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  2. BurlierEarth7

    Anti-gravity shrinking Bubble

    This is a really rare item you can make using rare items such as astronium, or a new anti-gravity ore. When placed down you can select up to a certain range with a slider to collect and it will pick up all the items (that the player has made, such as platforms, machines, etc.. but not research items, dirt, etc...) and shrink them down to a "package" size (small amounts would be carried on your backpack, medium amounts in your hand, and large on a vehicle) to carry to another place, such as a new base, and if its something that cant be packaged or moved (like a habitat) then it won't pick it up. you can also make different sizes of these, such as a backpack size (maybe a tiny range?) or Tier 1 - 3 (ranging from a small range to an enormous range).
  3. BurlierEarth7

    Terrain Analyzer Station

    I like this idea, I hope it gets added!
  4. BurlierEarth7

    Byte consuming printer

    (Just thought of this, needs lots of refinement,) What if someone has extra bytes and doesn't need them? How about a new item that you can research (It would be a small to medium item) and build it using (in my opinion, and double the amount for a medium one,) 1 aluminum (Casing) & 1 copper (wires) for about 3,750 bytes. With this, you will pair it with a new machine (Name not made yet) that converts your bytes into a small canister of blue (or green) material (Maybe a lower level material for 100 - 500 bytes, and a higher level material for 1000 - 3000 bytes), then you use the material to make useful uncommon - rare ores, such as ammonium, laterite, titanite, or even hematite! The material machine would cost 2,500 bytes, and the power consumption would be 6u/s for the machine and 5u/s for the printer, +3u/s to each for medium-size ones. The medium printers would print out something like a premium catalog machine that gives new items (for example, a reusable machine that repairs debris by using material), for example, a broken solid fuel thruster would be repaired for 1 ammonium, and a broken habitat could be repaired for 3 silicone, etc... you get the idea, this could be used for so much, but I'm getting off-topic, I hope to see this idea in a future version of Astroneer, but that's all your idea, System Era!
  5. Found this a while ago, maybe about 1-2 weeks ago when I was playing Astroneer with my friend, he and I were lost, and I had just pulled my large rover out of a pit using the winch. Thinking that it would automatically disconnect, I put it on my rover, and then the rover flew away... funny to watch but a waste of a large rover, winch, and an RTG, please fix, thanks! (P.S: I only recently found out there was a forum for Astroneer, so thats why my posts were very fast)
  6. Whenever you package a "Research Chamber" while it is researching something (on Xbox one, at least), your game crashes, I just wanted to address this, maybe for a simple fix just make it impossible to package while in use or delete the research item, I found this on purpose as I wanted to know what would happen, thanks!
  7. Please put back the dual key launch or some sort of launch confirmation, long key-press? something. it's so annoying to accidentally launch again when one has just landed. Happened to Joe too on the last dev stream!
  8. TMarcher74

    If Glacio has low sunlight why is it so bright?

    But it's too bright, I can hardly see my white pointer in the bright snow and the sky of Glacio.
  9. I was playing with a steam friend (both on PC) and while I didn't have a lot of bugs, my friend had a tons of bugs/lags. I am the owner the the game save file. - My friend couldn't see the tooltip information when mousehover the purple teleporter (So he can't see the number of the teleport he's going on). - My friend had lag the second day we played togetder, I was playing alone for few hours and deplacing/destroying/farming stuff in the map. When he logged back into my game file, he had a huge lag. Logout and closing the game didn't fix the issue. He had to reinstall the game to fix the lag. - My friend was on the way back to Sylva on his shuttle when he couldn't see any white circle to land and he couldn't launch on any other planet, because of the fuel. He logged out then back. He spawned on Sylva at the starter point and since that day, we see the shuttle still going in the sky. This is just few bugs that we encounter in the coop gameplay. Love the game, I plan to buy a server in December when the Creative Update hit, but I hope you guys will play some coop and fix some bugs for the non-owner players. Thanks!
  10. BigAT70

