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  2. Kranitz

    Disappearing Vehicles

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Mine appear to be in orbit. I'd like them back. None of my vehicles seem to have their beacons anymore either..
  3. C P

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    my mistake... here is the broken planet...
  4. Wyvyrias

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    That's actually just the usual terrain seams bug. It's not the "broken/split planet" bug that's the reason for this thread. It's visually similar, but practically different, as it's not entirely visual, but also often doesn't disappear when you actually try to jump into it.
  5. C P

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    This also happens to me going from .7 to .8 on the same save.
  6. I have been playing on xbox/win10 for a few months and have been smitten by this game. I'm trying to get my friends to join in on the fun. The first friend I got to buy the game got it on Steam. Come to find out you cannot play with people on Steam with the game purchased on the Windows Store. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed. I realize dedicated servers are on the way and that will assist with bridging the gaps between players of various platforms. While I do not know all the details of this feature, in the discord server it sounded as if there will still be limitations such as session persistence and things of that nature. When logging into the forum here I was met with the screenshot uploaded below and it solidified the idea that I was having. So my idea would be having a SES/Astroneer account that as the focal point for all player to player interactions in the game that can link to your MS and Steam accounts. There are other games out there that do similar things, Epic/Fortnite or Minecraft would be the most relevant examples that come to mind. You link the various platforms to the SES ID and then that allows you to see friends on all the platforms and build SES friend lists to initiate multiplayer and things of that nature. This could allow for game saves/session stuffs to be stored centrally with SES and synced to the various platforms for single player/multiplayer. I am still all for the dedicated servers as it will allow for larger MP sessions, but the idea of someone having to rent from a 3rd party host to get that is much less appealing. This would give another option that doesn't require yet another cost/subscription. Just a thought.
  7. Sly Mouse

    Error: Failed to join.

    So today I bought astroneer and fell in love with the game. Its a marvelous and cute explore game and I wanted a friend of mine to play. So we both joined while at his house with no problem. When I left though, I got on my xbox to join up with him and we both recieved Error failed to join host. I have tried port forwarding and reseting routers and consoles. My NAT is open and his is moderate but we just can't make it work. Please help.
  8. Wyvyrias

    Organic Taps

    I am pretty sure they'll do that once it's ready.
  9. In the attached image are two bugs I am currently experiencing: The large solar panels that you can find are kind of a pain to maneuver around with the winch and apparently they can get stuck in the clouds while trying to move them. Also, there is a 'Suffocating' warning hanging out over the top of the Exo Habitat and there is no player attached to the warning, and no player is currently suffocating. Another issue that my second player is experiencing, in the backpack view, he can't see what items are needed to create tools; the holographic is not showing up at all on his game. On mine it is fine. We are both playing through Steam with mouse/keyboard.
  10. BraveDaun

    Unforgiving Tutorial

    I've got the same problem... not only did I put organic on the generator too early, but I researched things out of order and before I was told to. Not only can I not start/Stop a generator (I have 5 now and only 2 do anything but can't be shut off), but my pack wants me to "PRINT A" because I've already printed the things it wanted before it asked me. I've printed one of everything since the message appeared and it still won't go away. Aborting Tutorial... Other than these problems with doing things out of order totally breaking it the tutorial is great, though it might give new users the impression that they have to fix broken equipment all the time. . Also interesting to note - the red collar at the top of the generator does not cast a shadow - making the shadow of the organic appear to float.
  11. Blind Io

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    The fact that you're they only person who hasn't solved the problem with a complete shutdown is an interesting point. We're all on the same console playing the same game, what could be the problem?
  12. Helo all of SystemEra's great staffs I have a request about a controling with Game-pad (Xbox360 and Xbox One controller) This is a quote from a post 'Most Frequent Suggens ~' I playing a game with Xbox360 or Xbox One's game-pad very well on PC, as well as the ASTRONEER. I wonder why a Digging and a Rising (vacume and discharge) are NOT corespond to an Analog-inputing with Left/Right Triggers with these controllers. These responds is only just 1 or 0 (ON or OFF) in current game version. That is one of regrettable matter X) Therefore I think that I hope you will add this improvement point by all means to that list We're look forward to completion of this great game the ASTRONEER, and more futures too and I'm sorry to my no good English, I hope you would udnerstand that. Thanks for reading
  13. Onetxaggie

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    still issues with saving. Comical, maybe they will fix before official rollout. How disappointing
  14. Summary: Loaded save from prior version has restored the planet's resources. Description: Upon trying the new version, I went to load my latest project which involved planing off portions of Barren to see what it looked like from orbit and from other planets. Instead of the x-ray vision into the terrain where I had parked, the rover was now parked on the surface--surrounded by the resin I had removed. Upon looking around, and clearing the ghost terrain by entering the chunk to refresh it, all of the resources I had removed and the non-terrain rocks had returned, as well as all of the acid pots and exploding plants I had removed. The danglers are hit or miss; some ended up buried in the local surface, some were hanging in free space. The spikers do not appear to have returned. The resources are validly harvestable, if I lift the terrain to them. Platform: Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: win 10 home CPU: intel i7-8550u @ 1.80GHz GPU: intel uhd graphics 620 RAM: 8 GB Drive: toshiba mq04abf100 118 GB
  15. Google Translate: Hello, Steam | Win 7 i5 4690k gtx 970 OC ssd evo pro 250go I encounter the problem when creating the large Rover with a seat, the one that is in the controls and that does not take into account the modification azerty even changing in the settings. It will be nice to differentiate foot and vehicle controls. Good luck to you I look forward to the continuation. Original: Bonjour, Steam | Win 7 i5 4690k gtx 970 OC ssd evo pro 250go Je rencontre le problème lors de la création du grand Rover avec un siège, celui qui se trouve dans les commandes et qui ne prend pas en compte la modification azerty même en changeant dans les paramètres. Il serai bien de différencier les commandes à pied et véhicules. Bon courage à vous j'attends la suite avec impatience.
  16. Steelpoint

