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  3. Danielbetu

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    This is a new bug, the two screenshots are from the same Rover which is continuously floating, it is not the case when it flies away, because the Rover is permanently in the air and I can not get it out. If you re-read my post, I said in the same that I tried to move it by hitting it with another Rover, I took all the ground under it, I tried to hook it with the winch and I tried to tow it, I do not know what else to do.
  4. Danielbetu

    New and very interesting bug

    Thanks for your advice VT_Mongo !!
  5. Yesterday
  6. VT_Mongo

    New and very interesting bug

    Carry some compound as well because then you can craft filters when your O2 gets low and they will refill your tanks.
  7. Having the same problem. Tried all the usual items, uninstall and reinstall, verify files, restart steam, restart computer, run as administrator, etc etc. Also tried running it in both full and windowed with the same results each time.
  8. Darth Hobbes

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    use Ctrl+ L Click
  9. KayTran

    Energy & Vehicle Bug

    For the last 2 months i've had issues where the energy doesn't transfer from my base at all, or anywhere around the base. I have unplugged the devices, uninstalled, verified and re plugged everything back and nothing. I also found this error, where i would get out of the vehicle and it would fly away I hope this leads to further development, i love this game and i really wanna get back to playing it; keep up the good work and please fix this bug! bandicam 2018-04-21 21-35-52-685Trim.mp4 bandicam 2018-04-21 21-35-52-685Trim.mp4
  10. ramalamafizzfaj

    when is the next update due?

    *does a happy dance*
  11. Damn! You're so right! Oh well! Thanks for the insight
  12. drpeppercan

    Sound goes off too often

    Got ya! Thank you LG
  13. By holding E on the habitat you "deployed" it. It now thinks it's been planted firmly on a planet and is trying to act as the primary hub of your base. IMO you shouldn't have been able to deploy it on a shuttle, but...
  14. Lord_Greyscale

    There's something wrong with tundra

    Oh joy, borked planets are back.
  15. Lord_Greyscale

    Sound goes off too often

    This may not actually be a problem with Astroneer, but instead with Windows itself. There is a setting in Windows, I've long since forgotten where, that zeros out the "volume" for an application whenever a "chat program" takes focus. (this setting is typical microsoft over-zealousness in action, it never helps anyone, pisses off every IT department that hears of it, and self-activates on conditions contrary to it's stated conditions.) All I can advise is to search through all the settings windows you can hunting for this one, and if/when you find it, turn it off. In the event that it is allready off, then I'm sorry I wasn't able to help, and can only hope that the Astroneer devs manage to find and correct it. EDIT: found where it is, right-click the speaker icon, select "sounds", then the "communications" tab. Set it to "do nothing" instead of whatever it was. (again, it self activates it's other settings for reasons other than it's stated ones)
  16. Thunder Melon

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    It has been said before in this thread. If you mount your seat to the FRONT of the large rover it will not catapult into the sky every time you get off. Spread the word until the physics are fixed
  17. Lord_Greyscale

    Things become unselectable

    I should've responded earlier, but I've been having this same issue. (wanted to verify that I was experiencing it) It's not just things that are mounted to rovers/platforms/plants either, sometimes it happens only to "loose" items, and then later blocks my ability to do mounted stuff, but "loose" items can now be picked up. It seems to happen most often after a storm, any storm at all, even ones that didn't pass over you, but instead simply went near enough to be heard.
  18. Lord_Greyscale

    Bug while exiting large rover v0.6.5.0

    Yes, that is absolutely the problem, the team consistently under-adjusts how far away from the rover you need to be. (likely from doing the tests with tall'n'skinny default dude, instead of ChunkZilla or Cosmonaut.)
  19. Lord_Greyscale

    Rover Single Seat bug

    Same here, and unlike what others have said, using Alt(or CTRL, or SHIFT) + LMB does nothing.
  20. I've noticed an alarming tendency for things to dissapear in the backpack. This is extra annoying when I've just used my only aluminum(or copper) making a wind generator(or small solar), and said generator never appears. (but the aluminum has been consumed) EDIT: Allso, longstanding "bug" where if the terrain-tool's "stack" is inside geometry when it completes, and the backpack is full, the stack is lost because it falls into a cave/the planet's core.
  21. Lord_Greyscale

    No Steam Login...

    Personally, been having this problem from day one of joining this forum, to both greater (can't login with steam at all) and lesser (actually an error because yet another drunkard rammed the telephone pole leading to my street, resolved within the hour) extents. I've allways suspected it was a database error in this site's backend systems (or Time Warner Cable being a colossal douche again), since it never mattered which of my three computers I was making the attempt from. (one of which I semi-regularly do a full nuke and reinstall on.) I'll be happy to be proven wrong, of course, since these things usually aren't the fault of anyone running the forums, but it never directly hurts to suspect human/robot error.
  22. drpeppercan

    Small Generator will disappear...

    I see. Thanks
  23. Lord_Greyscale

    Small Generator will disappear...

    ... that shouldn't be dissapearing, but it is most likely being flung off into the distance, as power cables being connected cause the "stuff" attachment points to: stop functioning as attachment points, extend out at obscene speed, flip 180 degrees, and slide back in at obscene speed. Then reverse that for unhooking the power cable. (the power cable is not supposed to be attachable while you have items attached, and you shouldn't be able to attach items while the cable is in.) Check somewhat more distant areas out in "front" of your rover. Heck, check caves under your rover. Check the sky too. (and god forbid a sodding cloud be in the way)
  24. Elendar

    My Rover Ideas

    I don't think that is what he meant at all with that, so your rewording is not accurate. Probably did mean all the rovers should move at the same time as active drive units, rather than the front rover pulling all the others. I think the trailing rovers should move at 50% (maybe up to 60-65%) of their normal speed so that they don't run into the rovers in front of them. The train should slow down a bit with each rover attached.. but should still be able to climb slopes. Also think the larger rovers should be able to climb slopes, being the "workhorses" with more powerful drive components.. They should be slow but powerful, being able to pull a large load up virtually any slope and shouldn't get stuck on every lil stone on the ground like they do now. As for seats, I don't think they should be able to be attached to the front like that.
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