, me gots already. What DLC's are coming? What DLC's would you pay for?
  10. AstroShannon

    Oh it's daytime? Time for a storm.

    I thought this was my imagination. I used to love exploring caves, but now I find it too difficult to see no matter how many tethers and work lights I set up. I end up straining to see anything and get a headache.
  11. Summary: Audio Conflict with Oculus Description: Astroneer is not using Windows Default Audio device Astroneer IS using my Oculus Headset for Audio Unplugging the Headset is neither an option, nor an acceptable suggestion Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 CPU: Intel i7 4790K 4GHz GPU: GTX 1070 RAM: 32Gb DD3 XMR Drive: Seagate 2Tb SSHD
  12. Celebrin

    Forum Overhall

    Your Steam and Microsoft integration need serious work. Steam login handoffs are no longer accepted by your forum engine for new users, preventing Steam accounts from being used. Your MS Account request will be denied by every security IT professional in the biz. You do not need full offline change control on a users Microsoft Account, you're a game. Created this manual account for a bug report, but thought you should get this information as well.
  13. hi guys, i have a problem in game. I built a human on the top of a mountain and i can't see it from far away. my friend(who has a worse pc than mine) sees everything normally. can i change it somehow?
  14. Blind Io

    Ways to Mass Collect Organic

    The inhibitor mod will pull resources without deforming terrain.
  15. notarobot347

    How 2 scrap busted exo habits

    I find that having two medium solar panels makes a surplus of energy in the day, and a small generator for driving in the night is pretty good. Can't shred at night, though.
  16. notarobot347

    Ways to Mass Collect Organic

    Does anyone know any ways to collect large amounts of organic without completely wrecking the terrain around my base? I keep driving my rover into rough patches created from previous harvests, and it slows me down a bunch.
  17. Mcnotmac

    Map (GPS)

    Yeah, this is SO needed! I've spent about 5 hours over 2 days lost more than once. A GPS would be wicked. Even with being able to find the north pole (where I head to as soon as possible for the super cosmic phenomenal power), and knowing compass directions, that doesn't help. There are some things I do to help though: When surface exploring, make sure you can make a beacon now & then. When you start to go over a rise or hill where your sight to your base will be blocked, drop a beacon on the crest of the hill, mark it with your 'exploring & lost? Go here!' colour (I use orange). I also use my terrain tool on 'reverse' (so grey shows up) and mark an arrow pointing to my base in the ground. And then I move on. Going over another hill? Drop another beacon, draw an arrow, continue on. Rinse & repeat. This is my old school Minecraft way of finding my path, before addons gave us maps and teleportation. I'd draw arrows on the ground out of torches, or build a HUGE pillar - about 60 blocks up. You can see it for miles. That method is too time-consuming on Astroneer, and the game doesn't load terrain far enough away. And hey - the planet is curved, unlike MC. But I think you get the point.
  18. Last week
  19. hi there, i have 2 main bugs at the moment. one is as you can see the buildings like to float... the other is, i was printing a large shuttle and it stopped midway through and is now a weird garden statue, in which i have locked up my vehicle bay indefinitely. can some one help? or do i just start again?
  20. epicdude312

    Cubes Growing in my base

    Research and build the Inhibitor Mod. It allows you to get rid of the cubes without deforming the terrain. Hopefully the cubes won't respawn after the Terrain 2.0 update that is going to be shown at PAX West at the end of the month and most likely shipped early September.

    what is wolfram, hematite and iron?

    thank you very much ❤️
  22. That'd be cool, maybe as either an upgrade module or a new vehicle.
  23. Hey... Wolframite is the unrefined ore for tungsten and hematite is the unrefined ore for iron. Taken from the update 0.9.2 patch notes:
  24. twus2000

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    Love it! Great job! Would love to upgrade my pack to carry more, would love more flying machines. Monsters?
  25. hi guys, what is wolfram, hematite and iron needed in the game?
  26. Saboth

    Distance indicator

    Well it's easy. Put two beacons on the surface, look from the orbit how many such segments are needed to supplement to half the circumference of the planet. Then divide by 6.28 You will learn how many such segments to the core of the planet. Let them add a ruler.
  27. Blind Io

    [Steam]: Cannot research schematics

    Is it just the one schematic, or is it all research holograms? Please provide your system details, your graphics card in particular.
  28. I use mobile shredder and crunch all on the way, but if you need somekind transportation to items, use just large rover and put medium storages as a wall around above rover.
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