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  2. It would be great if the rover seat could have a second mount point on the back of the seat so that it could be mounted on the front of either the medium or large rovers and be oriented properly.
  3. technopeon

    Ground vehicles should have headlights

    Wary: The work lights do not shine ahead like the flashlight on the astroneer. They have a rather small light radius. Headlights on a vehicle could shine ahead for a long distance.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Blind Io

    Mini Map/ Hud compass

    I forgot to mention the navigation tip that your starter base is always on the equator, so you use the compass to head directly north or south until the band of stars is directly overhead, then head east or west. It helps to check your compass before you set off too. On other worlds, when you select a landing site, North is always on the right side so you can judge where your base is. Using the compass to make a polar base keeps it simple!
  6. Version 10.2.0. PC version, Windows 7, 8 gigs memory, I7 CPU. Save file included. Rebooting / Restarting does not fix the problem. Started a new game, and the problem is not there in that one, but load the other save and it still doesn't work. Launch into space and the planets do not move, and at my base the stars stay still and night stays forever. AUTOSAVE_0_2018.10.19-14.35.21.sav
  7. TehSmoo

    Do away with teathers

    Yeah, that's a definite experience-killer. Running back and forth up and down a passage, for EACH research item, or each backpack load of materials. I hope they do something about that... elevators? And I suppose that the code that curves the plugs could be adaptable for conveyor models as well.
  8. Wary Explorer

    Mini Map/ Hud compass

    Closest thing we have right now on the Road map is cartography.
  9. Tommy

    Mini Map/ Hud compass

    I love the idea of the compass being on your character instead of being on the screen. having it be an item or, having an activation key and then it could come up like a halo about your characters head. Wile having to get out of the vehicle to check it would get annoying it would definitely make sense and fit the game's athletic. Thanks
  10. Tommy

    Mini Map/ Hud compass

    Thanks for the feedback. And as far as a compass goes I'm only talking about a two-inch line or so at the top center of the screen. While you can find interesting things once you get lost I usually can't take them back because my rover and inventory are full so personally I would rather be able to get back home, store everything then go back out. I think a map or the holo globe would fit the game better but just as a basic navigation tool, I believe a small simple compass would be a nice addition. Thanks
  11. Tommy

    Mini Map/ Hud compass

    I like that idea, you could have like radio relay put up every mile or so, assuming that the plant's circumference is only like ten to twenty miles. that would definitely make a good balance.
  12. Tommy

    Mini Map/ Hud compass

    I like what you're saying, I actually touched on the slight idea in another post I made about space elevators. Iand I think that some of your problems could be simply solved by the beacon menu that I proposed in the first post, you would have all the beacons for the planet listed and you could take them off your compass at any time. and thanks for participating in my idea.
  13. thejackcraft10

    Rover in mountion

    so i welcome new streamers or returning streamers to astroneer one of them wanted me to report this. his rover in inside a mountion and will NOT move. i joined the game and it was true no matter what power level or button it wouldnt move. please fix this before it happens to someone else
  14. Mak-a-Face

    Can't mouve forward with vehicle (buggy rover)

    The answer is in this old thread.
  15. I can mouve forward and all direction with step, but in the buggy and rover I can't. I just mouve backward and turn left and right the wheels??? For information evry start the game i have configure because i have AZERTY keyboard. Thanks😊
  16. AbeStrange

    Mini Map/ Hud compass

    I see what you mean about adding a fixed hud. I do enjoy the fact that all the UI in the game is "in game holograms", or at least that's the goal. Rather than adding a fixed hud, it would be cool to toggle the compass around your character on and off. Maybe on mouse over, we get a GUI hologram tooltip saying hold E to toggle the Compass on? Or gate it behind a tier0 suit module called advanced compass (or something cool like Gyrometer) that has to be equipped to give the constant compass effect, even in vehicles. Make it cost a single piece of Iron and it won't interrupt the main progression. Having to stop and get out of a vehicle to check your orientation is not a gameplay enriching feature, especially with the associated lagtime from the game save trigger. Admittedly it isn't the highest priority fix, but I think it would add more to the sandbox, especially a mid-late game mapping process.
  17. Martin

    Extenders vs Splitter

    I R smart. I R Explorer, who does get lost. But I survive. (that said a dangly thing ate me, twice) Game is same, but different, but still the same, recipes change, modules change, but still essentially the same game. Nothing is hard or a grind when you plan. I R always planning. Oh and yesterday I used a splitter. To send power to two different bases.
  18. Trumyn Fondaco

    Not allowing me to save

    Everytime I get in a vehicle or my habitat or even save an exit it blacks screens and sends me to dash board and when I go back it's on an old save.
  19. I sent an email reporting a bug and haven't gotten any response?
  20. Cave lures are sometimes tricky to spot. Could be that, too.
  21. Blind Io

    Mini Map/ Hud compass

    I really dislike the idea of a fixed HUD. We don't need one, at all. The game looks and feels different, and adding stuff you see in other games isn't necessarily the best thing. It's something that really splits opinion every time it gets mentioned, though. We've got a compass, and while I agree that it should show the closest beacon, I think adding too much would detract from the feeling of exploration, especially in the early game, so yeah it should be gated as the others have said. I'll be interested to see how they execute maps when they get to it on the roadmap!
  22. technopeon

    Character stuck on invisible objects when moving

    I get this problem all the time. +1
  23. BlindMelonhead

    Steam - Thrown through the air and through the terrain

    Yep, same problem. Very annoying, but thankfully not incredibly frequent.
  24. BlindMelonhead

    Terrain smooth tool snaps to lines and skips the space between

    Yep, this is the main bug I run into on a regular basis
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