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  2. Rebelord

    Game won't load/corrupted

    I think this is a bug going around but I’m not sure
  3. I'll give that a shot later and see if that helps it. Thanks!
  4. I have an idea for extreme mode, a natural EMP, a solar flare, it happens randomly and causes that every electronic device is desactivated (Solar panels, every machine like labs or the condenser, batteries, etc, except RTG because is not really electronic)
  5. As the topic implies: Allow any kind of printer to start printing when the target location is blocked by something that is able to store the printed item - and move it directly to the storage as the printing process is over. Uses: - Minimizes the need to manually move items - allows further automation, as the item is properly stored after printing
  6. Hermann

    Vehicle Tether Deployment

    Might as well use the dedicated tether keybind(default T on pc). Then the device would function in any slot
  7. Atilla

    Help the Win 7 users out

    You aren't going to get a free game for another platform. If you want it on another platform then you need to buy it for that platform. Also, as Bomoo says, you need to upgrade to Windows 10. You are only going to have more and more problems with Windows 7, as it is an ageing platform that suffers from a number of serious failings including security deficiencies and hardware restrictions
  8. ÐαηκɵƼʘ

    I can't get on the planet.

    Go back to Sylva, produce a landing plattform and tethers, go back to planet and landing near the homebase. Then go with this thinks to your base and place the landing pad there. Go back to shuttle, start to orbit and landing on the plattform 😉
  9. Rebelord

    I can't get on the planet.

    The pic isn’t working for me for some reason
  10. Win10 Pro, i7-4790, 8Gb Ram, GTX1060 6gb on the minimalkh control, everything repeats. You create a new game and everything is normal, load preservation hangs because of use of all RAM
  11. FACR Dwarfy

    Extreme lag when using research chamber

    We don't have that option on Xbox, that I can find at least. I have a 1X and I only have it running at 1080, so shouldn't have any power issues at all
  12. Rebelord

    Tether limit?

    Well before i thought there wasnt but you apparently have proved me wrong. I suggest adding a oxygenator at the end of it. Also it would be helpful if you could count the teachers in a straight line from your base for future reference (also did you like completely cover the planets surface or something Jeez)
  13. Middelaged75

    Extreme frame rate drops on Xbox one

    Just loaded up first save. Un hooked all my research stations. still reallllllly sloowwww. Frustrating....
  14. Rebelord

    Crane not gathering soil

    Sounds like a bug i suggest transferring this to the proper page
  15. Well, i thinked out and i think that a good idea is adding a difficulty select, "Easy" or "Casual" (easier than what we have now), "Normal" (the one that we have), "Hard" and "Extreme". In easy mode, there would be more concentration of resources, and you would die with 3-4 plants attacks instead of 2. In normal mode, it would be like what are we playing now. In hard mode there would be a new item needed for entering to deep caves, a pressurizer, if you don't have this item and you're in deep caves you would start dying because of the pression. In extreme mode... i didn't think out so... xD... but some ideas would be that the plants kills you in 1 attack, more fall damage, less oxygen and energy of the player... or something extreme. I don't say a creative mode because that will be added in other updates... but i think that the difficulty selection and the pressurizer are good ideas.
  16. Canister with some soil in it
  17. I know this has already been posted a couple of times, but I have a video as well. Simply disconnecting power and the frames go back up. I started a brand new save with this update and have hardly any tethers down either, not even a full stack of 10.
  18. Today
  19. Rebelord

    DLC for Astroneer & new game ideas

    WAIT IMA STOP U RIGHT THERE NO VIOLENCE specifically weapons. Several threads have suggested some form of combat and all have been locked. I do like your other ideas a lot though, especially the custom worlds thing and jumping to your friends solar systems +1 (but no weapons or combat) (I’m watching you)
  20. Rebelord

    Insane Resource Distribution

    How about as you progress to harder planets the amount of resources increases but on Terran the current level should be lowered
  21. Rebelord

    Vehicle Tether Deployment

    Perhaps it would be attached to the front of the tractor
  22. Wyvyrias


    Yeah, that's not how it works here. Things have been busy and the manual first time approval has been a thing for over a year now to combat spam bots. Just catching up with the queue of hundreds of posts. Although the EULA topic is over now anyway.
  23. Rebelord

    Cargo Bed

    But wouldn’t a cargo bd take up space?
  24. nights

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    It actually is. There is some YT video about future dev plans and this and one other issue were marked as critical on some kanban board(or whatever it was)
  25. nights

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Yeah noticed this too. One additional weird thing. I left two piece big rover on one planet, went back to "earth". Once I flew back again, half of the rover was gone - it got detached and just vanished. Half of the truck train was still standing where I left it.
  26. hansolocambo

    Wolframite doesn't exist?

    I write those numbers everytime I leave a Planet. They correspond to the amount of each resource I have in my stocks. This way when you move back to this Planet you can easily see what you have and what you need to eventually bring in the Shuttle. And also, if you need, let's say, Iron, it's easy to see that you have a lot on Glacio. Anyway : Numbers = how much you have of each resource in your own Planetary stocks. Quiet obvious innit ?
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