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  2. I put a couple of hours into the experimental build on a PC with keyboard and mouse. Here's what I've encountered: Frame rate is HORRIBLE in a NEW game - couldn't imagine dropping a hundred tethers or building a large base on this release. Printer noises are much louder than everything else Animation noises are missing when I exit a hab, and a few others Music seems to cut in and out unexpectedly Base conduit still has a mind of it's own A large tree I dug up earlier came back to life, hopped around, killed me dead, and is now laying across my printer. And I don't have the chainsaw blueprint :-( I don't think I can play this release, largely due to the frame rate issue - it so bad it induce that queasy feeling. Windows 7, 24G memory, i7
  3. Like others have said, if you are ok playing a game that is definitely a "work in progress", buy it now. If you'd rather have a more finished game, buy it later. It sounds like you'll like it. In the last month, there have been 8 developer Twitch streams over at their official Twitch account. They've also been posting weekly Q&As along with frequent update vlogs on their official Youtube. So, I'd say they were pretty active!
  4. I gotta say, that's an impressive base. I've never made it that far into a game I guess, but still it looks so dope.
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  6. Thanks Jason. No flying events since that time but will try your recommendation.
  7. I update driver GPU and Astroneer RUN !
  8. co-op

    Ahh that could be the issue... Did manage to get one person in my game but only for 5 mins before they dropped out each time. Just signed up to the newsletter so i guess ill be notified for new patches...
  9. - items floating after a storm. The wind is now able to move items (not a bug), but once the storm has past items are often just left floating in the air. - Random movement of nodes when trying to expand the base. Even after resin has been loaded (the "build it" command) the node can still move. - Items in backpack can be sideways. Tethers can be reversed so you only see the backplate. - Adjusting audio controls for Sound Effects or Ambience has no effect O/S: Windows 10 (Fully patched) Client: Steam
  10. co-op

