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  3. Greetings, Astroneers! This forum served us well throughout the Early Access release of Astroneer and into the full release, but we are offering support through a number of channels and will be concentrating our efforts there. Thanks to all of you who participated by sharing ideas, offering support, and reporting countless bugs. (May the Zebra Leopard Ball be with those of you reported bots.) Astroneer and this community are better thanks to all of you! We’re still here for you and have shared some guidance below for the best places to report bugs, get support, connect with other players, share your ideas, and staying updated on the latest news. Updates and Astroneer News We publish patch notes and other important news on our blog. Join our mailing list or follow us on social to stay up to date. Troubleshooting and Support Support tickets, crash reports, and bug reports can be emailed to There are a number of troubleshooting guides and answers to frequently asked questions pinned in the #Astroneer-Help channel of our Discord. Suggestions and Connections Use the Game Suggestion flair on the Astroneer Subreddit to share your ideas with us! If you’re looking for other players head to the Multiplayer category of our Discord to find a dedicated server or join a co-op list. Thank you again for being a part of this space, we'll see you around. Gina C.
  4. Bug: When you connect the winch into the beacon, it starts spinning in fast speeds almost instantly, making it disconnect and go high in the air, When trying to put the beacon down (putting it in the air, so its not glued to the ground.), that the winch was connected to, (beacon is no longer connected to the winch.) it starts ignoring the ground and falling thru everything until it hits the core, or gets stopped by something.
  5. Try activating a vintage probe again.
  6. Mission not completed, win10, current version I have achievement in Steam (The First Discovery and The Wanderer's Way) but in game "Things to Remember" is not complete. I think it because i find all Vintage probes before then "Things to Remember" appear in my game. How to fix it ?
  7. I don't know if anyone else has had this issue.for the last year I've played this game on and off and everytime I go into the options menu to change the keybinds, the game freezes
  8. Hey NP. Any word on if a fix for this is forthcoming?
  9. I had an idea for when you get to the point in the game when you are traveling to different planets. Instead of using ammonium as fuel for the solid fuel thruster, you could use explosive powder as the fuel. The range would only be good enough to get you to Desolo. You would remove ammonium from Sylva and put it on Desolo, so you have to go to Desolo to get ammonium and travel to more planets. The issue though is you can't get sulfur on Sylva, so you could instead make the recipe for explosive powder be carbon and hydrogen. You could also make sulfur avaliable on Sylva.
  10. Is there any way of making Steam saves local again? Steam Cloud has replaced the saves with a cloud file with a code. I am having no luck finding them on the cloud. any suggestions?
  11. When ever my friend uses the waypoint system from core to core, if he travels to Sylvia my large shuttle teleports to him and gets stuck in the core. This is on xbox. (P.s: this has happened to me and friends twice, the second time we just decided to give up and get off the game)
  12. My bad, Tethers were in backpack' left active slot.
  13. I bought the game too on PS5, is there any fix for the resolution and FPS?
  14. [Tether] (place) command duplicates on [Context Left] key.
  15. I have the Microsoft and steam versions of astroneer. The steam version launches exactly how its supposed to, but now the microsoft version launches for half a second then crashes almost instantly. I have looked for hours at every single solution in the book, but alas nothing has worked. I honestly dont think there is anything i can do to fix this, but maybe one of you guys can help out.
  16. The SSL certificate for expired on 7/26/2021. Please use a valid certificate.
  17. Summary: I'm stuck in the tutorial on the "Restore Power to the Smelting Furnace" step. A message says my backpack is full, but my backpack is empty. Description: Playing through the tutorial, I've become stuck. The tutorial step is "Obtain a Solid-Fuel Thruster -- Restore Power to the Smelting Furnace." I've tried everything I can think of to power the smelting furnace, and neither one worked. I can't attach a Tether to it (actually I can, but the tether doesn't connect to other tethers; it looks more like it's being stored), and attaching the Small Generator doesn't seem to do anything. The generator is consuming organic material, and I've attached it to all the different spots it can attach on the furnace, but the objective hasn't been completed. I've turned both the generator and the smelter off and on. Earlier in the tutorial, there were hints that told me more specifically what to do (pick up the tether, press F, gather this resource, etc). However, the only hint for me right now is "Backpack -- Your backback is full. Remove unneeded resources to make space." That was true at one time, but I've removed everything I possibly can (as far as I can tell) from both my backpack and the terrain tool, and the message persists. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 CPU: i7-9700K GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 RAM: 32GB Drive: 850 EVO SSD
  18. Thank you the game is loading, I think I used the none gamer version of the driver when I setup before because I do a lot of video editing and cad.
  19. I thought I had the latest as I needed it for resolve, anyway I will update and try again. Lee
  20. Excellent, glad it was an easy fix! Don't sweat it, I'm happy to help. Enjoy your adventures!
  21. Hi Lee, sorry you're having trouble. Your DxDiag file says you're using driver version, but when I looked up the most current drivers for the GTX 970 it showed me driver version 471.41. If you are still encountering issues after updating, please send us an email to with the same attachments and we'll dig a little deeper.
  22. Thank you for your response, and sorry that I didn't try the simplest and most common problem solver in the world, restarting! XD Now the gam launches perfectly fine, just the restart was enough I think, no update needed. Sorry again and thank you
  23. I'm not sure I've encountered this before. Make sure Windows and all of your drivers are up to date, reboot and give it another try.
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