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  2. Yes I really like it it would be cool
  3. Makes me sad no one ever considers Xbox
  4. Yes. Literally unplayable.
  5. This is the second time i blew up this vent, to confirm the issue as it reappeared after prior load.
  6. Instead of helicopter go hover copter. It's the future
  7. I would like to see both a drill head light and work light. +1 for both ideas
  8. Bahahah I agree if they only add content the game will be unplayable due to constant crashes and bugs .
  9. No guns, but shield generator sounds nice.
  10. Today
  11. I loaded my save game today and discovered a large chunk of my base had been covered by a non-destructible structure, as seen in the screenshot.
  12. I like that truck with the dual layer idea.
  13. I like the tunnel bore and satellites the most.
  14. A light on the crane head itself would clear that up. No need for a work light.
  15. Personally I don't exactly like this kind of thing. An HP bar hurts the immersion. Astroneer isn't really going to be a game where you ever need to know exactly how many HP you have left.
  16. I don't like that you can see the beacon from space, yet not from the ground over a mountain.
  17. I like this idea as well.
  18. It would be nice to have portable working lights, to place on the ground where you work. And especially to have lights on the crane. I cant see anything when I drill a hole down in the planet. The tethers do light up but you dont see what you drill in front of you after a few metres again.
  19. This is Terran seen from Radiated. What did the aliens do to my home planet? Did they use the Nutcrackerday Machine?
  20. I do agree that an actual bar would be a nice way to keep track of health, just mount it on the backpack somewhere.
  21. Being able to "ping" resource deposits underground would be a great idea. Except for physically seeing evidence of them, I haven't found any otherwise.
  22. I would be much happier if guns were excluded, the shield generator idea is nice. I've seen it once or twice for various things, such as protecting bases from dust storms.
  23. I love the idea of a shield generator. And even if "guns" in the traditional sense weren't included, I'd love to see some way to repel dangerous creatures.
  24. Was actually thinking of a workaround to having the mech, just allow energy nuggets to supercharge the deformer. Allowing you to mine faster and further away.
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