    Multiplayer is unplayable with current patch (196) anyway. Waiting for next patch.
  11. As an Xbox player, I really love the work that is being done to improve controller support. Really wish we could test this stuff out on the Xbox though, seeing as we are the biggest target market Was this game cross buy? I can't remember, if so I could test on my gaming rig ... as much as I love this game, I can't justify buying it twice. EDIT: Actually that's irrelevant, this is only for the Steam build
  12. Oh, that would be cool, plus might help with the new light problem caused by the worklight update, a nice temporary solution. It would do well, but since printer can't take more than 2 resource as input, I'd suggest to only use 1 organic and 1 resin? that would fit well.
  13. I have a Logitech Gamepad F310 (basically a cheap Xbox controller) and I have a Steam controller. I have Steam installed. I am having major problems trying to get the game to recognize the controllers at all. Both controllers simply revert to the desktop controls, and I actually suspect Steam is not recognizing the game as running. I can confirm the Steam overlay is not working when I try it in normal desktop mode. This means I have to swap out my desktop config in Steam to test my controllers, which is rather inconvenient :(. The new controls are interesting, and it'll take some time to get used to them; I don't think I can give great feedback right now. I will note that I prefer the "inverted" controls - a bit of something I am used to from the early days of flight simulators, and it sticks with me to this day when playing games on a controller. For those who are curious as to why some people like inverted controls, here is a good illustration.
  14. 1. Module connections disappear for players besides host 2. Very laggy when playing with friends. 3. Host does weird running gesture after 5 min of gameplay nonstop - when either standing or walking/running, does very weird animation. 4. Small solar panel appears as hosts head instead of on back-pack per usual. Appears half the size of the player as well... Thoughts: - need dedicated servers asap - good driving, but rumor has it you cannot play with 2 large rovers at same time with patch 196 - I was waiting to play astroneer with my brother after we played hours and hours earlier this summer. Patch 196 came out, and we convinced our buddy to buy it and play with us. Multiplayer was horrible, lag was upsetting, and all the weird bugs made the game less immersive (which is what you want in a game like this). So, we can't play it until all the issues are addressed. I played patch 196, after anxiously waiting for weeks, for about 1 hour total. Sad.
  15. My frame rate on the Xbox One has dropped drastically since installing patch 196. I wouldn't classify it as "unplayable", but definitely "unenjoyable". Also much of the terrain is covered in minute graphical artifacts (small white specks). Have any other Xbox players noticed this?
  16. I believe the Xbox / win 10 version has a free trail so you can check it out.
  17. Half the times i hop in my buggy to save the game it crashes the game.
  18. So I was driving away from my base and I was really far away and I was relying on my rover or (buggy) as me and my friends like to call it, and the wheels of the buggy clipped in to the ground and I started flying through the air in my buggy and when I jumped out the wheels teleported back onto the buggy but its now basically orbiting the planet and its forever gone (i can see it when i leave the planet in my space shuttle. Xbox one version of astroneer.
  19. While this is not a huge bug idk if it even is but after you've crafted the light you can create in you backpack the light will turn off while crafting in your backpack
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  21. I can confirm this: Negative: Multiplayer Bugs: Crash to desktop for client player. about every 5 min. Some tethers are upside down after rejoining a game for client player.
  22. you need to start A new game with every update. old save wont work.
  23. Same for me Game crashes within 5 min of game play I am the guest host does not crash. sent many Auto generated reports. Please fix this and address this issue thanks.
  24. a Couple ideals sparked by the game pad vlog 1) on the game pads there are a few things that are really hard to do that the pc can do as a simple key stroke ---- my suggestion is this put a small pop up menu on the game ( during the game screen ) that with that controller users can scroll down and highlight to temp add that function to the astroneer. ( as mentioned on the vlog a VERB) this would be like a hold command and would no longer function once the say trigger button is released . I belive that it would function much like a multi button push requirement but would be inbeded in the pop up menu and not required to be done on the pad its self. the reason I belive that the pop up menu would be a good ideal are as follows: not having to remember a complex series of commands would keep the basic feel of the game intact . Finger fatigue from long holding requirements to do some of the tasks is a common thing I see In the forums. and lastly on this section of ideal is that it would open up the controller pads options for more updates down the road. 2) second ideal not related to the above comment , the dead astroneers back pack --- since we have a temp dreath of storage places to store our found wealth , can we look into the ideal of making the dead astroneers back pack be a detachable item that we can use till we unlock a storage rack ? few problems I can see with this are going to be listed below but to continue the thought , there is usally some items that we can use on the poor fellow but if we are full up on the backpack the only way we can save them is to haul out the body and throw down a beacon to get back to that location at a later time ( which brings up one of the problems for later ) . if the backpack was detachable and shrunk like the zebra ball on the vlog we might be able to place it on the live astroneers slot much like a seed from a spiker plant. if it was kept to long on the pack deteration would have it desolve thus losing the items that were on the dead pack. when we transferred it to a vehical to carry it back to base it would be only one hole carry . and once it makes it back to the base it would be able to be stored on a module till the reasurch chest is found . then it would start to desolve shortly after the storage module was printed. just tossing the dead pack in a hole would start to dissolve the pack and lose all items left on it but if it was connected to say a node or a printer module it would not deteriate . problems I can see with this are : a) determining the deteriation rate in the variouse locations b) stacking multiple packs might cause fps problems c) adding the plug holes to transfer the packs around might be a pain to re engineer the pack( See the 10 inch astroneer on the desk to see what I mean) d) the shrinking is I belive a dev function and not in the game as of yet the advantages of the dead pack would allow us to have a short term small storage till the actual storage is found, fewer holes in the ground or in usable spaces on the modules . it would be a place to store a few items while we look around if we take it off our pack and fill up the blank spaces but would not be a safe container till we put it on to a vehical slot. it would give us that few spaces on the backpack without having to do a major overhaul of the back pack Thank you for giving the time to read this and hope that it at least sparks a few other ideals down the road . Keep up the good work and make our game great !
  25. When I try to load my saved game, it loads for 15 seconds and then crashes. Now I know astroneer on the xbox one is laggy, but my base usually loads.
  26. co-op

    Currently unable to get multiplayer working with xbox app on windows, spent a few hours now with nothing to show...
  27. Multiplayer in windows version not working for me or any of my friends...
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