    Organic Taps

    I agree. It would make one of the less convenient energy options significantly more appealing, plus it would add an incentive to preserve the trees and other large organic structures around your base.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Ajprice16

    Organic Taps

    What is the recipe
  19. Freakyweakywoo

    Cannot build a Crane on a Large Rover while on Barren

    Logged in today, same issue, then I put the seat on the other end to force it to build the crane using the other slots and it built fine. odd that with no seats it would kepp trying to pick the slots it didnt want to build on, but hey I have my large rover with a crane on barren so its all good I guess.
  20. CobraA1

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    I get a feeling Astroneer may end up like Minecraft: Always adding content, always making changes. Such games never really have a good place to draw the line between early access and official release. I think for the purposes of Astroneer, the 1.0 release really marks the end of major systems development for the developers: Terrain 2.0 and private servers are really the final systems to be put into place for the near future, and I imagine their focus will shift to more content and bug fixing. Having a 1.0 release will also help them with publishing and other parts of the game development business. For example, Sony won't allow early access games on the PlayStation, so officially releasing the game would be required if they wanted to port the game to the PlayStaytion sometime.
  21. Martin

    Is it just me?

    Given that the scout vehicle is pretty easy to access having moving o2 supply is pretty easy to get. Even the 2nd vehicle is easy to get and allows hauling of research fairly easy. The table can simply be disabled as an o2 provider unless it's connected to other tables etc ie in a base. As for the free o2/power on the ground, maybe they could add meteor strikes that deposit those on the ground. As for the resource nodes, I refer to my earlier post.
  22. Thundercraft

    Missions - Repairs

    Astroneer seems amazing now. But I can't help but feel that I will soon grow tired of it after the newness wears off, as has happened to me with many other games that don't have a story mode, a quest system or some specific goals to aim for. Not even multiplayer is enough for me to keep playing a game that seems almost exclusively limited to exploration, sandbox and resource gathering. I like the sandbox genre. But if that's about all a game can boast about, they can quickly become boring... Is asking for missions or specific, set goals too much to ask for? This isn't even the only topic I found on this suggestion of adding goals or missions to Astroneer. Some other posts on this which I found noteworthy and full of good ideas: End Game Ideas What's not to love about these ideas? Shouldn't EXO send the occasional blueprint or, at the least, helpful advice to players? As explorers, perhaps EXO would unlock or upload higher tier research in exchange for the player exploring certain things it asks for or for gathering so much (total, not current) research bytes? Perhaps they would send the player survey data (perhaps from sensors on an orbiter or from a previous survey mission), directing them to go to certain places to search for something unusual? Perhaps, as an early goal, players can do the research and gather resources in order to build a large communications dish or satellite (perhaps even needing to launch it into space) in order to communicate with EXO? That, or fix a damaged communications array? And, while building a small space ship is one thing, I love the idea of being able to eventually research and build a huge space ship able to traverse interstellar distances. Justification for scaling the game These are good points. Resource gathering is a big part of Astroneer. And it would be more rewarding to the player if we could send a surplus of our resources to EXO in exchange for certain perks, such as gaining a higher 'rank' and/or unlocking higher tier research. It fits very well with the story and gives the player a sense of accomplishment. There's something to be said for working for a 'bigger picture.' Give me a mission Rescuing other astroneers from crash sites would be nice. As said, we could help them build or fix their ship, ending with them blasting off and sending/leaving us a perk - such as research points or resources/stuff left behind. And I love the idea of collecting Astronium as an End Game goal, particularly if EXO needs it to build something like wormhole gates or research into trying to make FTL ships or something. I do see some hope for something like goals or missions, though. Looking at the roadmap, I see entries for stuff like this (but little to no details): Complex Encounters / Discoveries World Puzzles Narrative Supported via Gameplay Cartography Also, with the planned introduction of Creatures / Aggressive Fauna, Farming, Climate Events and Liquid on Planets, I can think of several other goals or missions EXO (or a organization like it) could give players. Perhaps players could be rewarded for data collected about a planet's unique creatures, plants, climate and weather systems, and liquid oceans (if any)? This game is largely about exploration, isn't it? Wouldn't it be nice to have an added incentive to just explore? Otherwise, after a while, wouldn't one planet start to look like any other, eroding the desire to keep playing?
  23. kiefac

    Organic Taps

    Make the organic taps from the tutorial available in normal gameplay. Even if they are much slower, it would make small generators significantly more useful.
  24. Wyvyrias

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    Read the patch notes.
  25. nrage

    0.8.0 - Steam - No audio/sound

    Solution found .. audio does not work with my Oculus Rift plugged in. Note, my default device and default communication device are set to my headphones (in fact I have a tool to switch these from speakers to headphones to rift). I am guessing some early work on VR has crept into the live build?
  26. Martin

    Attention Moderators

    Indeed. Or it will be in 44 seconds... 28 seconds... 17 seconds... Time is very slow on this forum.
  27. Martin

    Barren is not so barren...

    I prefer the Moon. Always wanted to live on a Moon.
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