    New endgame vehicle

    Well the shuttles aren't supposed to remove the need for a base because it's more designed (in my mind) to be a more advanced transport than either rovers and landers but can carry rovers to perform other tasks. That would definitely be a major part of the idea but not sure of the specifics. To combine my idea with another topic I saw in the forums that I believe is a great idea is the GPS satellite concept, these new shuttles could be the vehicles to carry them into orbit and deploy them. Anyone have some other great ideas of what these shuttles could be used for?
  11. Yesterday
  12. Hello, my idea of base building is that as we start the game, we are only limited drop capsule that have some oxygen reserve, and some of stations (like research station )in our Catalog, all the rest is unavailable . We can collect Bytes from plants to unlock Research Station. Now we can start collecting research pods to gain Bytes to be able to unlock more. All of the buildings and stations would be found as wrecks on the planets. You can put the fragments of those buildings in research Station to find blueprints. For example you finding ruined Field Shelter, you take it to station, and by researching it we can get 30% of blueprint. When you get 100% you are able to unlock that building using Bytes, and so on. All wrecked pieces of rocket also can be research to build modules Small, Mid, Large and XL and would be equivalent of Small ..Mid, Large . Platforms, so all equipment can be stored inside. All Modules would have at least two connectors, and be able to connect to other module or to cubical Hub with four or six connectors, where you can add other modules. Some of the modules would have also some tier connector outside for solar cells or wind turbine. Now fun part. Same Modules after printing when they are still packed you can place in rocket and one by one (or few depend of their size) to orbit to start creating some form of Space Station or Large rocket that would serve as mobile base or way to travel to different solar systems (in the future). All of the wrecks would be scatter over system, so it you not only for to explore for resources but also for pieces of ships. So we never know for sure that we found every blueprint, only developer would know that and silently add new one. And that only we talk about EXO Dynamic, when we start adding Alien technology, that another area to expand......
  13. greasycheese

    Wanderer Palettes+Suit won't unlock

    I'm seeing the same issue. Only it's just one planet, and based on the color of the suit missing (Wanderer Orange) the probe on Calidor was found and the scanner was inserted, but I was not rewarded with the suit and thus, can't get the final reward for the set. Like you, when I visit Calidor with a new scanner, the scanner does not indicate that there are any probes left (because i already found it and triggered it). Hoping that SystemEra can fix this, I've experienced similar bugs with other achievements but, I still love the game VERY much!!
  14. greasycheese

    If Glacio has low sunlight why is it so bright?

    It's furthest away from the sun.
  15. j p

    Lost shuttle

    Was playing a coop session with a feiend when their internet crash while in a shuttle flying back to the start planet. Just loaded that friend back in and the shuttle is still in space. Really need the gear on it.
  16. Killtech

    Hover vehicles

    +1 very much like your approach of adding new stuff and trying to balance them in a way they don't obsolete older stuff. the inability to connect makes sense realistically because without wheels for good ground traction wagons would simply collide with each other when the lead vehicle breaks. hmm, considering that hover vehicles would need a better air control to begin with then equipping thrusters on such a thing would make it effectively into a spacecraft. in case that's insufficient we could also get a new medium item: steering thrusters for improved air control. then again, this might be a bit bigger change since i saw a video back from early access where a player managed to get his rover into space from a ramp on the barren moon by using thrusters and then flown it over to the terran planet. but it did not load properly such that he flew through it without being able to land.
  17. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    Let me present to you one of the very first leeks for the next update

    Horns, because I already hate them. Yeah, I prejudged. What of it? Will it come back to bite me? Maybe. That has happened before. Horns level 2 When attached to a vehicle the atmosphere that passes through the horn while the vehicle is in motion unlocks new songs that can only be played with a horn & vehicle Horns level 3 When attached to a spaceship produces different real rocket takeoff sounds. You know a few different ones so that it is not the same sound over and over again
  18. A cat from Poland

    New endgame vehicle

    I spoke about something like this with some people and they said they wouldn't really like it because it would remove the idea of having a base. Not exactly sure myself but +1
  19. A cat from Poland

    Hover vehicles

    Lmao, I remember sitting at a cafe place thinking about how to balance it. If we were to add hovers. I think it would obviously be a good idea to have them balanced to give rovers a chance at life. Using a jetpack to manouver terrain is obviously very good. But you are limited to a small amount of space in your backpack for items. So that is why a hover vechicle with storage space and manoverability would be great. It could be really good when looking for gates[shrines?](I really don't know what to call them). We could have it move like 2/4 or 1/3 speed faster than a rover. The not reaching the ground part was another way I could think of balancing it so it isn't the most of importance. The connecting part was also a trying to balance thing, I feel if we had it then it would give the rovers more character.
  20. A cat from Poland

    Satellite GPS

    I just feels more realistic. Sattelites that fly around our planet can't really be taken back. I mean, obviously for design the sattelite wouldn't be stationary in space. It just wouldn't make alot of sense. So having a crane reach out somewhere into space just doesn't seem right.
  21. + 1. Same problem. Hope for recommendations and solutions.
  22. I have a very big problem i can't play with my friends because the game start offline but steam is online so i don't see who is the problem. Can you help me to solve it ? Orcadia
  23. TMarcher74

    Any tips for using the Portable Oxygenator?

    +1, yes we need this, even for power generators, they should switch on if any of the machines actually need power and back off if the machine stops working, but they don't do that instead they continue the waste away the organic or chomped they are running on and the power is wasted.
  24. Very true, they need to make sure the colour is visible ,maybe add a contrasting colour to each planet ,idk but on glacio I struggle a lot to find my white pointer.
  25. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    Ok, this has nothing to do with that However You must check out Autonauts on Steam released a couple of days ago, on sale and is a must see Autonauts Autonauts
  26. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    New endgame vehicle

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